Tee Shirt Quilts!

Tee Shirt Quilts

Turn those loved Tee shirts into a beloved quilt!

Many of us save our kids cherished school days/hobby tee shirts, sweat shirts. Many even collect the college years or Club and Concert Tee's! Its an amazing, comforting memory quilt to love for a lifetime.

Order yours today!

Do I need to cut the logo out?
No, the shirt must be stabilized with interfacing before cutting.
Can I send sweatshirts?
Sure! Be of mind that your texture and thickness will vary between fabrics.
Do you have fabric?
No, however I can order for you at best kept secret costs!
Can I supply my own fabric?
Sure! It needs to be quilt quality 100% cotton.
What is the cost?
The cost is $18.00 per shirt. If you use both the front and back that counts as two shirts.
 Price  includes the labor, thread and fabric, batting, and binding,
and a digital photograph for your records.
If you have add on or embellishments it will reflect on an hourly rate of $22.00 pr hr.
What is the turn-around time?
4-6 weeks except at peak times (Graduation and Christmas).
How many shirts do most people use?
20 shirts make a nice size quilt, however you can go as far as 30!
The shirts will be cut into 12-15 inches squares
(depending on the logos). The blocks have a 2 inch sashing and a border to scale.
(you may opt out of this addition completely if you wish).
How do you quilt them?
With a large open pattern, usually a swirl.
Do you serve coffee with that smile?
Sure! Sometimes a second cuppa!

Order yours today!

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