Monday, January 25, 2010

Marvelous Mondays & Mom :)

Mornin'! First let me say that Mom is holding her own, not in too much pain ( thanks Morphine) & eating a little bit. We successfully moved them again yesterday into my sisters home. They have a cute lil suite with thier bed and recliners, TV and tables, all the family pictures and Kincaides we could fit in there too. We are in hope that it is familiar to them "enough" to be comfortable. Now remember that we JUST moved them from the family home to the apartment 6 months ago. Now, poor things are moving again. This is no easy ride. We also wish that John were here to run interferance with Dad. He is the most non compliant, simply because he is( understandably) nervous.  I snapped a pic this morning, they didnt even hear me. OR THE CABLE GUYS!  Sharon? Look where our quilt is:) She loves it!
Today we will finish emptying the apartment and make it ready for inspection. I think I'm too old for this furniture hucking , moving crap. grunt. Sigh...and about 100 different other things. I told Kel to make a list. She is ( as we speak) having a MANIC Monday as opposed to a Marvelous one. I figure since I taught her the HA HA Yoga routine, I may as well keep going with M & M routine! LOL  However comical it is to see her in action, its also maddening. 
::side note:: I waitied to leave until the rain stopped. Walt says its beautiful sun again........GUESS what I came into? You guessed it MORE RAIN! Non stop here. Ever try to move in the rain? Grrrrrr
Have a Marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers. Rememeber to whisper prayers for Mom and also Josh ( Heather & Kims Boy) He is patiently waiting for a double lung transplant. I will get the link form H and put it here too. I have my poor lil Prayer parrots beak stuffed full now... I know it will help as there is strength in numbers and power in prayer.

M & M's include:

*Walt keeping the home fires burning while I work here.
* My Day Planner! OMG What would I do without my lists!
* Blima working on vacation plans cause I cant!
*Quilt work continuing to come in so I am not totaly broke!
* A comfy bed here at Sis house!
*A binding job to keep my hands busy late at night:)
*Pic sent from Aviana of her new pet! ( pics maybe tomorrow when I have a chance!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Just Google It!

I also have first cuppa at my Sis house:) I see that Sheena does too! LOL I'll proboby get all kinds of static for posting this morning picture but I figure I've gotten static before right? I can't remember when the routine changed from morning newspaper to morning Facebook. Can you? The truth is that I get WAY more news than ever before now, and the best part is that its MY choices.
The sun came out, rain stopped. I have no idea how flooded we are but  I am heading back to Kelly's today although Sheena wont be there. I wonder if I can get another photo like this with sis in it? LOL
Maybe I will just snap a few of Mama?She doesnt look like her anymore:( . I dont think DQL is too great either.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Laughter Has Always Been Good Medicine!

My Siblings think I'm nutz. well... okay... but not about this. I trained them all in HA HA yoga while we were all being traumatized by Moms hospital stay. I tried to share with them a simple excercise to promote good spirit health. I DID THIS WITHOUT WINE!

So as you can see dear siblings, I'm NOT making this up! it works!

Long before it had any names, I have been self healing through laughter. Ya wanna quickie cheer up? Put in a comedy movie and LMAO.
No movie available? Make a face and LMAO!! Fake some Ha Ha's! (not to be confused with HO Ho's!)
Come on, it isnt rocket science right? If you are blue, would you grab a bottle of wine and stick in a Michael Bolton CD? Hell no! Not unless you want to dive deep into the PIT of blues.
Many people ask me how I "change the channels" on the videos in my mind. My heart. My broken broken heart...... It is laughter peoples. Sometimes, fake it til u make it.......laughter. Understand, I cannot Always accomplish my goal. Sometimes I go down and I cant get up for awhile. Yep, it happens.
Ahhh, something just occurred to me. I have given that to my crazy kids! Yes! They are all as nutty as I am! When the going gets tough, you can count on one of them to crack you up! One of Jamies favorite Youtubes is that old guy advertising for 6 Flags Theme park. Hysterical laughter we made watching him imitate this guy. He sent me new you tubes everytime they came out and as I watched, we chatted and laughed. I think the most sobersides of all would be Jake. He has his Dad's "prove it to me smile". He does, however, succumb to the laughter after awhile. It just isnt on the tip of his tongue as it is for the rest of us. Even Karens hubby, a total HAHA kinda guy. Now the grands?.. Yep, Aviana cheezz will start the whole HA HA in an instant. Justin too begins to dance like his Uncle and will make everyone laugh.Ok, so I'm all off track now.
I'm going to go laugh about something. Maybe it will stop the rain, or at least make it a tad bit more doable. My last good HAHA was watching "The Hangover". TWICE... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

PS: Look what I JUST did I just had my first smiling memory of my sweet baby james, and I didnt fall down crying. Good Lord theres hope for me yet. And YOU PEOPLES were there!! LOLOL
<---nutbar, yes I know....:::walking off shaking my head::::

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Family Fotos

I decided to have coffee with John & Sheena this morning, via Wanna see? I have a few ready to roll. Know what? I am so spoiled with Heathers beautiful photography that my own... well..... I dont want to get graphic on the first cuppa so I'll just say that I want H wherever I go:) LOL

On a day trip to Cambria, Hearst Castle, Elephant Seals, etc.... I got such a tickle watching my brother ENJOY a shopping experiance in one of my favorite hot spots in Cambria. He bought gifts for all! A new outfit for Sheena, a Yummy jacket for Kellys birthday, and these sandals that the RAIN WONT LET ME WEAR!!!! ( yes, Im so anxious that I put thewm on this morning to wear round the house! Arent they incredible?? I MUST find the perfect outfit, thanks again J & S!

Heres one taken at Morbid Bay, I mean Morro! Shoot.. did I say that?

Of course theres quilt content! What you thinking??? Sheena had her first lesson and sprang into action! I think she is a natural. Not sure if the Gammil inspired her, or was it the new expected grand baby on the way? Hmmmmmm At any rate, she PPP'd on this piece and I'm happy that it will always be her first:) YOU GO GIRL!

On Kelly's birthday we dined at one of her favorites in Folsom. Scotty's Seafood. My daughter and grand joined us, and we all missed having Mom there too.

Missing from this pic... Ma :( Oh how I wish for it to include Lil Jamie & Steph too. I have decided that I will be saving up for a mini face lift so that I wont always look like the oldest in the bunch. GRUNT.

OK.. I will find another camera chip for more soon... but for now I must go make lists as they are running through my head as we chat. I forget easily you know!

Lets see,
pack for Sac
brush the dog
quilt the quilt
bind the quilt
bill the customer
do the dishes I was too lazy to do last night
make my list of calls
call the calls
left overs for dinner...

shoot... what else? Grunt. See!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

M & M's On A Tuesday?

Why not? I was on a holiday yesterday? I was stuck on Facebook games? I was making soups to leave Walt next week?
Choose your own adventure says I..................

Mornin'. This should be interesting... clipboard on my right, coffee on my left, keyboard on my lap. Gitterdone says I..............
5 AM was an owie this morning. I woke up to a slight panic attack to finish cooking, make a list of To Do;s... and listening to Haiti news. Do you remember when I used to be forever glued to the news channels be it TV or Streaming Internet? I do too. Not so much now. I mean since we lost Jamie. Its not that it doesnt matter, its just not so all fire important as my own life. How selfish is that???????? grunt.
Mom is holding her own with Sis and family. She doesnt want anything but her bed. I need to be there. I am waiting on a few quilt jobs and then I'm off again. It is giving me time to make Walt a few dishes for the freezer. Today I will do the Italian sausage & tortellini soup.. last night Butternut squash soup and a rack of ribs. I should do some cookies eh? Im not sure he is doing well himself. One day he looks stronger, then the next I see weight loss and gauntness again. I swear to Buddha I live in constant fear of the death of another loved one. Its no way to live I tell you. They tell me its normal...pppffft. It isnt the kind of normal I seek. CLIC
Know whats a bit difficult in the past 2 years? Marvelous Monday posts! I know!! But having made the commitment to write them, I must try, and it MAKES me reflect on the weeks positiveness. Its hard!!! I can remember when I had to KEEP it down to 7 entries, and believe me, I struggle for that same 7 now. I must tell you that it helps. Something so simple minded actually helps. I hope that some of you people try it too.

Marvelous Mondays include:
* Being able to catch AI premiere for it made us all laugh and we needed that.( pants on the ground! LOL)
*Having the help of our big brother if only for a short time.
*A safe drive home and arriving before the storms hit.
*My kids & grands coming to be with us at grams side.
*Jake safely arriving back in Idaho working in the snow and ice.. omG please protect him.
*ONE underwear day, I'll take it!
*A wonderful shop to greet me as work resumes.

OK, I'm blogged up, coffee'd up and on my way to attack the clipboard. its 2 pages!!!! WTH???? I havent forgotten pictures to show you, its on the list, but a quilt awaits my attention!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, Official Underwear Day

So I am here, first cuppa in hand, feeling like a rag mop, wondering how in the world do I blog everything that has happened since I fell off the radar map. Lets see if we can find the beginning.........
Ah yes, the siblings were coming! They came, we had a VERY nice couple of days here at home. And then trouble was brewing at sis hometown ( Auburn) so we left. Here's where the blurr comes in. First let me say that as soon as we went over the hills leaving sunshine and heat for fog and scary trees, I KNEW we weren't in Kansas anymore. GRUNT. I have always intensely disliked the 3 months of YUK in the valley, but its always worse now when I travel back into it.
I had planned to have a great time with John, Sheena and Kelly, then do my bus Mom thing for Road to California. It didn't work out so well now did it? I had to cancel the trip, cancel the fun, cancel it all as our Mom fell very ill and has been in the hospital since last we chatted.
Mom has since been released to my sisters care to live out life's winter days as comfortable as possible. Her petite lil body can take no more of the cancer that is raging inside of her. Hmmm... while typing I have decided that I cannot do it.. I cannot even type it. I'm sure you can understand how its difficult for me to face a near repeat of the worst time of my life, so I wont push it here. No matter the way it happens, or to whom, it isn't an easy journey. I do find it most peculiar how I can look back through the years with Mom and smile about things. I guess a full life really is to be celebrated... I shall ponder this.
My sis and I talk a great deal about how we so enjoyed time with our brother, and wish that we had had many memories with him too. Not to whine about it, as we will make some now. However, it would have been nice. Why it always comes back to the hand of cards dealt to us, and how we play them, I'll never figure out.
Our Dad did well through the week and it was more than noticeable how he too enjoyed John & Sheena. I am not sure how much he understands about Mom, that sure wont be easy either.
I will be home for a few days, then travel back to Mom. I dont know how this will go down, so stay tuned? Its really been "Ground Hogs Day" for a week or so. Its good to be home in my own bed. Walt said that I looked a little different, and I cocked my head to one side to ask why.. then decided that I KNEW why. Our fur & feathered Kids sure missed me. Ginger has been on my lap and Rudy on my shoulder since I came in. I think I need a few more of em, what do you think? I WANNA Mini DOODLE!
I got to spend a few hours sharing a meal with my BFF Heather... geez I miss her already. She too is having a family crisis, tragedy, world rocking event. Their boy Josh is in the hospital battling Cystic Fibrosis and he needs lung transplants. My heart breaks for that family as memories creep past. Josh is so full of life and only 26. Please whisper his name in your prayers too.
Well thanks for the coffee chat peoples! I am going to go unload the trunk I have been living out of. I will keep ya posted, and try to find the camera for a few pics too.
Big thank yous to my caring blog readers who sent notes looking for me!!
Love yer guts!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Profiles, My How We Do Change...Read: AGE

Those of you who also follow facebook, you can see that my new profile picture has me leaning on a shoulder. Its Jakes shoulder, and Heather thanks for another treasure:)

Busy Week!

My siblings are coming! My siblings are coming! Yep yep yep.... Kelly will be joining me to motor over to Santa Barbara to pick up John & Sheena from Alaska! I have my clipboard and we are in for a busy week! I have included a Hearst Castle day, a beach night, and Mexican food night, and a wild poker game! I wish Mom was in on THAT one:) This will be the first time I get to meet our sis in law Sheena. I am looking forward to this! Boy, is she in for a treat as she is a fellow quilter! Oh wait! I know the REAL TREAT! 70 degrees here as opposed to Alaskan dark cold! Woohoo! I wish Blima would snowbird and get out of that Montreal freeze. ( Oh, I got off track there too eh?) We hope to have a lil spring break with them in April. As I said yesterday, I am MAKING PLANS to MAKE PLANS this year. Find my bliss and bliss will find me? Whatever works.
I dont have a picture on hand of brother, but if you will remember from 2 years ago blogabout, we just met him! Kelly and I both agree that its nice to have a big brother. I am in hopes of snapping a few this week for ya! It just occured to me that I didnt post a pic yesterday, Nor did I do a Marvelous Monday... bad blog girl:( .
I better move my butt.. I am putting on a pork roast for some Carnitas with Arbol chili.... and need to google the airport! BB soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Pondering

The official new year begins when school resumes eh Moms? Now, I dont have school age kids, but I do have thier teacher! It makes me consider 2010. Its strange to even type that. I will be making plans throughout the year to keep myself focussed. There are so many things I would like to do it will be interesting to see which actually happened. Plans like getting to Montreal and a roadtrip with Blim... A family Christmas vacation untraditional. ( I know, shocker). MQS, Spring break, Oregon visit, adding a new family member, organizing photographs and SO MANY THINGS! There is one I need more than anything, and I will begin next month.
I do not believe that I have properly grieved for the loss of my son. I need to work on that, for me, for mine. How might I do this you ask? Well.... Dragging out all of his clothes and making those quilts may be a good jumping off point. I have hauled them everywhere, covetting them as if I could be bringing him with me these last 2 years. Its not healthy the way I think, all to myself. Things that I see, hear, and even sometimes do. I wont get into my mentalness, but it has become clear to me that this woman needs more work. I NEED to get to a point where "they say" a smile comes with a mental memory of Jamie. Not tears, fears, and a plethera of emotions that rattle around inside me. This would scare anyone to read, so I will remain a bit evasive. Suffice to say that I see it, admit it, and will address it. I dont think that a family photo shoot in a cemetary would be a good idea, or happen anytime soon, so I will channel my thoughts in a different direction. I know that I have said this for nearly 2 years, and truth is, I will continue to say until it works! I shared with a friend that the last 2 years has seemed like some kind of purgatory of my own. Or 2 years of hell, masked by the tears of a clown.
There hasnt been a book, a song, a prayer, a chat, not a damn thing to get me through this. Is it because I havent done it myself? But I have! I have reached out, grabbed onto, changed things up, done all humanly possible, and still I have no peace. This Im sure you know isnt too good for a happy ass person that I USED to be!
I have no idea why I am rambling on this morning. Good coffee? Alone with thoughts? Heels of yet another horrid dream? ( yes, they are still here). I am still hopeful, optimistic, and will forge on. You poor blog readers who thanks for listening, and when you ask me, I will say that I really AM OKAY. Okay? Maybe the quilt constructing will do the trick.

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