Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Maybe I Over Did It?

Cause I thick and hab a temperture :( ( yes, read it like that)

I did the 7 quilts and gave thanks for the opportunity to have done them. Karen and family were here, and I did so enjoy that too. Walt was sick over the holiday which is giving us all a scare, and now its my turn. I contend that I am just too darn stubborn to be ill right now. I have boxes yet to unpack, a shop to finish, and company coming!! I will be fine, I WILL be fine.

Here are a few Pics until I find more:)

Emily helping Pappa make bisquits N gravy:

Karen & Aviana helping float quilt #7!!

New coats for the baby girls!!
Karen and Nonni get new Kicks too! Hey! I just noticed something. I am going around calling MYSELF Nonni??? Did I age over the season? I am no longer Mommy?? WTHELL??? Thinking back over the last couple weeks.. its funny how I got frustrated a few times hearing the name NONNI so much. ( much like the MOMMY days) Now its Nonni... humph... just thinking... yeah, Just thinking I miss the kids damn it... both mommy callers and Nonni callers. dang it.
Heres one of Jake and family who made it home for christmas after 5 very long weeks of snowy roads delivering trees. He looks so tired... poor thing.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back To Work!

Ahhhhh, Finally! The shop is nearly completed! We have yet to do overhead lighting or computer area, but she is operational! Good thing to as I ONLY have 7, count em SEVEN quilts to get out before Christmas! We had hoped to be up and running by Thanksgiving, but it didnt work out so well. So...While Walt was leveling Greta, I put the coffee on, put on some tunes, fed him and Rudy corn dogs, and I'm never coming out! Heres a few pictures, and as my James would say............. I'll see you when I see you!! (sigh, if only)


Bob The Builder: Long arm area, thread etcKitchen entrance, intake, and yes, more boxes.....grunt.Cut table, domestic area, office area, design wall

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday's, M & M's, Grand Girls, Oh My!

Not feeling well today but there is so much to do I must push on. Tummy issues kept me up all night.. maybe it was the pistachio nuts? I duno.... We had a much deserved underwear day yesterday and stopped the clock, ate like piglets and watched 6 episodes of the Sopranos.lol The girls went home to Mothers, and I am exhausted, but missing Aviana too. I see her cheezy smile and twinkling eyes whatever room I walk into. Oh, and I see the tornados too... but Lifes messy, I'll clean it up. Here is our Gingerbread house building evening............

Happy Happy Birthday to a few more of my favorite peoples!! Julie & Heather:) Have a marvelous Monday you two, I will be thinking of you. I wish I was close enough for a coffee chat.

M & M's Include

* Netflix Soprano Beginnings! ( I never saw it?)

* A brilliant Studio designer!

* A week with the girls

*Gingers good nature

* Wood Glue, ( dont ask)

* A great back yard for girls to run

*Little Yanagi's around the corner

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where Are Those Mother's?

Just keeping the girls busy while the suns out.. here are a few pics of evil Kneival and her side kick. Aviana will try anything once, and twice if she likes it! Kendall on the other hand, plays it safe on the slides and gets her clothes soaked...lol
The grocery store STARTED out fun, until there were no toys at the check out stand. Then we had another throw down... geezzzz, where's their Mothers??
Mission accomplished Nonni, wore em out!

First try

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wine 30 For ME! Poor Babies...lol

I just got busted blogging and the girls yelling for pancakes... Where ARE Those Mothers???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where Are Those Girls?

Day 3, Battle # 1.. it was bound to happen. We had a rule breaking drama over the treasure chest and they both hid from me bawling thier lil eyes out. Short lived, as I found them hiding in the cut table cabinet in the shop.. smiling faces again. I suppose I wasnt too hard on them afterall eh?
I swear looking at this Mini Me is indeed an aged old mirror. Cept maybe Aviana is prettier than Nonni.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chicken & Pasta Risotto Style

Would you like to put a BAM in your otherwise bland pasta? You never tasted your pasta until you cook it without water! It becomes creamy and rich without added calories of cream. Its a bit time consuming given the fact that you babysit it while it cooks, but well worth the effort. The kids love it too, especially if you change from a Penne to a rotelle to make it fun!
When ya cant quilt, play with food!

TIP: This can be a meatless side dish if you prefer. Feel free to play with different ingredients as its the pasta that steals the show.

2 TBLSP Olive Oil, or a little more as needed
1 small onion chopped
1 TBLSP minced garlic
2 cups of crimini, shitake, baby bello, or buttom mushrooms trimmed and sliced
1/2 lb cut pasta like penne
1/2 dry white wine ( or water if u like, but why?)
3-4 cups chicken broth
2 chicken thighs ( or breasts) bite sized diced
salt & pepper
Chopped Italian parsley
Fresh grated Parm cheese

Put olive oil into a deep skillet over medium heat. add onion, garlic and mushrooms and cook until mushrooms soften and begin to brown on edges. Stirring occasionally ( 10 min)
Add pasta and stir until glossy and coated with oil. ( 2-3 min). Add salt & pepper and wine. Stir and let liquid bubble away.
Ladle broth into skillet 1/2 cup at a time, stirring after every entry, a minute or so. When liquid is just about evaporated, add another 1/2 cup, repeat. Mixture should be neither soupy, nor dry. Keep your heat at a constant medium and stir frequently.
Begin tasting pasta about 10 minutes in. You are looking for tender, but al dente, to the tooth crunch:) When pasta is on its last liquid addition, add chicken pieces and cook until white inside when cut ( 3-4 min)
Adjust seasonings, garnish with parsley, and serve with cheese.


Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bee/M & M's

First let me say that we have our Grand Aviana and her bff Kendall over for the week. YES, during shop erecting. But they help...LOL When they arrived, much to Avi's distaste Pappa made a "smelly" comment about her "BEE". Avi's BEE is her woobie blanket of 4 years. Its so old now that it has taken on a life of its own and talks to her. YEP YEP YEP... they have entire conversations together. The BEE has had many operations and washings, however, its still ...ahhh...ahhh smelly? No matter, its still a very huge part of Avi's daily life, and no one has the right to touch, wash, or call it names. Bad move Pappa. So he set out to build trust immedietly. They worked in the shop together and swept floors, and he then decided to wash HIS OWN BEE. ( yes, he has a very big tye dyed quilted BEE) He allowed Aviana to do all the buttons on the washer, add soaps and Downey.. then told her that she might be able to do HER BEE tomorrow. She was quite hesitant, but thrilled to be doing the wash. They folded Pappas Big Bee and she saw that it wasnt eaten by the machines at all.
First thing this morning Avi asked me if she could wash her BEE. I nearly passed out. She told me that she wanted to surprise Pappa after work. ( I guess his plan worked yeh?) We loaded up the BEE and put in good smells, pushed all the buttons, and she called out to it saying." bye bye BEE, I love you!" Now you would think all is fine right? Nope. As you can see, she refuses to leave the side of her beloved BEE in the wash. She reswept and remopped the floor. She danced and played in the shop until her patience wore thin. Pictured here is Avi eating a snack while we are on the rinse cycle. I cant get her out of the shop! LOL I suppose she will be taking her lunch out there as it isnt ready yet. grunt.
It's pouring rain today and projected for the week. I am trying to think up rainy day activities as we type. I know any minute now they will be bored and whining. I cant sew yet as the shops still packed tightly. Speaking of the shop, the ceiling, walls , and floor is fantastic! ( can you see some of it?) The ceiling off white, the walls, whisper yellow, the cabinets melted butter, and the floor Brazillian Cherry plank laminate. Walt is really BOB THE BUILDER I tell you. I am so thrilled that his health is even better than I expected. It's incredible to think about a few months ago he was so very ill. Just incredible. I am so very thankful for this.

Marvelous Monday's include

*Walts recovery and his Bob Villa talent:)
*My new shop being up and coming!
* My Aviana and her Bff to entertain her! lol
* Great non picky eaters!
*Princess bed for a princess
*a doubled headed shower... omg I love that!
* Visiting, if only shortly with my daughter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoe Chuckers

I woke up to yet another news tickle of a shoe chucker. Remember when President Bush got nailed? This time a reporter got it from a man defending US troops in Afghanistan. Now while this makes news (read: shocking news, looks of disbelief) I have been chucking shoes since I was quite young. I have no idea where this idea came from.. but its so effective! Look, its not a weapon, but it sure drives home your distaste in the actions of whoever is on the receiving end of the chucked shoe! Almost in embarrassment I am sitting here cracking up just remembering a store trip to Mervyns, all kids in tow and my James and Jake in the clothes rounders at least 20 feet away from me. I caught a glimpse of wiggling sweaters, and in a deep voice called out BOYS! Their little bodies popped out of the sweaters and a shoe was chucked. Now miraculously they knew to bring the shoe back and not make a sound doing it.... lol How? Effective I tell you! Damn I wish I had more than a mental picture to show you. I so love pictures.... James and his big blue remorseful eyes. Jake sheepishly hiding behind his sister. Lord how we miss him. I would give anything to chuck a shoe at him, no... watch him chuck a shoe at a boy of his own. Hmmmm I wonder if that sounds mean? Over disciplining.... Ya never know these days whats acceptable or not eh? One acquaintance of mine thinks telling her child NO is violent.... Glad not to be a young Mom right now. I may go to jail for being a shoe chucker.
Hey, on another note, anyone pick up the new John Mayer CD? Its soooooo worth it!!! Highlights: Heartbreak Warfare, The War Of My Life, on and on... I tell u this young man can write!
I'm off for a doctor appt.. have a good Humpday:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sirloin Tips Made Easily

This should go on one of those 30 minute meals eh? My sis originally sent it from a favorite magazine, and I tweeked it to my own tastes. Its a wonderful run to when I have left over rib eye steaks or Tri tip. In fact, I dont believe I have ever planned this meal and bought specific ingredients for it! It got me to thinking the other day when Judy was wondering what to do with LO roasta Beef:) So last night, while I had a shop being walled, I played with gravy, and it was delish!
I think..................this smallish kitchen requires lotsa 30 minute meals!

TIP: I have a lil ingredient in my pantry that is a staple( in addition to wine, of course) and used when I like to change the color of stews, gravies, etc. "Kitchen Bouquet". It was yet another one of my Mama's secrets she didnt tell me about until my 30's! No msg, good flavor, and a perfect rich brown color. Its found in the spice section and used by chefs everywhere! If you try it, remember that less, is more.)

Sirloin Tips In Wine Sauce:
Serves 2-4

2 Tbls. all-purpose flour
1/8 Tsp. ground mustard
1 lb. boneless beef top sirloin steak, thinly sliced or cubed (or left over steaks!)
2 Tbls. butter ( PLZ dont use margarine, I'll smell it from over here!)
1 1/2 cups beef broth
1/2 cup dry red wine
1 cup sliced mushrooms ( your choice, button or baby bellos)
1/2 cup chopped green onions
1 Tsp. worcestershire sauce

Hot cooked linguine, fettucini or any egg noodles

In a large Zip Loc bag, combine the flour and mustard. Add beef, a few pieces at a time, and shake to coat. In a large skillet, brown beef in butter. Add mushrooms, cook down a little. Add wine and cook down again. Add broth Stir in the onions and worcestershire sauce. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 10-15 minutes or until sauce is thickened. ( At this point it will be a caramel color. You can change to dark brown with kitchen bouquet if you like)Serve over linguine. If you like you can sprinkle a little more diced green onion shafts on top, but if you serve with a green vegetable, no need:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday- M & M's

So what did YOU buy today online? I was a very good girl and stayed away from all retail sales sites ad went STRAIGHT for the travel agents for next Christmas season. Did you know that the Disney cruises are all booked until 2011 ? WTH?? So then I went to Italy, then Mexican Riviera, onward to Disney Paris..lol
and then I went to work on the house mess. GRUNT. Its really the first time to play "Catch & Release" online! Hey! It works!! YOU DO play catch & release right? Its the best game around, you MUST try it!
My shop is officially all sheet rocked and just a mess of a mess out there. Doncha just hate that white powdery mess it makes? I think I will go with a butternut yellow paint. Well, after I do a floor... after we texture... wow what another journey eh? Speaking of.. I need to get to it!
Have a great Monday:)

Marvelous Mondays Include

* Young sheet rock hanger men
*Shop vac!
*that great lil Sushi Bar around the corner
* Facebook videos of my baby grand girl singing with her talented Mommy
*Left over rib steak for a quick and easy Sirloin tips over noodles! ( where the crap are my cook books buried?)
* All of my errands within a 5 mile radius!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Studio Number Four

I think they just keep getting better! Today is day one. Sheet rock/insulation, warm it up day! Soon I will be back to work! Yippee!! This shop will be about 21x24. Considerably larger than the B & B shop, but a tad bit smaller than Morro Bay. Greta is covered and secured with all the damn boxes brought into the house until the work is done. Wont be long now says I! Walt is getting stronger but has hired out the heavy work. (thank God). As I always say... one winning lottery ticket is what it takes...grunt. I see Walts head spinning for super cool design walls and things and I just see dollar signs.

All of the cabinetry is spread all over the darn place, and I'm making Soup! ( believe me, its best this way) I was hoping to have the grands here.. but frankly... where would I put them now?

Thanksgiving With Ginger...lol

Happy Thanksgiving says Ginger the TUTU POO

Monday, November 23, 2009

Craigs List Fun & M M's

OMGoodness did I ever SCORE! I was in need of guest room furniture and I happened on this beauty! Now since the quilts have yet to be unpacked... this will do for the holiday company, then I intend to shop for other french walnut antiques! I just love this! WOW. Now, of course I need more beds right? lol I have air mattress, no worries! Now back to the boxes......

Marvelous Mondays include:

clear boxes from Walmart for re Storing!

Craigs list NICE people ( cause there ARE bad apples)

checks in the mail!

Best friends:)

Gorgeous Grand Girls even when messy!

THIS Kona coffee, its fabulous for Mondays!

Did I mention that bed? woohoo!

Aviana and Jamie So very beautiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

Home now! LOL :::: U KNOW u were singing Christmas weren't you?:::::

TGIF DearBlog Readers.. I am still buried in boxes however things are shaping up! I had a great time at Karens Graduation and pictures are in the capable Heather hands soon to come:) My Grands are growing at an alarming rate of speed and I wish they would slow down...(much like my laugh lines) I also spent time with parents, and sis and I staged a mock Thanksgiving with them since I wont be there, I'll be here! Bottom line: Much needed Heart Food. I did come home with a head cold.. go figure. I NEVER come home without some bug eh? I am so on germ warfare here, and STILL I get stuff. Maybe I should change my vitamins? Ok, what else is going on? Well, I still cant find some things like WINE GLASSES.... can openers and favorite knives. But I do have other boxes being made for a dang yard sale! I am so close to calling that HOARDERS show and telling them to bring a camera over here!
What else is going on round here? Oh! We had no internet, tv, or phone for a few frustrating days and we LIVE to tell about it! Imagine that!!! It has actually spawned a good thing. playing cards, looking at each other, and dare I say??? TALKING! I used to practice family night when the kids were growing. Games only. We have always had dinner round the table together, but then everyone split to do whatever....... I think I will dissconnect stuff once a week...lol. It makes me happy.. God knows I should do things to make me happy! sheesh!
I have a houseful coming next week, and I am nowhere near equipped for that YET. I am in hopes that the shop can go together with helpers. I'll bribe them with food:::wink::
I should get to work! Boxes are calling me and today..........I SHALL FIND THE WINE GLASSES! ( altho the juice glasses arent bad?)
PS: Anyone else getting a bang out of that commercial with the nekked turkey running through the store? ROFL>>> I think its a chicken broth ad.. not sure... which is funny too!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Heart Of Life Still Good

It was a drunk driving accident. My James was only 26. Just horrid. A young life, no wife or children yet. A manager of Sprint cell phone stores. He loved to fish, and all outdoor sports really. His best friends were his dog "Dakota" and his brothers. He was best friend to all, and they all couldnt wait to tell me this. He adored his family and desperatley wanted one of his own. He was kind and sensitive, and loved his Mother ( & Father) very much.
I am forever changed and heartbroken. I truly believe that I have yet to find Gina anywhere that I look yet. I do find comfort in my art, and in the constant support network of friends,family, colleagues and customers, children, grands, and hubby. God knows this sustains me through an otherwise nightmare of a life. I wait patiently for peace, while I continue to live and ask why. One of the most often questions I ask is WHEN will the feeling of the other shoe dropping will subside. I want to scream "PLEASE do not take anyone else I love, PLEASE!"
Now you may be wondering why I am saying all of this today. Well....beyond the STILL incoming email questions that I get asking WHY.....
I am attending my daughters college graduation tomorrow. Its been a long road but she has finally become the nurse she has always wanted to be. I am so very proud of her as she is the FIRST college Graduate in my family on either side. Karen has always had what it takes to succeed in whatever she sets out to do. I dunno where she gets this from:::wink:::
I will proudly shed tears through smiles while still living vicariously through her! That cap and gown picture will hang in a predominant place in this home as a constant reminder that I helped to make that...lol
Also, I will see my grands, bring them dresses, sweaters, kisses oh my... and take comfort in all of this, for the heart of life is still good. Since most of the family will be in attendance, I am hopeful that Jamie will be too. I'll save a seat for him.
Look for blogabout next week of her beautiful smile, and mine:)
As always dear blog readers, thanks for the vent:)
Take care of you:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all of them, and my Baby Boy too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Moving Monday

The rocker recliner, Advil, coffee, and a list pad are my Monday Buddies. You knew that was coming right? A woman's got to know her limitations! I think I will take it easy today and try to re-coop a bit. I really think I am stronger than I am and hefting furniture and boxes seems fine, UNTIL the pain hits?
Major progress this week end was made. It's beginning to look like a home as opposed to a warehouse or estate sale. It's just nuts how much stuff we have accumulated and haul around! One thing I have noticed is that we doubled up on many items for 2 story home.. now we are back to one. ( Thank God!) The serious sense of urgency is weird I tell you. Maybe its because I am missing out on Christmas Quilting which is always fun. Or maybe because I must travel to the valley for Karen's Graduation ceremony? I'm so very proud of my daughter. She has worked her tail off sacrificing much to achieve this goal. I will begin hunting down the perfect high paying job for her on the central coast so they can relocate before its too late. I know all too well how your heels get dug in raising your family, educating your children, and you just get stuck in a place you really don't want to be. I miss them on a daily basis. Avi called yesterday to tell me about a movie she was watching with her lil friend. I wonder if she knows how much I love that?
Okay dear blog readers, I am off to make those lists and hopefully feel strong enough to hunt down those damn dishes! Have a Marvelous Monday, and I will too!
The journey is everything, in everything give thanks.
MM's include

*The contents of my curio, may it always go where I go
*the steady return of Walt's health
*every store I need within a 5 mile radius
*80 degrees in November
* A beautiful home, just my size
*My lil sis always checking on me, times do change eh?
* Aviana's phone calls and candid photos

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving Isnt For Me. Grunt

Two smallish goose eggs, one cut/broken middle toe, one smashed big toe, one knee football sized, so sore from top to bottom. Thats the move update so far. OMGoodness. At what point does one say they are too flippin old to do this? Here's what I think.... At 40 I declared no more tent camping,dirt sweeping, campfire cooking.... RVing only allowed for me now. At 50, I shall declare no more packing, unpacking,moving boxes, hefting furniture, building sheds, erecting shelves, and the like. PERIOD. Thats all I have to say about that. OUCH.
The rae of sunshine is that it is beautiful here. The sun comes up over the back fence illuminating the rolling hills of Arroyo Grande. Our coffee tastes so wonderful sitting under the finger palm trees watching this sight unfold. While its true all around us is organized chaos, it just doesnt matter much at all. At that very moment, for a few mornings in a row now, all that does matter is the feeling of hope for the future.
I am having to take more breaks this morning due to pain all over the place. SO I thought I'd come chat with you. I should be cleaning the kitchen as I cant get in there right now. We have gone from a commercial kitchen, maybe the size of a small house, to a U shaped space of a large bathroom...LOL. Wait a minute, thats not really very funny. Grunt. No matter, I'll figure it out. As long as I can always get to the coffee pot, who cares? I DO think my studio will share with kitchen items as they just wont fit in here. As the men were bringing in box after box marked kitchen we all laughed because they would look at me and say "Senora~, Mas Cucina?" Rofl, the room was filled floor to ceiling and no more could go in there. Consequently, The shop has rows of boxes, and nope... I have yet to find my good dishes. grunt. Ginger and I did the happy dance to find the can opener for her!
Walt has been outside since about 5 am...lol I dont think I will get him in here, but I'm glad he likes it out there too. Maybe it will aid in his recovery. He and I finished up the Pickford yesterday and hung the CLOSED sign on the front doors. We will make one more trip, pass through if you will, to make sure all is well.
Eight months of ....wow I dont even have the words to label those 8 months.... what a ride.
I should get back to it. I hope all is well with all of you. Happy Sunday.
Love yer guts, G

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Begin Again

Good morning. I was thinking.:::rut ro:::When trying so hard to figure this all out. Maybe... just maybe we have been on an 18 month whirlwind tornado ride since the untimely death of my boy. Moving around, searching, hoping, trying to find answers or my way in life. Maybe its true what they say that after such a horrid experiance, one should never do anything RASH for at least 2 years? Living proof am I....hmmmmm
OK, so, we are home in AG and while the both of us are tired,sore, overwhelmed, flat ass broke, and in the biggest mess we have EVER seen, it feels right, good, and a huge sense of relief.Making breakfast consisted of 2 bagels, a lunchpail in my jammies hair flying. ( I know many of you GET that visual). No matter the mess, it is good. Now that I have my pals in the boxes ( computer & TV) What could be bad? Nuttin.
I am off to make a path between boxes... I'll be back soon, maybe I will find a camera?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On The Move--->

And now a new countdown. I have miraculously finished all quilts (save one Christmas quilt) before the poor shop breakdown. Bittersweet I might add. I am so very happy to go, yet in fear of another move and my Greta being out of "sync" with me. You see... I had the greatest opportunity to have Jack Boersma ( Boersma Sewing in Oregon) come to visit and install my new fanfreakingtastic light bar and tweak Greta into a sweet spot that I have NEVER had before. I watched this man work some magic with a mallet on her..... in horror, only to have him call me over and say, "Ok, touch with one finger". I did this and I swear I heard Angels and harps. Since that day I have not had ONE tension issue, balance issue, level issue.. NO ISSUES. THIS, dear blog readers, is indeed miraculous! I haven't so much as bumped her nor sat a tool on her in fear I would mess her up! Now.... She's going for another ride. RUT RO. I don't think Jack would make the trip again, not even for ANOTHER arm and a leg. So, it falls to us to be ever so careful, and we will, BUT.
Prayer parrot post it note: Please Dear Father keep us all safe, including Greta, with lots of helpers, and help me to never move again. Well, unless you want me to, but I don't. Period.
Rudy is being a super pain in behind chicken as he senses things have gone nuts and is screeching each time one of his flock members leaves his side. Walt is being so good about giving him treats, but u cant fool a grey eh? He knows... good thing that he is adaptable. Ginger is sniffing boxes in search of her toys even though we left a few out for her. I guess they aren't the right ones?
Walt is gaining strength daily, thank God. He even showed me a muscle last night... cute lil skinny muscle it was too. He is becoming focused on the impending move, and I think he too has found a little hope.
The kids are darn near oblivious to whats going on as Karen is about to graduate into a full fledged nurse ( Nov 14) and Jake has opened his own business way over in Idaho. Julie has been to help with Dad a few times and wow was that ever needed. I wish they would come a runnin in the next few weeks huh? But I know they cant... :::big sigh:::
The quilters back in Pismo are so excited that hugs are a plenty when I appear. I love that. I love my "chosen" profession. Gemme hugs I tell ya... ( ok, and money)
I don't know how long I will be Internet challenged so I will be relying on my blackberry for emails and the like. Wish us luck, and I'll be back ASAP. I cant wait to see my dishes again, its been 8 months! ( its the little things u know) Love yer guts!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Rambling Over Coffee

I think I should take up dog grooming. Poor Ginny looks like that furry bear on sesame street all the time. The good news is I will be going home and THATS where her forever groomer is! So maybe I wont. Good Monday morning dear blog followers. I am sorry I havent been diligent about writing. I could say that I have been busy, and its true, but I done told ya and told ya about my feelings on bummer blogabouts. I still hang on Perpetual Hope, and the tune from ANNIE. ROFL.
We have been busy looking for furniture on craigs list because if you can remember, when we moved here we had to downsize quite a bit to fit into the quarters. THIS, dear peoples, is no easy task, especially without a pick up truck! I have learned a few things.... ya cant trust peoples on craigs list to honor a "DEAL". Ya cant put a 6 foot dresser in the back of a convertable with the top down and go 60 miles an hour. :::u know u got a visual::: ( rut ro)
I tried very hard to win that Mega Million 200 million.. can u even BELIEVE that there was ONE WINNER IN VIRGINIA? Lucky bugger. I'm next. Mama needs some new fall boots dang it! OK, maybe just a washer/dryer. After I saw the boots to drool for, I found all my lil girls Christmas party dresses and had to have them, so there went one night stand eh....grunt. Again, I'm next.
I better move my butt... I have a huge list to make and attack. Thanks for the Java, Have a M M!

* craigs list good apples!
*Farmtown, I go there to rest, its a happy place.
*Perpetual hope
* New Michael Buble CD!
* My Fiskars anniversary rotary cutter, wowzers!
*Online shopping for the BEST "catch & Release" shopping.
Busy day today. I am on the last 3 quilts before breakdown!! woohoo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Is Big News M & M's

Now either its a slow news week, or all of the weathermen round here have gone bonkers. No matter what station I have on the TV or radio, the big news is rain for the next few days. Not just reporting news, but how to protect yourself. How to prepare your car. What to have on hand in the house, what to wear, and the right type of umbrella! Its kinda like when we first moved to the coast and I got the biggest kick out of a news alert mid day... saying, SURFS UP! Now we get, RAINS COMING! What the heck? Its just rain, its wet, and we need it. Done, lets move on. I remember several years ago Walt and I RVing to Big Sur in terrential rains. lol We couldnt get away from there fast enough. Opted for the Carmel Valley in a nice dry RV park with running water from a faucet instead of out your front porch..
Now heres the potential news says I.... When it rains here, its like Big Sur. The heavens open up and buckets pour in a short time span, causing fast floods and mudslides. Especially in the foothills where firestorms have been. Scary, noteworthy, and cause for preparation. It should all be over in 2 days they say.. I hope nothing above actually happens. For me personally, its a great time to sniff the air, and maybe a pot roast or fresh bread in the oven. BUT.... Not here because I can only be found quilting or packing these days. The bummer is that I have packed all of the good tools and for the next 18 days until we begin moving... we are on a short supply of everything.
18 days and the real mayhem begins, again. I dont look forward to it, and yet I cannot wait. :::Sybilness::: It's so sad here. No guests, pictures coming down, no good smells, feelings, or views. Yet on the other hand, perpetual hope. Walt is getting stronger, you wouldnt believe that he has just spent 20 days hospitilized and life so uncertain. Quilting getting caught up, and I think theres a rainbow just down the road. Truthfully, sometimes I think I'm just a village idiot for all of the perpetual hope about things. But its ok... I am the Arroyo Grande village idiot, and thats very OK with me.

Marvelous Mondays :

Rain, cause theres a rainbow somewhere
Matt N Jac, ( neice & nephew) Who cheer me up and dont even know it.
Phone calls from Avi who I can actually understand now.. (I would like to freeze her at this age:)
Live stream internet Radio ( because you get NO RECEPTION HERE)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday With Rudy

Sorry he isnt seen too well.. I had to sneak the camera on him from afar. I think Andy Griffith is on here too. At any rate, he is cheap entertainment:) We have been piecing all day...ok and he has been making me laugh.. which is desperatley needed. Thanks Rudy, wish that everyone loved you as I do.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily Devotions

Do any of you use a daily devotional? Or a make shift one? A daily laugh, passage, scripture, quote, or even a joke/laugh? I picked up the new little one by Joel Olsteen the other day and every morning I read it, hoping to find some words of encouragement, no... an epiphany. What I am finding is... even though I began nearly at the end of the little book ( OCT) it would seem that SOMEONE knows whats going on around here! This morning, day 3 I think, I actually read 3 times in disbelief thinking HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS? I ran to find my prayer parrot (for good measure) and it has already been packed. So I stuck my post it note to my sewing machine and there I stayed until tonight. Sometimes, there just arent enough post it notes. Anyway.. I am kinda liking this new ocd-ism I have found. I will play awhile longer. Much like that dingy farmtown on facebook. I tell ya... I go there, create, and wish I were there! ( Dont worry, yall know I see a whole team of shrinks)

I have been working on the annual Epilepsy foundation memory quilt. One of 4 left to finish before I torture my machine by moving her AGAIN. The memory quilt.... 44 pictures of the telling faces of disabled children. So many transparent emotions ranging from love & trust, to fear & apprehension. How ironic that I am the lucky one to hold them this week. I dont know how it is that I can feel them, but I can. Not only can I feel them, but I GET IT.. I so get it.

Did I show you the poppy finished?:::thinking:::: I dont think I did.. I 'll go find a picture. I want so badly to start an applique project, namely a very cute one Ronda is working on...just to have some hand work. The last one I did needle turning was the dresden plate restoration, and in hindsight, I really enjoyed that evening work. When the dust settles round here, I will begin a project. (hold me to it, K?) The wall art poppy is now framed and in route to the central coast show. I didnt know it would be entered, and I dont want to know now! LOL I dont need any more stress thanks. The crystals dont show in the pics, but they are at the top of each burgandy piece of fabric, and in the center. I am happy that its owner is happy. Thats judge enough for me.

I would really like to go sneak a peek at tomorrows devotion note as I am determined to hide out in the shop for the day. Me and those epilepsy kids:) Have a serene Sunday everyone. I 'll see ya Monday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sorry I've been down awhile, Ronda, thanks for the heads up, and Jeff, THANK YOU HONNY BUNNY for fixing my problem! Email is now restored, :::wish I could say the same for my sanity eh::::::
I have been out awhile on a road trip. I went to see the fam and get some mental GO JUICE. Geez did I need it!! I cannot believe how much heart food I can suck up in 3 days! I saw my parents, my sis n family, my daughter and family, Heather, The LQS owners, My sons final resting place, and even Jake had a load to California and we were able to get together for dinner!! Much needed heart food. Thanks everyone:) I need to go unpack and feed my patient.. Julie, thanks for your help!!
Blog readers... I'll be back!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rudy Speak: A Post For Penny

She Wants What She Wants

Yes, the angelic perfect grandaughter has a little SYBIL in her too cause in this evidence photograph she is indeed the cookie monster curtain climber!!! I can her it now... AVIANA GET YOUR BUTT DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!
LOL!!! I say, Miss independance... and look out Mama!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin, Jeff, Rudy...M & M's!

M & M's start with Lap top up and running again! I thought that te poor thing was dead. We finally made it into the Geek Squad and... well.... it was the fault of the Super Chicken. Rudy did it. The Geek guy of course couldnt figure out what a super chicken is while Walt tried to explain. He then felt awkward while he an I squabbled in public over whether or not it was Rudys official birthday present, or should we just send him to the nearest parrot rescue. Yes, September is his month too, along with everyone elses.. Speaking of... Happy Birthday today to Jeff( Blimas Son) and my grandson Justin!!! He is scaring the bejeezers out of all of us as a new hobby of football has gotten his attention.

He is way too young for this eh? Have a Marvelous Monday Justin!

On the quilt front, I have 3 going at the same time. Tee Shirt, Memory, Poppy Art. This is a first for me to have so many going.. but maybe I'm fighting boredom, or just stressed and doing the Sybil thing.. not sure.. dont care.. at least I'm in there right? I did find myself boiling some eggs, which is always a good indication that I'm wierding out a bit. But its ok... I'll be fine:) Working on a plan.. the next chapter...lol

Marvelous Mondays Include:

Cost of Rudy using my AC Cord as a toy for an instant.............................................109.00

Cost of embarressing explaining while getting the LOOK from Mufasa................. A Steak Dinner

Cost of Gina being able to Blog and facebook................................................................Yep, Priceless!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In The Shop Not Working..( bad girl)

So, did everyone see the new premiere show MERCY? It was just OKAY for me. Not as good as House was. A pissed off woman cheating on her husband with a real hate on for men. hmmmmmm I dont think I need this? Its kind of like putting on a CD of Alanis Morrisette when you are already mad as hell at men.
I would sure like to know when they will put out a good comedy show. They really do not know the power in laughter eh? Its good medicine! I swear all I ever see is sex, violence, gangs, murder, terrorists... U get my drift right? The only thing I find to laugh at is Two and a half Men, and thats not so G rated you know? The new Jay Leno show stinked for me. It was like a bad writer team for the Tonight Show....grunt.
Maybe its just me, but I am leaning toward nooooo its the world around me.
I see many changes around blogville these days. One of my favorites is gone and I will miss her terribly. My own Pickford is gone as I deleted it!!! Some people said it was my hobby when in fact it was diligent hard work...pppfffttt. With Walts Health we have decided to put away our B & B hats and go home. Home to AG, the Pismo area. Buy him a nice 4 wheel drive and firmly plant him and his lil IV ball on the beach where he is home, as am I. All I will say for now is that this has been part of the journey, and its time to go home.
FaceBook I see is the new online drug of choice for many. I cancelled my Twitter so that I can concentrate more on FB..LOLOL Listen... heres my thinking... I can play farmtown or facebook, or blog.... sooner than I can watch reruns of the Sopranos, Desparete Housewives, cold case files, or all the other crap Walt is remoting. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. TV stinks. ( well, cept for a few shows)
I should get back to work now. I have my iced tea, smooth Jazz, and the Rudy man... life will be good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Marvelous Monday

It was...really it was. It was productive... thats marvelous right? We didnt have any sunshine, and clearly no rainbow, but Walt felt pretty good, and much work was done, and hey guess what? I didnt have to make breakfast yippee!! I pretty much have to realize and accept the truth. I STILL dont do mornings. Grunt. Its okay too, because not everyone can be a morning person right? Because there would be no night peoples! :::work with me peoples::: I can justify practically anything.
M & M's included :

Premiere of HOUSE ( loved it!)
Sherry's help in the Inn
2 day priority mail, cause I have no patience?
Walts little netbook cause mine died:(
Guests who send you very touching thank you notes, inspirational books, ty sally, and TY also Allen Sargeant's CD who noticeably loves being a good servant. Who says people arent sent at the perfect time?
I'll find more next week?

Friday, September 18, 2009

In Need Of A Rainbow

I was cleaning out my cell phone this morning, hoping to get better quality service from it whan I came across a photo sent to me a VERY long time ago by a good friend. A rainbow, after a good hard rain, right on her street. I thought to myself, there ya go... thats what you need right about now.. a rainbow! Lord knows theres a good hard rain going on in G's life eh? Ever since we lost Munz.....clic.
More changes on the horizon which I will tell you about as I go. Lets hope they all hold a rainbow.
Walt had a doctor appt today. Still the same, but thankfully no worse. TIME, its the word of the decade! Time has actually become a priceless commodity.OK, and Money, and STUFF.
He sleeps quite a bit. Eats whats given to him well, those are both rainbows. I even took him out his first time and he ate a whole 6 ounce steak by himself! ( in hindsight, it was too much for him and he slept forever afterword while I watched him breath. My fear lies in those words from doctors/nurses, "we're not out of the woods yet". Shit.
I got a crazy stomach flu bug attack myself this week, and ran right to the doctor who promtly told me to stay away from Walt. Thankfully it was short lived, I am on the mend, but damn! It was violent for 24 hours. I personally dont think a bug has a fighting chance against my pissed- offedness these days. It has left me weak and ribs are killing me! I may go and get the two of us some wonton soup later... well... I have check ins... so Maybe I'll open a package of top ramen? LOL Oh how I long to be happy again.
Next Monday..... I WILL have a Marvelous Monday Blog. Period.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Built To Break?

Who says? Hmmmm... I wonder sometimes.
Walt is home recovering. Weak as a kitten, in considerable pain from the holes in his body, but eatting well and he is hopeful. As am I.
As for me, I think I walk around in a constant state of disbelief, riding every wave, good, bad or ugly. I sure good use a good vacation. One with good food, good service, a massage or two...long walks and delicious wine. ahhhhhh. When I re-read that I think how ironic it is that right here in Cambria, california, I have Just that. HA!
I finally got into the shop today and cleaned up after the quilt retreat. It was sad.. I dont even know what the hell went on? I want a DO-OVER!
I cranked up my new DMB Cd and talked to fabrics. It felt so great I think I'll do it again tomorrow:) The Inn is slowing down considerably so I can get back to quilting! WOOHOO!!
I havent had time all summer to do anything, as you can see, not even blog time! Even poor Ginger looks a bit desheveled...lol Whats everyone up to anyway??I think I'll go cruise the blogs and see for myself:)
Thanks again to all who care for us via email, snail, mall, call. etc. Lets hope we got him on the mend. He is trying very , very hard.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day is Still here.

Just a quick note again to let you know we are still what seems to be the fight for our lives ... as we knew it? This poor man O Mine is suffering:( . It seems that we take one step forward, and a few back. Its ONE dastardly bug that is trying hard to win. All talk of possible discharge soon is off. Antibiotics changed again, Other complications keep creeping in as we go,besides trying to outsmart this bug, iron and potassium defieciency, anemia, malnourished. THIS is all so incredible that sometimes even I dont believe it. Thanks for your continued support. I guess its true. I am afraid. Our daughters are both here for the week end, that helps. Will be in touch when I can. Labor Day weekend is still here, whether I like it or not.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Update On As The Stomach Turns- M & M's

Yep.... or..... no need to watch soaps, when ya got SUDS? I really dont even know where or how to express the happenings of the week at all. Very blurry.
Walt's superbug as I said has been identified and named. Streptococous-Intremedous. It began in his lung disguised as Pnuemonia and as it was being attacked by antibiotics, fled to his blood and liver. ( This I am told is why doctors hurry to catch the bug in the throat before it aggressively travels on.) He has had now uncountable units of blood and the fight is still going on to out race the bug. Tonight the other 2 absesses on his liver will be ( attemt to be) drained. Nutrition is indeed a factor since he is so weak and in pain that he cannot accept foods. IV for that too going in.
When this is all wrapped up and we are ahead of the bug he will come home with his IV and drainage tank to recover with me and a home health nurse for several months. ( best case scenario, says I). He has 2 specialists onboard now, infectios disease, and GI. The nurses and staff personal really dont care much for me, so I think I will bring them chocolates tonight. It cant hurt right? I think it is divine intervention that all vacationers are gone until this thursday... allows me time for a shower. Today i cleaned up my smelly self along with a smelly poodle. She is so smart and knows somethings up as she sits on my desk chair, or walts spot on the sofa and looks pathetic. Rudy too... dang animals... he just sits up there telling me that he loves me. In Walts voice, this helps.
Thanks to all who call, write, post notes, and help me with Paso directions! Walt says thank you too for the cards, books, and well wishes. When we talk, we are both in total disbelief of this. His colleagues, students, friends and family are helping to keep his spirits up. I had him up yesterday getting his email and he was moved at the outpour of support. Thank you all. What the hell would I do without you?
My days are filled with a routine of caring for the guests here, taking off to the hospital, tending to Walt, pointing a lot, and using my lap top to forget the world in Farmtown on Facebook. A great distraction ... I can SOLVE those problems! These days I am having trouble with the stupid fax machine!!! It always sums up with one sentance for me... I just wanna go make a quilt....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Marvelous Mondays include XANEX, FARMTOWN, and all of you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

So Far.........

We have SOME news. I will be brief as I am here with Walt now. The infectious disease Dr has identified the bug. The Superbug. He says that he believes the Pnuemonia in June, never died, only relocated to the liver. He had a surgical procedure yesterday in which they drained one of the 3 absesses, and still draining. A biopsy is being done. He recieves blood transfusions daily. We are at least hopeful, but not out of the woods. Thanks to all for your prayers, Im sorry Im so vauge, but trying to respect Walts wishes for privacy too. As for me, without my support system, I would have fallen by now. Thanks again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How ya Doing G?

Is the question of the day. Asked by many, including myself.
ANSWER: I've been better.... but I've certainly been worse.I'm sorry for being AWOL...AGAIN... But I find it most difficult to negatively blog!! I really do! I mean how many sad blogabouts can there be???? SO we will keep it as UP as we possibly can. I refuse to go down the rabbit hole just to see how far it is.

By now I'm sure that most of you know two things. That the quilt retreat was great, despite the "head up her ass" of yours truly.
And that my Walt fell very very ill the day that our gracious instructor arrived. What a two edged sword for me eh!!! All that fun and learning to be had and I couldnt keep a thought in my head! However, I do deserve an OSCAR, for the award winning performance. grunt.
Thanks to all for your hugs, help and comfort much needed. I have pictures ... somewhere? Our happy historian slash promoter, marketer.. Heather was the lucky winner of the Key Lime Pie. I'm happy for her too. She worked hard on getting this gig together! ( OH! Now I now where the pics are!!) LOL
As for my Walt, its Tuesday night and we know nothing of his illness. He has taken a turn for the worse today. The blood transfusions do not seem to be working. I am about to have a throw down to get him sent to Stanford or ANYWHERE there is a big brain in the house. As I said, I seriously refuse to be negative. Besides... lightning doesnt strike twice in the same spot. So pray with me, please.
I am juggling time with the hospital and the Inn, so I dont know how often I can write, but I shall try. It just feels good.
Love yer guts still, G

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Lists

My lists changed names. From just a plain ole TO DO list to big bold White Board HOT LIST! Yep, countdown and I think everyone in the world, I do mean WORLD is on vacation!!! WTH! Do these peple not know that the quilters are coming??? Can they not see that I am just dieing to go in the shop and prep?

Oh well... If I dont finish the HOT LIST, I'll get Heather, I mean Ethel to help me:) Ethel can you come on Wednesday?? Did you see my homework? Poor Ronda, I mean Ethel # 6, 7, or 8, I forget.. is doing it for me. The secret you know to true delegation:) ETHELS EVERYWHERE!

I think its called California Star now... I will be re decorating a whole new room for this babay~

Hey! You wanna make one too??? Come over!!! DayCampers all welcome, 150 per day! Pick one, piecing or quilting... The more the merrier!

M & M's Include:

*Look up

* Ethels...MY Ethels.

*Hope ( I always say that huh?)

* The new fruit parfaits I ordered for breakfasts.. ( that wont arrive in time, grunt)

*The way cool find for Sarahs weekend room:)

*Fax machines.. man can I get that thing humping!

*Ginger caring for Walt, because I have no time..lol

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day Camp Open!!

***This just in***
Come spend the day with us as day campers for only 150.00 per day! Pick your day, Friday piecing,8/21 or Saturday Longarming!8/22 This includes Our beloved professoree`(Ronda Beyer) and Mi Casa Es Su Casa! No rooms, no meals, just jam packed quilt making!
Wanna come?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Comaraderie Of Colleagues

Geez I feel needy! Ever get this way? I need to talk! I need to share skin! I need to laugh!
I need! Sometimes I just get too darn sensitive, I know, but damn it. I REALLY need some good stuff to happen around me! Enough already! I try VERY hard to stay positive. I do this on an hourly basis. But sometimes the waves of despair overcome me! I miss my boy. My minds eye carries his eyes, and when I weep, so do they. Why does this happen? I shudder a lot. A quiet thunder of of unbelieveable pain, shock and absolute horror at the thought of reality. Still today, over a year later, reality bowls me over time and time again. Come on! Is it really true? Wait. Clic.

I dont think I have worked this hard since I was in my twenties. All I can say is hurry winter! What gets me the most is my uncanny NEED to sell sell sell, then wonder what the hell did I do that for?::;competitive side of me::: Much like that Fred Flinstone episode when Freds eyes go buggy when he hears the word BET! Did you see it? Do you know what I mean? It is so darn hard to be me.
My boy Jake came this week with the Fam. They stayed only long enough to watch me run like a nutbar, and get me sick! ( thanks Jake) I miss the kids already. While it hurt to say Jamie's name aloud, it warmed me to snuggle her, touch & kiss her tender neck. She is walking everywhere now and so adorable! She is quiet, happy and easy to please. Shawn is the investigator. So curious and full of life and so in love with his Daddy:). Jake took us to dinner and I had a whole 2 hours off! Jamie number one would be over the moon for these kids. I wish so much that he would left me with a grand. Shoot.. clic

Hey! The whole reason for the blogabout was in the title.. I forgot! ::: menopause:::
The quilt workshop.. retreat... class.... no matter the wording is a much needed stitch & bitch week end! I wish that I had more prep time, but I will be lucky to capture people at the airport and KNOW what day it actually is....lol I dont think anyone will mind that Im not ready.. we will GET ready together right? It will be so nice to have quilt speak going on. Warm hugs, laughter & learning. :::I didnt say wine, see.. I can be good:::::
I know.. I REALLY know that the heart of life is still good. I just sometimes feel like stomping my foot with hand on hip and having a 6 year old throw down tantrum, demanding answers to questions. If not answers, at least a smoother ride and happier times. As always... thanks for the chat. Now I better do the dishes.

You Know The Drill! <--click it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday =No freak outs allowed!

I am running like a chicken with its head off but...............

THIS cannot go without a shout out. Enjoy, get a few hankies, call your Mother, then call Heather at Moomp.
209 244 4549

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Need Quilters!

You know whats up for grabs right? This beautiful quilt, and Rondas Tips ~N~ Tricks!!

I'm serious! You all know that Ronda so generously agreed to come teach the class although not half full! Lets make it up to her and get a few more heads shall we? I'm just saying, its the best price EVER for the class, the food, the rooms, you will get anywhere! Go read again if you have forgotten :0

Come sign up! You will be so glad that you did!:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Catch Ups And M & M's

If not for an 81/2 x11 thicker than a phone book registration book, I wouldnt know the day of the week
Does EVERYONE vacation in August? I wont bore you with whining of all the goings ons here, but suffice to say that I dream about the likes of french toast with pure maple syrup. I suppose its because Walt and I find wierd things to squabble over these days , like, why do I insist on buying PURE maple syrup when Aunt Jemimas is right there cheap. I tried to tell Dear Walt about the differances... citing the differance between margarine and butter. He doesnt get it. HERES what I dont get.... He goes down the candy isle of smart and final and fills a cart! HELLO SAVINGS??? He claims its for the kids. He enjoys spoiling them. Or making thier parents mental, one. Which brings me to a piece of sunshine.... Jake is down from Idaho with the kids!! yep yep yep.. I have my baby grands for a few days! Jamie is walking all over and Shawn is still a whiner! ( he gets it from his dad). They are so cute and I miss them so very much. Tonight we went out after the wine 30 crowd and ate cippino together. They did the beach while we did the guests today.
In other news I sent out emails at midnight last night cancelling my highly anticipated stitch and bitch. I mean class retreat. You KNOW that hurt more than words eh? Now I must stand on my head, on the corner of our block to sell those rooms to keep the boss happy. Thats all I have to say about that. CLIC
I must report that we named the impulsive kitty purchase. We named her Arrivederci` :::And re homed her with my housekeeper Francela:) I dunno... maybe I am a little insane?

Still, I must find the M & M's: Where's John Mayer when ya need him?

*Steak & Jeff being here with the kids
*Cute back to school clothes at Marshalls. I found the boys the cuteset Ed Hardy sweatshirts:::squeel:: And of course, all my girls a dress::;wink:::
*Emails from loved ones asking about me, thank you:)
*Jamies kisses

hey! Did I mention that I miss Aviana?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Cuppa Questions

I thought I would share some Sybilness questions with you this morning....while I have a second cuppa...

If I'm so tired of running like a mad woman night and day, why am I gaining weight?

If I enter every blog contest that comes my way, why doesnt the law of averages apply to me? Do you know I could have been found PRAYING for the kitchenaid stand alone mixer last month on the pioneer womans site? :::shaking my head::: Poor God, has to deal with me all the flipping time:::

If I see a blue eyed kitten, why must I bring it home? I'm not a cat person. GRUNT.

Why havent I heard from my big brother in so long?

How much is enough?

When will I learn to stop burning myself on the EVILSKIVER pans?

Why am I obsessed with that damn bejewelled game?

Would Clark Gable have a black & white bedroom with cobalt blue accents?

Where did I put the Petty Cash box now?

Why cant Heather come do a session for me this month?

Should I stop wearing sleeveless shirts cause my arms got too fat?

Wouldnt you think that someone would invent a better way to cook danish pancakes?

No wonder I cant win the lottery, I cant even win a blog contest... Whats the deal with that?

Will I get to go to Montreal someday before I need a facelift?

Heres the backstory on the questions.
My Mama has always been annoyed to some degree ( varies with ages) of my incessant need to ask who what when where,how why. She either thought that I would be an attorney or a star reporter. I'm an Innkeeper quilter!!! So.. either I continue to ask questions to those who will listen, myself included... or I hurry the heck up and change professions.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings and M & M's.

August 3rd. Can you believe how fast time is going? We have about a week left of promoting Ronda Beyers Quilt weekend before my boss puts the NIX on all of these rooms booked. We have 4 of 10 sold. I need some help, talk it up ladies, sell, sell, sell! Incredibly low priced retreat as I have siad before. A must for we as long armers growing our careers. I hope soooo much that we can make this happen.
This past week has been our fullest in the Inn so far and I am the MOST exhausted too! Every bone is feeling this one for sure. We had several countries represented too! Bulgaria, Cuba, France and Finland chatted the evenings away with people from Los Angeles! LOL ( ya had to be here)
In a weak moment while searching for strawberries downtown, I ran right into a humane Society stand. This resulted in a new family member coming home with me. I am still shaking my head citing..."WTH HAVE U DONE G?" Walt has wanted a cat for years and I have a parrot. NOT a good combo. None the less there she was with her big blue eyes staring at me as if she was in suffering pain where she sat. I picked her up and she snuggled my neck with a pitiful meow. tsk tsk tsk....A Burmese mix, beautiful and bashful, and still 3 days later , no name. I will post a picture when I get her out from under the bed again and you can help. She seems loving while being held, but everything scares her and she runs for cover. She is eating and using her box well.... she is a scardy cat? I will welcome cat lover advise. Ginger is curious, and she actually isnt afraid of her! Now people.... another story. grunt.
Marvelous Mondays include:

*Happy guests
* Good Kona Coffee, via IV!
*fabric to fondle and quilts to quilt.read: hope
* Madelines restaurant discounts!
*Signage.... love signage... my new ones says... Wherever you go, go with ALL your heart.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wine 30 At My House!

I was missing our San Francisco trips to the Wharf for cocktails so I made shrimp cocktails for the guests tonight. Tomorrow its crab cocktails. Wanna swing by? I think I should do this for the quilt retreat too. Hmmmm
I took a header in the kitchen today so I gotta tell ya I'm limping through the evening! There was a PUDDLE near the water cooler and I was busy snapping UNPROFESSIONAL shots of the said cocktails and RUT ROOO There she goes! Geez... My bad knee took the brunt too. To top it all off I was eating my OWN shrimpy cocktail and now its in pieces on the floor! :::Story of my life eh?:::
OK, I hear guest prints...better run! Come over!


OK, Lets chat shall we? This first award winning quilt of Ronda Beyer's( Key Lime Pie) is going to be raffled off at our quilt retreat to one of our 10 students! Is this a generous door prize OR WHAT????

**Notice** the feathered star medallions because we will be making our very own!

Really... we cannot afford in our quilting careers to miss this class. Sign up soon!!

I'm in shock! ...wondering off wondering if I can be in this raffle....dang it, do I count???Go read!!!
Ronda; TY!! U B DA BEST
HEATHER: Get here if you can we need quilter photo shoots for future festivities! ( say that 3 times fast)

Breakfast went fine, Fruit Parfait, french toast and sausage. HOWEVER, I was noticably distracted by above news.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are You Excited Yet?

She's Comingggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! Get your deposits in peoples! Its just short of a month away!! Ronda Beyer at The Pickford House Inn!! August 21- 24, WOOHOOOOOOOOO

Monday, July 27, 2009

Marvelous Mondays Just Keep Coming!

You see just how it works right? Even when your Mondays SUCK BIG GREEN WIENIES,,,, find the good, change your mind, your heart, your mood follows.

SO, I blasted Fergie, stuck my head in a quilt, and I am gonna be OKAY. Its debatable you know... from Monday to Monday. It is what it is................

M & M's include:

*Fergie, rock me out Woman
*The ability to cook something fantastic when your boss shows up, even though shes on a diet. grunt
*My Shop to hide in and create.
*Spending time with family, if only a short 24 hours.
*My Cuisinart...ahhhhhh things that cut..
*That little shop around the corner with awesome clothes for lil brown round women

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have a look at what unpaid managers do:)

Clic on this link for all the information!!

Or should I say.... What friends do for unpaid mgrs??? Thank you Heather!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head in a Poppy Pita-M & M's

We love this lil Love!

Sarah turns 4 today. Time is flying by so fast. I guess that happens too as we age eh? Not fun. But what is fun is watching this girl grow! Have fun at Gymstars Sarah!!

I keep telling ya I have lost track of days here at the Inn! I thought it was a Monday! I am stealing all the time I can from guests and chores to quilt this Poppy Art for a frustrated doctor to the south. She sent me a shoe box of pieces and pleaded with me to FIX it! I am now in the quilting stages, finally... well I was, until I hated the backing. My black stamin looked like chicken scratch! (the back WAS the light fabric u see in the front... now its just an apron!) So.. I went to the Cottonball and found some yummy firey red n yellow fabric, came home, frogged all night and reloaded her today. I am happier with this. And........... the GLIDE thread! ( thanks again ronda). Man! This quilts like Butta! So who knows how long this will take. I have a full house all week, a shopping trip for me to find an outfit for a party in SF on Saturday. I think I'll look for black, and pretend that it slimmed me down 20 lbs. GRUNT. Walt loses, I gain... geezzzz
So... Mondays are marvelous, on tuesdays?

* A great wireless ergo keyboard in place again.
* customers coming all the way to cambria to see me:)
* My daughter meeting me for the swaree in SF
*Quilting magazines
* My Pink CD, when guests are gone, Crank it up!
* OK, the Thriller CD too...lol

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Had To Have It!

Do you know Ed hardy the Tatoo Artist Slash fashion designer? New handbag... He designed it JUST for me!!! :::I can think that ifin I wanna::::

I love love love it! If I could change anything I would make the bottom more stable, like a rectangle board in there..something.... But it rides the shoulder nice, the bluebird is sweet & happy, and I love the saying on the back,

For the wild child in me!

This is how I roll...no tatoos on body, just body wear:::snicker::::

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Sharpie Pen!

You may or may not know about my lil pen/paper fetish... no matter, just induldge me for a moment. Shout out to my gal pal H! Hey!!! Its a new Juicy pen!!!

Pro: Its juicy, feels good in your hand

Con: Its not retractable, nor is it archival for fabric, however Im sure on paper it may be ok.

At any rate, I like it! It's not easy being me?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Wooly Bear In The World!

She is the Inn mascot, greeter, free entertainment, and model for four year olds who wish to drag and dress her. My Ginger the wonder dog. If only she could speak to me...sigh... I'm sure she would tell me how the heart of life is very good. I love this beast. She doesnt even care if she is late on her salon appointment. Doesnt mind that the kids haul her around like a doll. She loves to take her toys upstairs and paw the guest rooms for an impromptu playdate. All at the thrills of the guests of course. When I searched for a canine companion, I did so with the intention of finding the level of intelligence of a parrot. Sir Rudy in mind. What I found was a love beyond compare. A creature capable of sharing love with everyone, and the brain to go with it. I love this beast, and I love sharing her. Afterall, love isnt love til you share it with others:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need a family Fix

It happens? Ok, Karen, pack em up, head over. Heather? Ditto. I'll see ya Friday night, somebody show up, I need a fix. It would be a good Sarah Beach birthday?? You know you guys hate the heat!

I havent heard from Jake in a while.. I could call and bother them? Hmmmm
June, a quilter colleague pal o mine just left and made me friend/family homesick. I just WANT EM. Maybe I'm just trying to stall on working? Hmmmmm I loaded a wall art poppy and will be using my new GLIDE threads, so say tuned for any yelling or cursing. I brought Rudy into the shop for assistance. Its a bit un nerving to do those long strokes for a huge flower and keep things smooth and straight eh?Cross everything that my tension is nice with the new thread. I have a quiet couple days with only a few in house guests, so I am in hopes of getting much accomplished in the shop. If I call you, email or yahoo you... kick me out and tell me to get to work K? Unless I need to vent, then listemn up, and hang up, I'll be fine...LOL Lordy I do go on............. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Told Ya! M & M's

My days are just running together and I thought it was Marvelous Monday today! Lets see... Its defineltley summer vacation as my days are filled with different people coming and going. Today even one of our own quilters ( June) is coming to celebrate her anniversary! I am busy in the shop:::stop giggling::: I really am! I got a smoking hot new TV, (Vizio) flat screen so I can quilt and keep up with Ellen and Oprah! LOL Rudy isnt doing a very good job of chating these days so I need a new babysitter. :::sounded good didnt it?:::
Truthfully, I am very behind in quilt orders, and I think peoples are getting miffed at me. I am so trying... thats all I can say. So today i will make a stab at them, inhopes that Walt can install the TV. He is still very sick and I dont understand that. Muscle/joint aches, still sneezing, sore, tired, but no fever. I have never seen him so ill, ever. I myself have a can of lysol attached to my right hip, while the left one holds the phone for reservations. Wow... wierd life I tell ya.

Marvelous Mondays include:
Understanding quilt customers
My John Mayer Tee Shirt, the heart of life is still good.
A daily update from my Sis, cause I'm not there.
Costco Carnations, Last 2 weeks I tell ya!
Batiks! Geez I LUB EM!
The Kill Bill Whistle, Rudy is a master at it now! LOL

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ronda Beyer Retreat Update

Well, I came home to many surprises and this is by far the best one!!! These techniques are among the many that we will learn! yes, Piecing one day and quilting the next! We will all have time on the longarm here in the studio! I think I will go clean it and put pics up for all to see soon. In the meantime, Ronda will try to bring this beauty for us to fondle, along with many others. Dont hesitate in calling me for your spot saved! We have 7 spots left and of course the class is fully refundable if it doesnt fill. :::TRAGIC::: ( if you would like to send a deposit, thats fine, and I can collect the rest upon check in.

We will learn a lot and have a serious blast doing it! I have Walt planning things with electricity and duct tape, while I am drafting menus...Yippee!To read the full itinerary clic here!

Here is a picture of the dining room ( partial) Its huge,well lit, warm, and oh so comfortable! I wish the fireplace shows in this. BTW, thats NOT my Ginger..lol His name is Manny, the wonder Sheltie:)

Dont forget, call soon!
One more just for grins and giggles!

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