Friday, July 17, 2009

The Best Wooly Bear In The World!

She is the Inn mascot, greeter, free entertainment, and model for four year olds who wish to drag and dress her. My Ginger the wonder dog. If only she could speak to me...sigh... I'm sure she would tell me how the heart of life is very good. I love this beast. She doesnt even care if she is late on her salon appointment. Doesnt mind that the kids haul her around like a doll. She loves to take her toys upstairs and paw the guest rooms for an impromptu playdate. All at the thrills of the guests of course. When I searched for a canine companion, I did so with the intention of finding the level of intelligence of a parrot. Sir Rudy in mind. What I found was a love beyond compare. A creature capable of sharing love with everyone, and the brain to go with it. I love this beast, and I love sharing her. Afterall, love isnt love til you share it with others:)


Pam said...

can't wait to meet Ginger!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a cute little girly, girl, Sophie loved those ears as a Puppy poor Ginger was so patient with her, I am sure max would love her (in more ways than 1) too... He goes in on the 3rd of August to remove the junk in his trunk, say goodbye to the manly man... Love U more

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