Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caution! Quilt Content On A Wednesday, Could Be A Trend!

I have no guests in house for at least 24 hours. I showered, dressed, took my meds like a good lil girl. I have cuppa in hand and I get to go in the shop and........and........and...............CLEAN IT? We shall see how far I get OK? I will use this day as a twitter page and come back to edit as I can... WHY? Because I think it will be fun! Inspiring! Motivating? Work with me people... push me please?
BBL with second cuppa thoughts:) Love yer guts!


First up, A frogging we will go. AGAIN. Sick of looking at this, but it needs to get out of my hair, and beats cleaning right? Right. I have been frogging this thing all through American Idol. Problem is, Idol is over and I am not done!!! (chit)

I have June 1 deadlines, and I really must ge things done. I need a pusher. I'm just so tired when I have down time you know?

I kow I know... Why ya cryin? Grunt.

Bye, I'm on it.
And now I'm ready to go, flames and all.... and my stitch regulator wont work??? Help? Its connected, but is it connected right? GRUNT
5:10: It's wine 30 here! Yipee! Walt came home and solved the problem. I had it connected wrong. Thanks for WORRYING ABOUT ME!!! I hope I finish this tonight...we shall see.......

7:15, Frogging is officially done!!! WOOHOO!!!
Halloween quilt locked and loaded but not quilted. ( panto in waiting)
Tools unboxed, Gammil clean and humming
Books out of the boxes and in a cupboard??? ( well?)
Marking tape glue tools have a home.
Domestic has a home and is ready to run
I even managed to give my Linen guy static about the bills, and check inventory with him.
Thanks for coming with me today, those of you who did:) Now SCUSE me while I have a bath, another glass of wine, and Pass the hell out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celebrity Sarah Bear

So Guess who came to see us this week end? Not that we had an opportunity to play or anything, but still! A celeb IN DA HOUSE! I bet her Mom hasnt bloged this yet cause she passed out on the floor with pridom. ( is that a word?)
Ahuh, Famous lil thing now eh? Sarah Bear looks JUST like her mama in this picture! Same smirk, same same... WOW.. Heres one of her in our treasure chest!
Hey Am I in this Magazine under B & Bs? I want an autographed copy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

She's Alive! M & M's

Oh how I would love to have some pictures to show you, but they are all of vacationers here at the Inn! We had a full house, and our dear friends Heather, Kim & Sarah in the studio. MERCY. I think I am way too old for this. No really, I do! But, I am motivated. I have an adgenda. A goal. By Jeepers I will reach it or die trying. You all know what it is right? I thought so. I so enjoyed introducing many a travelor to my quilting studio and having my own personal trunk show each evening! LOL I think I'm growing quilters!!! And Might I add that if I dont get busy sewing soon I think I will have a mental breakdown!
Best part: Playing Rummy and just plain ole` girl talk with my Heather.
It makes me happy, and makes me miss my friends and family SOOOOO much. I met so many people on holiday too. They left fat ~N~ happy, thats how I like em leaving. Now, Walt & I are way beyond tired. Just looking at each other every couple minutes like, WTF have we done? At any rate, Hope all of you had a marvelous Monday, and I hope ya missed my posts too!

MM's Include:

The love of a good friend

Lotsa Happy guests!

A great dishwasher!

My buddy Marshalls!

Blimas great recipes!

Ginger the wonder dog!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Hump Day Ramblings

I still need a day off. I'm worried about my Mom. She isnt doing so well and sometimes I feel like I'm on another planet! I woke up this morning with more anxiety than I have felt in quite sometime. SO I grabbed a list pad.. go figure.
I will try my best to squeeze in a few days after this hoilday to get to Ma. We will both feel better, and although a driving crazy few days off... it will be days off from here right? Of course right. Someone reminded me to just work 40 hours a week. I laughed hysterically. Not even longarming afforded me that luxury, let alone running the B & B too.
What you peoples think about last nights Idol? Did Paula forget to get dressed up or what? Walt and I are betting. I think I will lose, but I dont want to. Its a matter of Genre. He loves rock, citing Queen's head honcho compared to Adam, and I enjoy Kris, comparing his to one of my favorites, John Mayer. So we have a quarter on it. Thats my limit. As I said, I think I will lose, but I am in hopes that I will hear more from Kris soon. Adam can go on with his outrageous rockin tongue, and I will be soothed listening to Kris. Just a matter of taste.
I did MOST all of the shopping for this week ends full house yesterday. I also have the task of finishing our studio decor for the over flow. I GOT TOLD. Grunt. Still I whine that you cannot take a 3 story home and squeeze into here. My part of here. I called around for storage facilities, they have a 2 year waiting list? Criminy! I think I should have an estate sale and get rid of it all. Sheesh. I better get to it. I miss reading all the blogs as I have time only to pop around while doing the pee pee dance. .. what? true!
Happy hump day, I'm off to open the kitchen!

Monday, May 18, 2009

M & M's This Week Means Gear Up!

For next week end. I am in a bit of a state of shock? I have asked Walt if he is afraid. His reply? Nope... We Got This. ( Aviana speak) We are booked, over booked, and the phone continues to ring. I feel compelled to give them our own bed, but it passes quickly. :::FAGETABOUTIT:::
I wonder if this is a welcome mat to summer for us. I would like to know why they just cant spread themselves out a bit. I'm all for making the Boss bunches of money and all, but damn. I wont get to socialize much now will I? I have Italian eggs on the menu for day one. Spinach pie day two. Biscuits n gravy day three. I think 17 peeps each day. Lord help us. All of my breads and brownies will be done this week, and the kitchen is prepped and ready. I will hit Costco & Smart & Fianl tomorrow. Anyone have a truck? I think I need 72 eggs or so, and a truckload of fruit. Walt and I have it down to a well oiled machine in there.... for 6. Not 17. We shall see. To calm my nerves I spend the evenings frogging and list making. This quilt is making me mental and I hope worth the effort. I have a few in the works for the rooms upstairs, but who knows when THEY will be done right? I also have my Ronda Beyer challenge design sheet here. I must admit I stare at it like a deer caught in the headlights. Sip my cuppa, smile about Ronda, and continue to frog. Poor challenge quilt.
I'm looking forward to American Idol Finale! What a busy week they have. Maybe all of the frogging will be done by Thursday? Did you all see the gross pics released of Adam Lambert on TMZ? DO ya think its all a big publicity stunt show and not in our control at all? Sad.....
Have a good week my friends, I hear the fax going off...:::shakin in my slippers::::
Marvelous Mondays include:

The best restaurants on a single street I could ever hope to have!
A great partner in da house:)
Petty Cash for fruit stand pull overs
The quilts that keep me grounded
A good road map to follow
That dang cheese from England, cheddar with apricots! ( costco, go get some!)
No car payments woohoo!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Underwear Days Are Under Rated

I need one. I just read that I'm too late! It was February 27th! Why didnt you people tell me?
I gotta tell ya, these people do not understand the meaning of Underwear days AT ALL! Look at em out there promoting my favorite day on the streets! It sort of blows the whole concept doncha think? I am here to tell you that underwear days are spent in your fuglies, at home, doing absolutley whatever will cause you to say when asked by someone later, "What you do today?" Your perfect response should be...... I HAVENT A CLUE- AND I LOVED IT!
Now understandably this just isnt the nature of a woman. We thrive on multi tasking while our not so better halves empty the brain and do nothing. :::sometimes with a beer and a remote:::( how are they hard wired to do this?)
It is difficult for we women to pull this off. I used to have it down to a science. I think Walt taught me That man can move a mountain, and then sleep on top of it! But nowadays...sigh. Both of ours are Gone. Even when I try I find myself thinking, writing, doing, grunt. What would be cool is to really clone myself and watch her go huh? yep. Side note while its on my mind: Ronda deserves an underwear day and a big WOOHOO for her win at MQS for Gypsy Rosalie. You know THAT quilt was a huge labor of love. Maybe now she will come down and hold a class here at the Inn. (I will squeeze us in an underwear day to play) Congratulations to all of the winners. I wish that I could have been there with my Sensi Jane.::::thinking about that whole cloning thing:::: Then I spoke to Blima (first time in I dunno HOW LONG) and I found myself homesick for Montreal!:::cloning::: I have a rainbow in the works with Heather coming for the week end, (along with the rest of the nation) I hope we get time to play.
Know what? I have a frogging quilt job to do, maybe I'll change into some fugly undies and frog the rest of the day away? Hmmmmm Wonder what the guests would think at Wine 30?
I have been putting it off this job for awhile given that its another longarmers work, sent to me to redo. You know thats hard huh?
I wonder if I feel bummed to have seen Danny Gokey go home last night? I was literally shocked. Now, theres not even any fun in the finale eh? It's a given who will prevail. JMHO. Personally, While talent beyond belief, Adams tongue all over the place is just not my cuppa. I am still freaking out over his Areosmith song.::: Put that tongue away Goober!!::: Go Kris the cutie! ( I see a young John Mayer in him somewhere, when he finds himself)
At any rate, I only wanted to say that never again will I under appreciate underwear days. Whenever I can get one:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marvelous Mothers Day Mondays?

So torn over loathing vs loving this day. Mothers Day. Is it possible to have done both? Will it be this way forever? I used to joke around about my "Sybilness" and now it really feels true. Damn. Sybil # 1 is enjoying every moment being a proud Mom, Grand Mom, while Sybil 2 stomps her foot pissed off at the world and beyond because I am a minus one child, Mom. And btw, how freaking selfish of me to always feel like I'm the only one in the world who must endure this?Lets forget me enduring and consider a LOST life! Few can see (I am sure) the tracks of my tears ::forgive the song referance, however true::: I can BS with the best of 'em, but damn, what a cool lie am I. Ok, ok, I'm sorry.. lets move on to Sybil 1 again shall we? I so enjoyed the family here to help soften the blow. I also loved playing with the guests who enjoyed the holiday as well. I REALLY loved all the extra hands in the kitchen from all of them and Walt just went above and beyond. Thanks Fam O Mine:)

Aviana continues to own me like no other human has or I believe ever she just makes my whole self (inside and out) smile. She brought a little friend with her(Kendall on right, who is a doll!) and I loved seeing the dynamics between the two of them. (she is bossy like her Mama) In This pic she isnt really THIS short, just

While at the beach she took a face plant and had to have stitches on her forehead. Her worries? "Do I still look like a Princess Nonni?" Melt I tell ya. The boys did amazingly well without video games for a few days! SHOCKER... Bored but happy they helped pappa with chores. I dont think that a B & B is kid friendly. Grunt. Baby Emily didnt think so either as her Mama had to hold her 24/7 , unless of course she was playing with the spout on the water cooler. :::or getting spoiled by Pappa sneaking her chocolates:::
I think there were 2 best parts. ( cause I like to name bestest parts)
When all were tucked in bed and the Mamas and I talked and lap topped together. ( ok, and drank wine). #2 When driving off... Aviana waving and yelling "You're a good Nonni". Melt I tell ya. Just melt.
So you see my Sybilness doncha?, Yeah, I thought so. I will leave you with a few photos, and yes, these are my M & M's for the week:::wink:::SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----->

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Haul

Camera Back up! Wanna see some really CUTE dresses? I tell ya, I absolutley love these little girl dresses! I just need MO MONEY for them! I guess you cant see them too well here, but its enough to make all my girls nuts wondering WHICH is theirs!!! LMAO!!! Well, except for the 4th of July, all the pics should be the same huh? Wouldnt it be cool if I had one pic of all the girls together in the dresses? Sigh..... You see there are rules. We made em, cause thats what we do. We only buy pretty lil dresses for our girls, and they only have to share a pic with us! EASY SCHMEEZY. I just sent the cutest lil yellow plaid boys outfit to Shawn and waiting for that picture:::STEPH?:::: It isnt easy to find cool boys clothes. Grunt. I do try. Not half as fun as lil girl dresses, but they love pkgs in the mail just as much as the girls do. ( I think) I get the biggest kick out of watching Avi on web cam squeel like a pig in a new :::PEETY CUTE DRESS:::: Or watching Sarah rip into a mailer pkg wondering whats inside JUST for her! Man... nothing beats a present I say. No matter the price tag, its a present JUST for them.:::little things::::

Also heres a photo of the new dining room centerpieces. I swear they look real, fresh, and with water! Love em:) come see! I better get to work, I have Moms coming!! Make it a great Thursday!

PS: Did anyone else shed a tear or 2 for Allison last night? Poor girl, but im sure theres a fat contract out there somewhere. I really thought Chris would go. My vote remains with Danny weekly, however I do see the odds on Adam...LOL

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

I'm refreshed. Arent you glad? I took yesterday off and wondered the Central Coast. I hit Outlets, Marshalls, Walmart, Bridge Street House Home Decor, Costco, and a gas station! LOL I had a great shoportunity, and I took it! I found all my grands a treat, read: dress; and Walt some yummy linen shorts. I found new centerpieces for the B & B dining room tables, and new sea shells on a rod for my bathroom window. ( dolphin this time!) Lets see, what else? Hmmm a new laundry basket, new set of king sheets, 600 thread count, bronze in color, $9.99!!!! :::ALERT THE MEDIA:::: I felt like that new commercial for Kohls ( which I dont care much for) where they say, " she shopped, she scored". I wanted to show you a pic of all of this, however my camera battery died. Grunt. I had a good time though, wanted to share. I loved listening to the radio all day! Now you make think this trivial, but here in Cambria Im lucky to have cell service once in awhile, and never radio stations! When my computer is all speakered up I will have live stream again... as with everything in my life... TIME.
Now I must get back to work. I hope the day off didnt set me back too far. I am preparing for Moms Day here at the Inn, and Im contimplating a THROW DOWN challenge from my BFF Ronda. I think if anyone can get my ass back to the shop, its she eh? Speaking of.... I so miss quilting, and even more so, my friends:(. So much sometimes I just feel like kicking the dirt ( as H says). I havent even spoken to B in so long its criminal! But, alas, I do have a goal. A dream. An end result, so I must stick to the plan. I'm not getting any younger you know. And while we are chatting about younger... does anyone find that you bruise easier later in life? I have so many nasty bruises on me its just nuts! I have a huge arm band one that looks like someone beat the crap out of me! Its just a lot of physical work I suppose. Another head scratcher is... WHY am I not losing any weight??? :::Kicking more dirt:::: My Walt is the incredible shrinking man, and I am still a little brown round woman!!! WTHELL!!!! OK, On that note, I better get to work, my coffee is cold and I've bent your eyes long enough.. Have a good hump day, lets all be productive:):::Self chat eh:::::
Love yer guts! G

Monday, May 4, 2009

Guess Who's Coming For Mother's Day? M M's

Even though I must work to make other Mother's day happy..., I get a treat too! I must get out sometime this week to find her ( and her dolly) a new pretty dress~. She so loves her girlie girl dresses:) The one pictured here is from her birthday. Now if only my lil Jamie would be coming too as I have a growing closet for her! Maybe I should adopt? Naaaaa this is way more fun. I can't wait to see them, but for now I better move my tail. Much to be done if I want tomorrow OFF!!
LYG Have a good week, and Mondays ARE marvelous:)

* For unsurprises for Moms day
* for lil shopping sprees for well deserved slave girl like me
*for my daughter
* for my last car pymt made:)
* for my pymt maker:)
*sales at Gottschalks
* Happy Pickford guests

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday First Born O` Mine!

Hey Karen, Happy Happy Birthday lil girl:) I can't believe it, but I REALLY do did make you all those years ago! Still my right arm, I could sure use ya today as I have a half full house! I'm freaking out now over a cuppa....Maybe when school is over you could come?::::HURRY:::::

I'm so very proud of the woman that you are. The Mother, the nurse, the wife, sister, daughter,Auntie and friend. I know you wear many hats at this point in life, I remember. All I have to say is...... Your Gonna Miss This.......So try to enjoy the little things and commit them to memory. I love you and you'll be on my mind while I feed the multitudes this morning:) Have a great day and I'll speak to you tonight!

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