Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Caution! Quilt Content On A Wednesday, Could Be A Trend!

I have no guests in house for at least 24 hours. I showered, dressed, took my meds like a good lil girl. I have cuppa in hand and I get to go in the shop and........and........and...............CLEAN IT? We shall see how far I get OK? I will use this day as a twitter page and come back to edit as I can... WHY? Because I think it will be fun! Inspiring! Motivating? Work with me people... push me please?
BBL with second cuppa thoughts:) Love yer guts!


First up, A frogging we will go. AGAIN. Sick of looking at this, but it needs to get out of my hair, and beats cleaning right? Right. I have been frogging this thing all through American Idol. Problem is, Idol is over and I am not done!!! (chit)

I have June 1 deadlines, and I really must ge things done. I need a pusher. I'm just so tired when I have down time you know?

I kow I know... Why ya cryin? Grunt.

Bye, I'm on it.
And now I'm ready to go, flames and all.... and my stitch regulator wont work??? Help? Its connected, but is it connected right? GRUNT
5:10: It's wine 30 here! Yipee! Walt came home and solved the problem. I had it connected wrong. Thanks for WORRYING ABOUT ME!!! I hope I finish this tonight...we shall see.......

7:15, Frogging is officially done!!! WOOHOO!!!
Halloween quilt locked and loaded but not quilted. ( panto in waiting)
Tools unboxed, Gammil clean and humming
Books out of the boxes and in a cupboard??? ( well?)
Marking tape glue tools have a home.
Domestic has a home and is ready to run
I even managed to give my Linen guy static about the bills, and check inventory with him.
Thanks for coming with me today, those of you who did:) Now SCUSE me while I have a bath, another glass of wine, and Pass the hell out!


Vicki W said...

Frogging should only be done with a glass of wine.

The Sarah Bear said...

I could handle some mindless frogging - it would allow me to escape the other stressors occupying my mind.

June Giles said...

If your frogging that top one you'll need more than one glass of wine! Oh crap I'll take the whole bottle. :)

The Sarah Bear said...

Waa-laa! Congratulations on your successful day in the QUILT SHOP!

Did you open up the parlor doors and invite people in?

Love ya!

Dianah said...

Way to go on the studio!!! I'd come frog for you if you were closer. I just need gatorade!

Are you turning out a quilt before the 4th?

Gina said...

No peoples here !! woohoo!! I blasted the music and sang to the bird!
Di, I'm sure gonna try?

June & Vick.... lol 2 is my linit or I really could go Sybill!!::Wink:::

Roberta said...

I love those quilts, esp the Halloween one!!

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