Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry So Long Between Posts!

But I went to see my Mama. My Sis, My daughter & grands, My sons gravesite, my gal pal Heather.. all in 3 days and 800 miles. Whoa boy am I beat! I have a bazillion emotions to control, so I will chat with ya later. I just wanted to check in before I unpack while I have a much needed glass of wine, kiss the furry feathered friends and calm the nerves of my boss. I truly cannot believe how much I can CRAM into 3 days and NOT have a true blue melt down or 3.


The Sarah Bear said...

What?! You saw me? Ohhhhh that blur - that was you :)

Desert Threads said...

It's good that you had time to get away, even for a couple days. Especially nice to see the kids. See you in a couple.

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