Friday, May 28, 2010

Of Course She Got New Shoes! Pppffttt......

My new get fit shoes! ( u KNEW that I would find some huh?) I cant bring myself to wear the rocking skecthers omg look here comes her shoes! But I found an alternative! Wanna See?  I like them so much I bought 2! They come with some European warning tag. WARNING! Accessive use of this shoe could cause muscle soreness in glutes. WOW?   I will give you a full "butt report when I return, but for now, I'm loving them! Heres how it all went down....
I had a list of errands for this morning, the last one being my favorite stop in Pismo at THE SHOE TREE for a pair of new CROC flops (black) for the trip. Cause all I have left are lime green with pink soles... hmmmmmm
I walk in and all they have left are the uglo shop CROCS. Not happening.. Remember my accidental outing in the pink CROCS? OMG my cheeks burn as I type. Anyway, I was about to do my 6 year old foot stomp when I saw these. I read all the hype. I asked 2 salesmen and a customer for a popularity report. ( while I was wearing them around the store). I said, "might you have any with some bling on them?" The nice man replied with a chuckle and a NO. I thought to myself, "I'll bet Nordstroms does... hrumph".
Now... to decide on a color. I need black, but not nessesarily with a white stripe. I need brown but not nessesarily with a red stripe. Afterall, I'll need new visors if I do this. Long story short, as you can see, I havent time for decisions so I took both. I ll decide later and maybe a lucky kid will get the other pair. I have had them on an hour or so, and I feel like I'm at the gym! LOL Way to excercise G! ( I know Im fooling myself but it sure feels good, so hush.)
I'm outa here Dear Blog readers! Be safe, be happy,remember our soldiers past and I will too. Love yer guts! G

Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol Results-Disney Deadline

The first thing I will say is congratulations to Lee, I enjoy you, and for petes sake DO NOT release "Beautiful Day". 
Secondly, I am so disappointed to have broken my own rule and getting on Facebook before I got to see Idol show Pacific time. As suspected, East coasters posted the win and blew it for us. You would think they would be a tad bit more considerate.
Thirdly, What a great great show! It sure is difficult to watch my generations stars growing old-er. But I sure enjoyed them.
Lastly, Crystal... I have high hopes for you girl... You got all of my votes from day one...dreads and all. ( I still wonder if they stink).
I have but one day left to prepare  for a quick trip to Disneyland with Sis and thr kids:) We are off to celebrate Matts HS graduation together before the big day! ( beat the senior grad nights eh?). I am excited to ride Soaring California again and again. I love to imagine myself seeing our state through the eyes of a bird. I'll be chatting with you again on Marvelous Monday, so until then enjoy your Memorial week end!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turn Things Around & Wheel Chair Lap Quilt

"Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you."
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Isnt this a mighty thought provoking statement? This came to my mind last evening while quilting and "stewing" over the recent oil spill and animal cruelty!!! I cant get it off my mind. Being a Central Coast resident I see much of the oceans residents and it absolutley sends me into a tissy to watch them suffer at the hand of my own kind. My mind is hunting a solution so that I dont scream "I'm against oil drilling in the ocean!" How can I change it to a positive? I am FOR drilling above ground?  Believe me, I am no tree hugger or pita person or even a animal rights advocate,( I have more important things to bitch about) but this is just unacceptable. I hear and understand the CEO of BP when he is genuinely sorry for the oil spill accident, but somehow it isnt enough.
While there are far more important things going on around me, closer to me... one might think this trivial to ponder, but can u even imagine our grandchildrens children not having these creatures around to enjoy? OMG accept for in SEA WORLD? ( ok, now I'm pissy, I better quit).
I am on my way to my quilt group to hopefully chat about more enjoyable current events:)( like Crystals gonna win!!) I finished the lil wheel chair lap quilt. I hope the recepient will feel a bit of the love that I give away. I will be binding it with my gal pals for a few hours and NOT discussing above topic!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WW3 Tell All Tuesdays

I had planned this blogabout so well. Invented a story as to why I didnt blog at all. I was going to tell you about the horrid crisis of the laptop breaking down and the blackberry lost and the desktop had a suspected virus. I knew full well that a good lil white liar, I am not. But I was going to give it my personal best. My internals could not let me blog about the impending WW weigh in gain that I JUST KNEW was iminent. Now I have no clue as to why I dont listen to my Mothers words more often." 90 percent of what we worry about never occurs anyway G"....Mom??? I didnt gain! Mom? I lost 1 1/2 pounds! The ribs didnt get me!!! ( yet). All of that useless conspiring was for not. Arent ya glad? Me too... cause in a month, I wouldnt remember the damn lies, so this is a good reason not to lie, white or not! So In my own mind... I am officially on my way. Slower than I would like, but no matter, I'm on my way. If I can always see even a glimmer of hope, I will continue with a passion:) I think this makes 7 total now right? Not sure, trying not to keep track of anything but my Marvelous Monday glory:)
**Side note** If I have to see one more Pelican full of oil, gasping for breath, I am going to put my foot thru the Telly!
Ok,,, sorry... where was I? I had to turn the morning news off. grunt.
 I do very well on the WW plan until the daily bewitching hours. My breakfast, snacks, water, tracking, all is perfectly in line until 4ish every afternoon. At this point my body and mind begin to whine. I want snacks, ( grab ww prezels) I want wine, ( pour a glass cranberry juice or iced tea.) I make it for an hour until I begin to cook. I want wine, I drink more water. I put in in a pretty wine glass with ice cubes. I notice that I'm now really hungry and want to pick at anything I am cooking. It is not easy for me from 4 PM to 7 PM every single day. I pee a lot. I am considering changing my routine and go to the gym during these hours. However I may become more hungry! LOL All in all, going into week 4, I remain determined. Thank God.
Have a great day dear blogreaders:) LYG

Monday, May 24, 2010

M & M's Machine Love

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

– St. Francis of Assisi
Yep, it's a Monday again and I am faced with A busy week, and a huge list of week end UNDONES. I spent the entire week end in the shop and I gotta tell ya... if ever a human could love a machine, I am blissfully happy with my Gammil! That baby hummed all week end non stop, no issues! (while this might seem trivial to others its a red letter day here!) I have a quilt on that should have sent my timing into shock, broke threads and bent needles. IT DID NOT! She is running through the high french knots like butter!! BUTTA I SAY! Due to heavy machine embroidery, the design feels nearly plastic. I was very apprehensive about doing anything accept swirling around them but I knew it would leave huge sags in the quilting. So with a slight trembling, I wondered over to it and voila! She danced right through it all! AMAZING.
Today I must continue until shes done. I must also do everything I didnt do over the weekend! I am so behind! I have now 2 service project quilts to be done by Wednesday? Oh boy, I dont know...........
One little lottery win and I could have a new babys sister Gammil computerized! TWO machines humming!:::SIGH::: I love the service project quilts as they are small and fun. Be it wheel chair or neo natal dept. for the Preemies, I just have a great time making them! The next one will be quite large for an adult at the Womens Shelter ( SLO). The one pictured here is a wheelchair patient, perfect lap quilt for petting these pretty birds!
OK, we did manage to take a few hours off last evening to play with traveling cousins! Had a great dinner at Jocko's(a fav oak pit bbq steakhouse) and a beach fire chat. I love that. I especially liked that because of the incredibly high tide we had to build ( sit) up high near the washrooms!!!! LOVE that! Just hysterical watching all of the cars coming onto the beach and upon seeing the tide, back the cars up! I myself had never seen the water so high on the beach. I know what you're thinking.... did she blow out her points at that BBQ? Well, yep. I sure as hell did. Not proud of it either. I have no idea why I was so weakened. I had spare ribs, baked potato, and a piece of garlic bread!! But...but... I didnt have the wine??? In hindsight, I wish I would have had the wine and not the spud. Grunt. Tonight is weigh in.. Be afraid, be very afraid G.
I'm off to work, have a Marvelous Monday, I 'll chat ya soon:)
M& M's include
*My Gammil!!!!
* Nice visits with family
*Jockos. , (sorry, its really THAT good)
*Walts help so I can quilt guilt free
*Picutres of the grands to keep me going
*Beach fires
*6 days staying on plan so I dont shoot myself on the 7th!

Friday, May 21, 2010

WW Friendly Chicken Marsala

Mornin! As promised, here's the recipe!
 Not your typical Marsala, however point friendly, and delicious! I opted to serve with a couscous instead of pasta or potato which helped even more! It was quite filling and the only thing I REALLY missed was a crusty bread to soak up this yummy sauce with. However I must say that the couscous is a very good alternative! I didnt miss the butter or the flour "start" at all. (or the pasta)
 I guess old habits die hard... crusty bread, glass of vino... damn, wheres the Truffle butter?

Easy Chicken Marsala

• 8 skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs (palm sized each, about 4 oz ea)

• Kosher salt and Course ground pepper

• 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

• 2 red onions, peeled and quartered , 1 clove garlic

• 2 plum tomatoes, cut into 1-inch pieces

* 1 pkg Sliced Mushrooms

• 1 TBLSP Italian seasoning

• 3/4 cup Marsala Wine

• 1 1/4 cups chicken stock

Preheat oven to 400°F. Rinse chicken, pat dry with paper towels, and season both sides with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large, high-sided (oven safe)sauté pan over medium-high. Working in batches, brown chicken on both sides, turning only once, 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer chicken to a platter; tent with foil, to keep warm.
Add Garlic, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and seasoning to the pan. Cook, stirring occasionally, until golden brown, about 4 minutes. Pour in Marsala; cook until reduced by half, about 5 minutes. Return chicken to pan and pour in stock; bring to a simmer. Transfer to oven; cook until chicken is cooked through and tender, about 35 minutes. Transfer chicken to a platter, and cover to keep warm.

Simmer liquid over medium-high until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes.

Per Serving: 7  Points
I served with 1 cup couscous which added 3 pts
* I also pitched my skin before eating as I don’t need added fat, however the skin is important to cook with, I believe. ( its also my fav part! Grunt.)
You can use chicken breasts instead, but I have never cared for them myself.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Day After Aviana

Its too quiet round here. It feels like a Monday too. Is there such a thing as quiet anxiety? I took the lil firecracker to meet her Auntie. Its a Tag Team way to get her home. At the precise moment her hand was placed into the hand of another, I missed her. I want more than anything for all the kids to be close enough to come home for Sunday dinner. Wreck the house, make me laugh, tell good stories, then go home and know that they are loved.:::sigh::: (and me too)
Its BACK to work for me! I have much to do before the first week in June! Graduations all over, quilts to be done, and trips to be taken! I'll bet you a quarter that Aviana wakes up this morning making a list on her doodle board! She especially loved "working" the list and crossing jobs off quite proud of herself. What a good lil helper:) Too bad she isnt here to clean her room!
:::side note::: Imma throw this bird in the cook pot if he doesnt shut the heck up soon! He is non stop yakking since I opened my eyes! I can't think! Not quiet round here anymore eh???? He is reciting his entire repitoire in a loud manner for the neighbors to hear. I dont think they want a margarita at 7 AM! And if anyone calls animal control on the barking dog in the neighborhood, does Ginger take the heat for her feathered brother? HE NEEDS A BARK COLLAR! Very irritating.
I want to make time for the gym this evening. Just one lil sweaty hour is all I need. Tell me to make it happen K? I need to see more results for all this brain taxing diet work. And btw I dont care what anyone says... a diets a diets a diet!. They can profess lifestyle change all they want to, but when I weigh, measure, count, THINK, track, its a diet, and I'd like a return on the Gina investment. I understand that it didnt all arrive at once so it cant leave that soon, but some go juice motivaters are needed. I can and I will prevail:)
I better get to it peoples... have a great morning!
PS: I moved the FOLLOW ME button to the top so you can more easily CLIC ON IT!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Do You Journal, Or Do You?

If your lifes worth living, its worth recording.
For me, it promotes growth, and serves to help my memory retention. ( Kinda dicey ya know?). If I think it, say it, write it, I'm more likely to recall it. (word to the wise, u can also bury chit deep by reversing said method)
Did I ever tell you how I kept several years of journals ( hard copy) then I sent them all to the fire when I turned 40 41? Well, what a mistake I will never repeat! I think somebody , somewhere could have benifited from mi vida loca. I heard someone say casually near me that she didnt want to sit and write her memoirs like she does. Hurtful, and untrue. It took me awhile to change the channel on that one. Thank God I was able to. Afterall, if I were to write my own memoirs  plenty of peoples would divorce me.
And now she learns to record food intake too. Sheesh. This must be why I have excellant penmanship! :::said in my best Rainman voice::: Week 3 booklet from WW tells me that All the successful WW-ers journals all food intake, activity reports, and weigh ins. I already know that anything that I do for 21 days becomes a habit, so Imma trying? Its a stinker tracking food, points, weigh this, find that...but at this point (no pun intended) I say whatever works for me. Last night I had myself worked into a snit because I couldnt find the correct points for asparagus risotto! What? WW-ers dont eat risotto?? After a half an hour of Colombo-ing this while listening to Avi's Nonni, Nonni. Nonni. Nonni..and she and Pappa having playdough wars...I tracked em down, wrote em down, and settled into watch Idol. Feeling victorious, I might add. Oh! The points were 4, (3/4 cup). I made a new chicken recipe too... I will post it on foodie friday when I type it up.. I just made my Marsala less fattening, in fact, I only had to count the 4 points for chicken, 1 for EVOO, 1 for veggies!! Woohoo! I am in hopes to get back to the gym sometime this week.
Idol was VERY entertaining last night! I will tell you that each week I vote for Crystal, but last night Lee swooned me and I decided that I dont care which one of those 2 win, they are both weiners:) ( I still texted for Crystal as I am a devoted kinda girl). I would have watched Glee, as I do enjoy it, but Avi's bathtime called. I have her on a pretty good schedule and its a bummer that she is leaving me! She misses her own routine and her Mommy. This morning the suns out and she wants the park. I have quilt group?? I'm sure that she will be such a hit there that we can sneak out early and go to the park Have a good hump day Dear blogreaders:) LYG

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WW2 Tell All Tuesdays

Not as good as last week, but I didn't gain from all the naughty BITES!
Loss: 1 little pound is all. I'll take it.
They tell me that I am not eating enough filling foods. Hmmmm filling foods..... OK, Ill find that list. I think whats helping at all is water. TONS of water. Its annoying me, but helpful for filling me up. The snacking craves wont stop. Its just discipline keeping me under control. Thankfully headaches are less. I hope I see better more, results so that I will continue.:::I know myself quite well::: I do see that its easier alone. With friends, family, grands... VERY difficult. (that's when I took the small , but meaningful cheats) It helps to be accountable, and I don't mean to a weight loss organization. I mean to myself and those around me.
Except Avi... the human eating machine! That girls loves food! ( no clue where she gets THAT from) I am trying to thwart off adult pain for her by giving her lots of good stuff to eat. Come to think of it, I loved all the same foods... Its the quantity verses activity problem. Granted, she doesn't have ANY problems with activity levels NOW.... but maybe she will. Hmmm Nature vs Nurture... always a puzzle.
I'm going to win:)
Aviana enjoyed meeting everyone at the WW meeting. She asked to "meet" the lady in the leopard outfit We didnt stay for the lecture as she had ants in her pantz:) (Avi, not the lady)
This morning Miss Speedy Metabolismn is up at 6:00 and not a whole lotta blogging can go on:) Did I tell you cartoons are dumb nowadays? WTH is Tom N Jerry? Roadrunner? Flinestones? Cartoon Network stinks! Disney is different. Nick is too repetative. I think we will get ready, attack lists, and go quilt with the music blaring. Tomorrow morning will be the test as she will attend my service project meeting! lol Shall I bring playdough, drawing, or an extra sewing machine?
Better go, the native is restless:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

M & M- No Thinking Required

Morning! It's Monday cause I feel the PANIC burn! Every Monday this happens! By 8:00 AM I have at least 10 things going on at the same time. This week, I have Avi with me, and I think I am making her nervous too! I have already confused her about the days She finally gave up on following me and decided to watch cartoons. What happened to cartoons anyway? They stink! Speaking of stink... I sure hope I havent blown my points all to hell with the company this week end. I have tried to be good.. lost count a few times... blatently bit things a few times... sad, sad, sad. I'll get back to you on that tomorrow eh? Weigh in at 5 today... :::shivering:::
I cannot believe this weather either! Its raining again!! WTHHHHHH??? No matter.... sewing it is! Aviana wants to make a quilt. I have customer deadlines. RUT RO..... I better move it, I see I/m all over the map here. sheezh.
Have a great day:)

Marvelous Monday's :
* Beach fires to feel, waves to hear
* Games to play with Grands
*LQS visits and fabric fondlings
*FINISHED quilt jobs:)
* Movies that make me laugh
* those 2 point snack bags, lifesaver!
* Audio books!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smore Kind Of Night

I can tell that summer has arrived when the beach is lined with campfires and the windfull scent of the wood  far overcomes the smell of the sea. Joining us this weekend is Karen and Aviana with friends Becca and Kendall. They have been chanting SMORES for nearly 6 hours. In search of seashells and driftwood the 2 little girls waited patiently for the sticky sweet stuff to be fire roasted. Ever had a sandy smore? It could be a new taste treat! Ewwwww! They enjoyed it so much that they want to go back this morning! We are experiancing June Gloom today so I think they will have to wait a few hours for the sun to wake up. In the meantime Pappa is keeping the sugar high going with donuts and strawberries:) I think today we may try the ATV's for awhile. Aviana will spend the week with Nonni while Nurse Rachett seeks out and finds a new J.O. B. ( dang I said the job word). I have plans to have Avi sewing with me all week! ( stay tuned)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tell Me No!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels...


Kids are coming!! What am I supposed to do put out a bowl of fruit?
 ACK!!!! LOOK at the lemon buttercream! OMG The coconut!

Ok, I made it out of there with TWO disney princess cupcakes, a few pretty cookies, and an Angelfood cake unfrosted. I was good. But I gotta tell you... those cupcakes smell so good, I think I may drool watching those girls enjoy them!
I will however delight in the fact that I DID make it out without caving!

WW Cheats

Thanks for all of your inquiring emails about my lemonady Here ya go!
I made these as large as possible to see the facts. Just the facts maam::chit, dating myself::: So these arent really cheats as you can CLEARLY see right? My choices are within points range woohoo!
 Where the hells my wine????????????
This is my current favorite evening snack. ONE point! mouth puckering citrusy goodness, icy, longlasting crunch! Only problem is. I can find them only at KMART!!!! Awhile back we went in looking for Walts favorite snack, RUNTS, and I picked this up, and of course became addicted.. cause thats what I do....grunt. Since then I have looked in all grocery stores, and nobody carries them but Kmart! What will I do when I eat them all?
*PLEASE note servings per container for your 1 point!!! ( ask me how I know)

This 2 slice sandwich stuffed with tuna(1/2 can) chicken (1/4 can) or salmon(1/2 can), mixed with 1 tsp mayo, some pickles .. top it with lettuce, onion cukes, and tomatoes, full all afternoon for 5 whole points!!

Only 4.99 for 12, and with a coupon off thier calender ( that they give u for free) it makes them almost free all the way around! I love these things. I have always loved 50/50 Bars:)

Now, heres the deal. I will keep sharing my finds if you share yours!
Love isnt love till ya give it away!
LYG, Im back to work

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Mornin`! Do ya want to see a very cute picture of my Mama and her Great Grand daughter?To the left, to the left....(are you singing it while reading?) Mom looks pretty good here I think. I sure miss her. It so weird to absentmindedly come through the door, walk toward the phone to call her about something, and realize that I cannot.:::So I go out back and talk to her tree:::: Lets hope I never move eh? We planted a beautiful tree in the valley when Avi was born. I hope it still stands:) I have a weird thing about trees I'm thinking...LOL Forever planting one here or there for some important reason. Maybe its because it breathes life. Maybe wherever I go, there I am? Not sure. It might take another 20 years of therapy. See ya then. I may have this baby grand come for the week tomorrow! I think my daughter needs a break, or a job, or a break. I should begin a list of ways to entertain the AVINATOR! No doubt that we will quilt, shop, eat out, and hit the beach. I better warn Ginger and hide her leads. LOL.............I am still on top of the WW journey. Last night was terribly hard and I don't even know why!During Idol and Glee I had a snack attack beyond belief! I had a dannon light n fit yogurt. It didn't satisfy. I had more water. I pee, therefore I am. I REALLY wanted one of those frosty lemon treats we have been buying , but I ran out!At only 100 calories they take forever to eat, fill me up, and satisfy crunch needs. I'll get the name today while I'm out and re post. I'll be quilting the HUGE Sampler for awhile, so I'm not sure that I will be around. ( who am I kidding) Oh and Ill have to show you that cute quilt I made in group yesterday! Its so birdilicious! I think perfect for wheelchair laps! Make it a great Thursday, and I'll see ya when I see ya!::: Jamie-ism:::
Heres the lil doNUT thats coming! Mercy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

I dont know how many have seen this, maybe I'm the last one, but I sure got a kick out of it!
I detest DIS - EASE.
I joined a group today:::ANOTHER::: Its called Pieces Of Heaven. A group of chatty women making quilts/blankets for the homeless shelter, and now the Tennessee victims. There are well over 5000 people camped out with NOTHING to thier names and only the red cross and churches to help. This group( our Pieces Of Heaven group)  is so prolific that the first load of 40 quilts went out today. Isnt that just amazing? So for 3 hours my fingers were flying to make one baby quilt! I was in good company as all of the others did the same.This was a very good feeling. Its helpful to change the channels in your mind and shift attention to a worthy cause.The background noise alone feeds my very soul. Sewing machines humming, people laughing, coffee perking, and even an occasional OUPS ( is that how to spell rut ro?) I'm glad I decided to attend, I think I 'll do it again and again:)
Now.............I must get my self to work! Half days count right?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weight Watcher Progress Week 1 (end of)

Drumroll please................................

Are you following me? Week one weigh in, DOWN 4.2 lbs!!! I dont even care if its water weight, beginners luck, light weight capri's upon weigh in! I DONT CARE ITS GONE!
I want more gone!! A LOT more!
I had a rough week with a bit of hunger due to snack attacks. Mothers Day was probobly the only known cheat as I guiltily had flour chips and guacamole. (serious weakness). Slight headaches due to (they tell me) lack of sugar. I reported that I really dont DO sugar, but they proved to me that unknowingly, I did! Its amazing where sugar hides. Even though I lean to salty snacks instead of sweet, I am finding sugar hidden in the real foods I eat overeat.
I am in hopes, more than hopes, prayers that this works. I NEED a win. To feel better, look better, STOP the feeling of my thighs rubbing together when I walk!
Last nights meeting was educational, but boring. We had a substitute leader and she was a 50 something yr old "barbie" who in the 1980's HAD  23 lbs to lose!! WOO FLIPPIN HOO! Try being a chubby little girl, a curvy teen, and a moderatly obese woman! I am certain that her pain was great, but come on...You cant t...oh wait... if I dont have anything nice to say, STFU.
I am re training my brain. I dont want to let myself down. Stay with me.
CRAIGSLIST: Just a shout out to watch the news today. Did ya? I have had only good experiances with the site, but after today, I think I'm done. Sometimes I am way to trusting, and lucky. What a HAINES thing to do to another human being.
I am thinking a bunch about my friends and colleagues at MQS. I know that they are not only learning a lot, but having a ton of fun, GO GIRLS!! I will NOT miss another convention.
Have a great day dear blog readers, I am going to realize another quilt finished! 4 more hours and she is going home to Mama!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day M & M's

We cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf!
This was my Mantra allll weekend! I wanted so much to be with friends and family that I thought maybe I might not pull through! Where would I go? Heaven? Auburn? Kansas? Stockton? So I went to a new Church, and it was awesome. Then the beach where looking out into the sea, I only see forever. Then to our favorite Mexican Seafood restaurant, and I blew my WW diet on day 6. THAT is one place I really shouldnt go. I love flour chips!!!We did however walk it off downtown and looked through all of the shops. Geez I love this town. How could I ever entertain the thought of leaving?
I think I talked Walts ear off. By nightfall he was just smiling and nodding. Unlike talking Moms ear off via her cherry tree, as she pretty much told me to suck it up and help my sis. She has always said that. Grunt.
All in all, I made it. WE made it. There was never a doubt, but damn those waves.
Monday , of coures brings a longer list now. I panicked around 6 AM, but I'm ok ( short lived) I weigh in this evening, and thanks to yesterday, I'm a nervous Nellie. ( film at 11:00).
I am in hopes that all you Moms enjoyed your special day and are now celebrating a Marvelous Monday!

*For these beautiful roses to enjoy all week! ( thanks steak n jeff)
* for making it through, fractured and all
*For Walts ear
* For a beautiful place to live
*for finishing that monster double wedding ring and the customer crying on it!
* For those yummy ww pretzels with rosemary n olive oil!
*For the ability to ride the waves

Thursday, May 6, 2010

266 Mega Millions Winner!

Congratulations to her!!! Los Angeles, ( Pico Rivera) ONE woman,( and her hubby) middle aged, a working stiff on graveyard shift won!! With only a 10 dollar ticket, that lucky bugger won! I'm thrilled for her! It's MY TURN NEXT!! I almost know how it feels to be her this morning! Wow! :::I know you peoples think I'm nuts... but I'm not :)::::: While its true that money wont buy her happiness, it will make it an EASIER RIDE!! Speaking of rides.....
I rode to Paso and waited for my son Jake to arrive. I got lost twice, stopped for a manicure, lost my Moms cross, found my Moms cross.. enjoyed Chinese dinner with Jake, ( yes I did stay on points with my meal), I wondered around in his condominium truck, and I arrived home safely missing my kids like mad!
First of all, who makes up the way cities are laid out? Paso Robles is stupid!
Secondly... I have been holding onto Moms cross like crazy and was so excited to give it to Jake. Before I left I put it in the safest place I know. :::front pocket deep:::: The problem was, I also put a 20 dollar bill in there which I used for a quickie manicure while waiting for Jake to get unloaded. He called while I was in the chair. I asked the manicurist to stop. I whipped out said 20 and paid her for a whole manicure even though I have bare nails...grunt... and sprinted out the door to go find this truck stop. (NO FREEWAY ON RAMP NORTH!!) Driving who knows where I got all excited again about Moms cross. It dawns on me where it was safely put. I CHECKED, IT WAS GONE! Nearly wrecking my car I spun around on a bridge to go the opposite direction, back to the nail salon. I remmerbed the last thing Walt told me, "drive careful" THIS was not careful. Geez better pray, I thought. So I did.. aloud, A lot! I arrived unwrecked to the salon, ran in looking down all the way to the back. Tears in my eyes and 3 Asian girls all asking me in short choppy sentences "whas wong Maam?" I couldnt speak at all.. I must have looked like a pig snorting through the salon with my eyes darting all along the floor. I flung a few little tub chairs, I moved roll around trays... and just when I thought I would spontaniously combust I spotted a twinkle in the isleway! YES IT WAS THE CROSS! Nowwww I let it go crying and hugging every stranger in the joint.( I think I won the lottery)  No one stepped on it, the diamond was in tact. I felt like a relieved fool. A happy fool. When I finally found Jake and told him the story, I also told him to please never lose this! ( like his Mom). He , of course, remembered Grama's cross and vowed to love it forever. We had a wonderful dinner visit, and I miss being with him more often. He looks great and seems happily road wore.
Now you ask what all of THAT has to do with the lucky bugger who won the 266 Million?
When its MY turn, I will have them all close to me, OFTEN! Too bad all that money wont bring my sweet baby James closer to me too. I would just..... rut ro... CLIC.
Love ya more than my Laptop!! Have a good day.
( not a good pic, but I didt take one like a dope!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Binding Clips

Finally I am binding the 104 inch square beast! But thats not what I wanted to discuss. A few words about binding clips in case you just wanted to know. In this photo you can see 3 different types of hair binding clips. To think I used straight pins in yesteryear! Ppfftt.... The open ended are the easiest and fastest way to use. I remember curling my gramas hair with these and bobbie pins! If you are just chillin in your chair this is my clip of choice. IF, on the other hand you are taking your treasure with you and binding in various places, the snap closed clips work even better. The largest of the two being the best, but most costly. Also, when you are intensely into your work and your hair is making you mental all you have to do is snap a few on your bangs and VOILA! you can think again!
I always press the binding open from the front to ease the fold over to the back. With steam, my binding fabric relaxes and does whatever I need it to. Slip on a dozen or so clips and stitch with a tunnel stich all the way up. My Mother taught me the stitch and would always "scold" if I slipped out of my tunnel. ( If she saw anything more than a pin dot stitch she made me do it over). A few years ago I was turned on to a new binding/applique thread by Ronda and it is now my staple. DMC machine Embroidery, #50 in color to match. I no longer need a thread wax to keep from twisting or fraying! ( TY Woman).
Normally I love to bind quilts. Relaxing TV time for me. Not so with this quilt. Too much frogging me thinks.
I have a date with my son Jake today in Paso, so I need to move along this list quickly. I did well on my new WW plan yesterday, however I WAS hungry for snacking. I REALLY want to get back to the gym! I shall leave you with one more picture of Ginny's bath last night! She loves her baths! ( Mufasa thinks she's his baby).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Authenticity At All Cost-Weight Watchers

So if I am to be a true honest blogger, I guess this counts too.Chit.I took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers. There, I've said it. I am now accountable. chit. I have wrestled with weight loss surgery, and several diet plans. I am not heavy enough to be a candidate for surgery,( and chicken too)  and I hate diets. Yesterday, I nearly spent a small fortune on Medifast. ( my good friend has now lost 43 lbs !) I opted to get in the car, go 2 miles to the Womens center, walk in the door where other fattys go at 5 PM on Monday's, and exclaim that I have an emergency! ( I think that I frightened the registration lady)
Undignified Pounds have crept on me since my daughters wedding. Was it stress? menopause? Carelessness? Lifes challenges not met correctly? Who knows, but I TRULY miss size 8 and feeling fit as a fiddle! (do fiddles feel fit?) Truthfully, I miss that MORE than the clothes!
Remember Valentines Day when I started a gym membership? I worked out and lost for 3 whole weeks UNTIL the dreaded tooth surgery. I physically felt better! I slept better! I was in pain a lot!
Now I cant seem to get back, and I gained it back!:::pissed:::
When Walt had surgery I gained. When I lost Jamie I gained. When Mom died I gained! Enough is enough! How can I expect my emotions to heal while I'm trashing my body?The stupid thing is I dont even THINK I AM trashing my body!! I eat healthy foods, I dont LOVE sweets like many peoples do...So maybe its TOO much healthy foods? Remember I told you that I traded being a clothes horse for a shoe freak? Well thats not what I want. I want my clothes back!
If I am to be my authentic self, I need to be honest with myself. I have every excuse on the planet,and thats just NOT who I was. Am.

She wants what she wants, and theres a price to pay.

For all that we do, small & large, there really is a price to pay. Okay, about dieting. Much like religion, I dont believe in it.Obsessing over rituals is not in my belief system. So what am I to do with ths WW program? Is obsessing what it will take? Tracking this, weighing that? Thinking about food instead of quilting designs? :::pondering::: What price do I pay for NOT obsessing? More gains?
::You do know that you are truly my think tank yes?:::
Suffice to say that I have made a decision, and I do not take that lightly, so onward I forge. I guess you're coming with me eh? Mercy.... What will she do next?
Being overweight is difficult. Being fit is difficult. Choose.

Monday, May 3, 2010

M & M's-A New Work Week With New Quilting Ideas!

Avi looks bored eh? Beautifully bored. I wonder if her Mom color coordinated her on this quilt? LOLOL

A few good shots from the week end! WOW! How I wish I would have been there to see Justin Stealing home! Go Justin Go! It seems like yesterday that it was Jamie and Jake doing this. Jamie's heart really wasnt in it, but to watch Jake was an absolute thrill! Jamie thrilled us all with his backstroke on the swim teams.I am having a forced underwear day. I think I may have pink eye. Not sure yet, but its pretty icky and my vision is blurred. Maybe too damn much frogging!! Karen come take a look.
Heres my new thrill plan. Thanks to Ronda's quilting one up, I MUST make one of Judy Niemeyer's patterns with some yummy batiks! I SO love them, hand dyes of ANY kind. If I had my shit together I could learn this artistry eh? Hmmmm I love Walt's YIKES pattern and the more I wash it, the more I love it!
Plenty of sunshine planned for this week. Much needed vitamin D I say! I am going to work in a few beach hours to see to it!Have a marvelous Monday Dear Peoples, whats on your gratitude lists?

M & M's include:
*Work hanging!
*Wisteria in bloom, ahhh the aroma
*Youtube parrot videos to make me laugh
*Good kid visits!
*A correctly callibered oven::finally::

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Karen & My Favorite Lipstick

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter! You may never get older than 30, agreed? K. I can rest easy now. I decided to tell a story for ya, just to give you a tickle. Hope you enjoy, wish I could be with you today:) I'll be loving you from over here.

I first heard that Beyonce uses this lucious translucent concoction. Mostly nude, red pigment, adapts to your own color of lips. PPpfffttt.... I had to see it to believe it. I searched only to find availability Sax 5th Ave, Barneys of NY... and the like.
I said to myself...."self, u have the internet, find the maker!". Her name is Poppy, and I found her. (::sigh::I love it when that happens).
To my surprise this stuff really works! I want more of it! I used it daily, I kept it in my pocket! And then I lost it. SAD, Sad, Sad. I coulnt justify RE-spending the money for it, afterall, i need MAG EYES for frogging,right? Life went on, without my covetted Mideval Queen.
On our recent trip to Las Vegas for some much needed time with our friends Blima & Mike, we walked everywhere just to see what there was to see. Remember, Las Vegas, city of Walkalot. We were about to walk right PAST Barneys of NY! I had to yell at our crowd, "Stop! Wait! It's an emergency! I NEED to see if they have my Lipstick Queen!" I get a nod from Mikey, a smile from Blima, and THE LOOK from Walt. Now we are just a few short minutes away from our scheduled show time, Jersey Boyz I think it was. I sprinted into the store, I got right up to a cashier and exclaimed once again, " I have an emergency! Do you carry Medevil Lipstick Queen?"!!!! The pair of Barbies, one light , one dark looked at me like I was a tourist freak. I told my story, REALLY QUICK. I very much impressed them with the whole Beyonce thing.One got on the phone calling downstairs to ask the skin care counter. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Walt was picking up price tags and he was a tad bit flushed. Blima on the other hand, was looking upwards around the building in search of ( I'm sure) a dressing room. Mike, much like Carlton the doorman was grinning from ear to ear watching all of this unfold.
Barbie #1 smiled as she told me that they did indeed carry my designer liptick ( her words) downstairs. Now I wanted to ask what good it would do me down there, but I decided to be sweet and BEG her to have someone bring it to me. She obligued. Upon the Managers arrival I thanked him as I ripped the package open and slathered it on my walkabout parched lips. They were all amazed at how it transformed them! I sold 2 more for them, to themselves! I would have gotten one for Blim, but I know she doesnt wear red. I again thanked them all and gathered my peoples to leave. ( all of this actually resembled a 24 episode in speed). I took Walts hand while he was still STUCK on the 17 hundred dollar blouse. We made it to the show and my lips were quite happy for the rest of our trip.
Fast forward two days at Avianas birthday party. What was in my pocket? Yep. I told Karen this story. She stopped me halfway through and was laughing hysterically while whipping out the same tube from her pocket! When she composed herself she said, "Mom, you didnt lose your lipstick, you GAVE it to me the night we met in SF and you got snockered!"
Well.... color me RED ALL OVER WOULD YA?

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