Monday, May 3, 2010

M & M's-A New Work Week With New Quilting Ideas!

Avi looks bored eh? Beautifully bored. I wonder if her Mom color coordinated her on this quilt? LOLOL

A few good shots from the week end! WOW! How I wish I would have been there to see Justin Stealing home! Go Justin Go! It seems like yesterday that it was Jamie and Jake doing this. Jamie's heart really wasnt in it, but to watch Jake was an absolute thrill! Jamie thrilled us all with his backstroke on the swim teams.I am having a forced underwear day. I think I may have pink eye. Not sure yet, but its pretty icky and my vision is blurred. Maybe too damn much frogging!! Karen come take a look.
Heres my new thrill plan. Thanks to Ronda's quilting one up, I MUST make one of Judy Niemeyer's patterns with some yummy batiks! I SO love them, hand dyes of ANY kind. If I had my shit together I could learn this artistry eh? Hmmmm I love Walt's YIKES pattern and the more I wash it, the more I love it!
Plenty of sunshine planned for this week. Much needed vitamin D I say! I am going to work in a few beach hours to see to it!Have a marvelous Monday Dear Peoples, whats on your gratitude lists?

M & M's include:
*Work hanging!
*Wisteria in bloom, ahhh the aroma
*Youtube parrot videos to make me laugh
*Good kid visits!
*A correctly callibered oven::finally::

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