Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WW3 Tell All Tuesdays

I had planned this blogabout so well. Invented a story as to why I didnt blog at all. I was going to tell you about the horrid crisis of the laptop breaking down and the blackberry lost and the desktop had a suspected virus. I knew full well that a good lil white liar, I am not. But I was going to give it my personal best. My internals could not let me blog about the impending WW weigh in gain that I JUST KNEW was iminent. Now I have no clue as to why I dont listen to my Mothers words more often." 90 percent of what we worry about never occurs anyway G"....Mom??? I didnt gain! Mom? I lost 1 1/2 pounds! The ribs didnt get me!!! ( yet). All of that useless conspiring was for not. Arent ya glad? Me too... cause in a month, I wouldnt remember the damn lies, so this is a good reason not to lie, white or not! So In my own mind... I am officially on my way. Slower than I would like, but no matter, I'm on my way. If I can always see even a glimmer of hope, I will continue with a passion:) I think this makes 7 total now right? Not sure, trying not to keep track of anything but my Marvelous Monday glory:)
**Side note** If I have to see one more Pelican full of oil, gasping for breath, I am going to put my foot thru the Telly!
Ok,,, sorry... where was I? I had to turn the morning news off. grunt.
 I do very well on the WW plan until the daily bewitching hours. My breakfast, snacks, water, tracking, all is perfectly in line until 4ish every afternoon. At this point my body and mind begin to whine. I want snacks, ( grab ww prezels) I want wine, ( pour a glass cranberry juice or iced tea.) I make it for an hour until I begin to cook. I want wine, I drink more water. I put in in a pretty wine glass with ice cubes. I notice that I'm now really hungry and want to pick at anything I am cooking. It is not easy for me from 4 PM to 7 PM every single day. I pee a lot. I am considering changing my routine and go to the gym during these hours. However I may become more hungry! LOL All in all, going into week 4, I remain determined. Thank God.
Have a great day dear blogreaders:) LYG


Stephanie in Michigan said...

I am totally with you. The 4 to 7 hours are the worst. And the wine just calls my name. I'm not as strong as you, however...I tend to indulge. Good luck!

Thearica said...

I am worse around 4ish as well. So I have a healthy snack. and a bottle of water. Most times it is a high fiber snack so it blows up inside of me and keeps me satisfied till supper. ha!

Congratulations on your weight loss!! and 1 1/2 pounds lost is a GOOD loss!!

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