Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weight Watcher Progress Week 1 (end of)

Drumroll please................................

Are you following me? Week one weigh in, DOWN 4.2 lbs!!! I dont even care if its water weight, beginners luck, light weight capri's upon weigh in! I DONT CARE ITS GONE!
I want more gone!! A LOT more!
I had a rough week with a bit of hunger due to snack attacks. Mothers Day was probobly the only known cheat as I guiltily had flour chips and guacamole. (serious weakness). Slight headaches due to (they tell me) lack of sugar. I reported that I really dont DO sugar, but they proved to me that unknowingly, I did! Its amazing where sugar hides. Even though I lean to salty snacks instead of sweet, I am finding sugar hidden in the real foods I eat overeat.
I am in hopes, more than hopes, prayers that this works. I NEED a win. To feel better, look better, STOP the feeling of my thighs rubbing together when I walk!
Last nights meeting was educational, but boring. We had a substitute leader and she was a 50 something yr old "barbie" who in the 1980's HAD  23 lbs to lose!! WOO FLIPPIN HOO! Try being a chubby little girl, a curvy teen, and a moderatly obese woman! I am certain that her pain was great, but come on...You cant t...oh wait... if I dont have anything nice to say, STFU.
I am re training my brain. I dont want to let myself down. Stay with me.
CRAIGSLIST: Just a shout out to watch the news today. Did ya? I have had only good experiances with the site, but after today, I think I'm done. Sometimes I am way to trusting, and lucky. What a HAINES thing to do to another human being.
I am thinking a bunch about my friends and colleagues at MQS. I know that they are not only learning a lot, but having a ton of fun, GO GIRLS!! I will NOT miss another convention.
Have a great day dear blog readers, I am going to realize another quilt finished! 4 more hours and she is going home to Mama!


marilyn said...

Gina, great job on the weight loss.

Vicki W said...


Jane's In Stitches said...

Gina!! You go girl. I have let my weight and workouts slip lately, and you have inspired me to get moving! Put one foot infront of the other girl. Way to go! You're sugar cravings should be gone, and now if you can, get walking or working out.
xoxo LYG too.

Anonymous said...

I lost about 5 lbs last week also. I'm determined to keep this up. A friend in MN suggested Overeaters Anymous and I think I'm going to look them up. Suzanne

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