Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cliff's Resort

Ah... the last day of our visit, and the last time you have to listen to me YAK about it too eh?

We spent our Sunday at The Cliff's Resort Hotel and Marisol Inn, here in Pismo Beach. By far and away the best buffet brunch I have been to for a mere 21.00 PP!! I ate more than my share of 21.00 in Alaskan King Crab alone! They even had fresh Chili Rellenos on the table! I used to say that The Forest, (top of Harrahs, in Tahoe) was the best, Move over Harrh's....
Blima fell mad crazy for the Brownstone salt n pepper shakers, and that's all I have to say about that. ::Snicker:: After brunch we were treated to their Live on the rocks concert series. A beautiful park setting behind the restaurant/hotel. Families, couples, seniors... everyone was out on the lawns with a front row seat.

We hit local yard art stores afterward, in search of the perfect Pelican for Blimas rooftop in Montreal. No luck, but I'm on it:) Then a non tearful goodbye at Slo airport where they had a long an arduous journey back home. I miss you already my friend.

Guess you know where I'll be next Sunday right? Ahuh... Band will be GruvveThang...I'm sooo there! Anyone care to join me?
Where is your favorite Buffet, brunch or otherwise? Or do you even enjoy them?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gilroy Outlet Shopping

I slaved away my Sunday while thinking about shopping last week. Blima and I power shopped the four corners of Gilroys Outlet Mall. Stopping only for a 30 minute late lunch at Applebee's. Not really the highlight of the day, but worth a mention of their Grilled Shrimp and Avacado Salad. One of Chef Tyler's new creations. Damned good. ( I never ate so fast in my life) I was so starved and in need of energy by 2 pm, that I quickly ordered a side O fries, which got THE LOOK, from Blima. Mike gets this look too, poor us. I try not to make eye contact when I know its coming. Kinda makes me feel 6 again...lol

The first and always the best stop was Royal Doulton, where we added to our beautiful dish collections. She Provence Noir,( best happy face for finding her teapot) and Vintage Orchard for me. I also knocked out 2 count em 2 Christmas gifts there! YEH!! ( the Provence Noir)
J.Jill, Liz Claiborne, Jones,Nine West and Eddie bauer are among our favorites too. On this trip, Liz let me down, but J.Jill made up for it.

We loaded up the trunk again, just like a re run of 9 months before during my birthday celebration. Oh how we love to power shop! I really think its a great sport dont you?

My dear friend Betty Anne and her daughter Stacey came to see us for a couple days. We did Downtown SLO in search of a street fair. I'll be returning soon for the free concerts in the park on Friday Evenings.

We played Poker with lots of coinage and I went belly up dealing Black Jack. I think BA took all the money with her... congrats woman:)

I just have to show you Blimas least favorite part of the trip! Its infamous here in SLO town... the Bubblegum wall of shame:) Hysterical, and yes, I left a wad there too. Cherry Excel, look for it, K?

**How many pair of shoes are in YOUR closet?** ( or in my case, around the house)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Laetitia Wine Tasting Day

There isnt a day that goes by that I don't pinch myself to see if I wake up from the lovely dream of living in this Arroyo Grande valley of ours. Everyday, I pray that I can stay.
This is 5 miles from our home, Laetitia vineyards and wine tasting rooms. It was a fantastic stop! I fell head over heels for the Reserve Chardonay, 2005! So much so that Mike bought my first bottle:) (TY Mike) We also visited Tally Vineyards, but this one is my favorite! So much so that I joined the club!!! Yep yep yep... Every quarter I will receive 3 bottles of their choice. I say, some belong to coffee clubs, some belong to wine clubs!! Woohoo!! With membership comes free wine tastig for me and any guests I bring with me! ( email me for interactive bed and breakfast dates)
This was Mike's first try at wine tasting as Blima and I are "old hands" at it now. He loved it! So much so that t Tally winery he gave several opinions of his own, getting us a free tasting day for being so damned honest? LMAO!!!

I will return again and again to play here for a little while:) I need some of those Oak Barrels anyway right?

If you are going to worry, why pray?
(Faith works)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hearst Castle Day

If ever you get the chance to tour this castle, I highly recommend it. Not only the grounds mind you, but the family story is fascinating. I myself was only acquainted with Patty Hearst tales, until I dug deeper. We had a sassy tour guide dodging questions about the young Ms Hearst, twas funny:)
There's a 5 mile curly ride on a bus up to the top of his mountain, and along the way you can see all sorts of wild animals including zebra. Theres an awesome mile long pergola too that was built for a walking path. The views from up there are second to none. Mike and Blima were equally enthralled as I, and hey? Ive been there! LOL Can you just imagine having this to walk out on everyday? When my Sis was here she took many pics of the gorgeous gardens in order to repeat some of it in their new home. She's doing a great job!!!How about imagine swimming here? The outdoor pool is cool, but my favorite is the Neptune inside pool. Gold inlay in the tiles!!! I think perhaps I shall use this memory to relax with.... ahhhhh, the Nestea plunge right here.......

I sure hope you arent getting bored with my travelling show:) I'm having fun reliving the little wonder moments with our friends:) I guess I'll quit when I run out of pictures??

What do you do - or where do you go - when you want relieve stress?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burgers On The Beach

You already heard about the JEEP being buried on the beach, but I didnt tell you about the rest of our day! We had a wonderful time BBQing Burgers and flying a kite:) Caught an awesome sunset, and watched some sea otters playing:).




Oh and by the way... my internet mysteriously appeared tonight. yep yep yep.... Heads are gonna roll when those cable guys show up tomorrow...tell me it was my modem not working when all along they had something haywire out there! GRUNT

So, Who's the better parent?
Brittiny Spears?
Kevin Federline?
poor babies...tsk tsk tsk....

Where There's a Fix Needed, Theres a Way.

I'm so far from being OK that its unwritable! Yes, I do have an addiction! I tried to say its all about customers, I tried to say its about longarm chat. but the fact is.. I OWN THIS. I might as well be a gambler!!!
2 1/2 HOURS WORKING WITH THE GEEK SQUAD TECHS... AND NOTHING! Walt, oh poor Walt... pray for the man would ya? He is dealing with the wrath of Gina and no Internet. He too dealt with techs for hours. No luck. It has to be the surf modem, so they come on Friday. I yelled why Friday and they advised me that I did NOT have a business account, which would have me up and running in less than 24 hours. GIVE IT TO ME!!!! They could not. OK..... night fall comes.. what do I do with myself? I try to work, I cannot concentrate. I whined to Blim, I whined to my Mom, and oh...poor Walt. I listed all the reasons why anxiety was present because he insists on trying to solve all my problems. Which every woman knows they just cant eh? So ... my rant ended with...uncontrollably, I might add..... " All of my friends are in THAT box!"
stopping myself on a dime with that statement, I did the dishes and pondered why it was such an addiction.
How else would I keep in touch with the family and friends across the country? How else could I be part of their lives from a distance? I tried to hand sew.. work on my restoration project... was so antsy I felt like a kid. Bad.. bad bad...... even the tv programs made me want to jump up and look up that website on the screen to investigate.. nope... no Internet. chit. Walt was working late, so I packed up Ginger and the laptop headed for Starbucks. ( u think for a coffee, when in fact its for WIFI) I ordered a frap... sat down, booted up and what do I see? oh yeh... 6.00 a log in for Tmobile... can u freaking believe that? I shut the laptop in protest. Asked attendant for nearest FREE wifi access, he said the cafe in town, but they are closed. (sob) So Ginger and I went home and walked awhile around the block. I brushed her and put in a new bow. She was happy, I was not. Walt got home and I asked him to go fix it please.... oh poor Walt..... he tried. 3 computers, no luck. We went to bed and could not even be consoled with Will N Grace, which on any other day would have me roaring with laughter.
This morning after seeing Walt off to his last day of work, ( a different blog) I did the dishes and fondled my mouse on the desktop. bad bad bad....... I got an idea for a fix.... I began cutting 6 inch blocks of floral faded fabrics, and I began to journal on them. yep yep yep... I am making a Journal quilt now! LOL FIRST ENTRY......7-26-07 NO INTERNET IS WORSE THAN WHEN I QUIT SMOKING.
Now what? I loaded up the laptop once again and ventured to this cute lil cafe here in the village, with guess what? FREE INTERNET ACCESS!!!WOOHOO!!!
I guess now I can go home and get to work, free of the needed fix, ( until when?) I am doing a beautiful pyramid quilt in feathers... maybe now I can be more relaxed at it. I feel better now.. I answered emails, only 2 were customers, the rest friends family. I blogged and read sarahbear....I still want a little pic of sarah wrapped in a quilt, and a phone call letting me know IT ARRIVED!!!!! ( one can only assume eh,miss u)
Hey, the coffee here is great! I'm having a Verona Light, very very smoothhhhhh. Listening to JAck Johnson on the speakers.... all is well.
Hope to be back online tomorrow evening, or... poor Walt......

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More San Francisco Days

We had the best accommodations for a few nights stay at the Radisson right on the Embarcadero. We just walked right out of our room and onto the happenings:) After , of course we checked in and rested up with some wine. :: smile::

We dined close by at A. Sabella's Restaurant. Second story overlooking the grotto. Very delicious, both in food and presentation. Albeit, pricey, but worth it. We walked the walk, and talked the talk, visited the street mimes and entertainers, then called it a night.

After touring Alcatraz we walked even more! and dined at a popular restaurant called The Slanted Door. Vietnamese Fair and quite the happening stop at the Ferry Building! Walt managed to convince a local chocolate Maker to give him treats after closing. I really must go back if only to hit the Caviar Bar!
Pier 39 is always fun, oh! and there was delicious Calamari in a pub we hit.

We did the usual Coit Tower, Lombard Street, etc... drove round trying not to get lost or stuck in bridge traffic. One really needs more time to do the City properly. I mean.. How many times must I go and not walk throught the Palace of Fine Arts buildings?
We motored down the coast stopping to view Half Moon Bay and eat a peach. Carmel was lunch at La Dolce Vita, a Blima find, it was superb little rooftop Italian cafe and Walt fell in love for the dipping oil which Blima and I re created the following week:)
We made it home late evening, tired but ready for.............Next?

Escape from Alcatraz?

First let me say that anyone who took the Alcatraz tour in the 80's, needs to revisit the Island for their upgraded better than ever tour! Its an audio tour now, and I was very impressed! You walk through the prison with someone telling you where to go, stop, turn, look...etc...The chatter behind the narration actually put you in there with the residents! Most people wouldn't see the above picture in their minds eye of Alcatraz, but I did. While huffing and puffing up the hill ( or down , cant remember which) ( damn I need a personal trainer) I spied this beautiful steep staircase leading nowhere? Was it manual labor? Its just beautiful to me! I yelled for Blima to get the shot as we passed. ( good job buttercup)
The only residents now are the birds. All of the laughing seagulls. For awhile I was blissfully happy listening, then I wanted to tell them to shut the hell up! (working on my last nerve) It occurred to me that they weren't laughing at all. They were telling us to get off their island! yep yep yep... back off people, we own this joint! Walt and I came close to a nesting pair on a short rooftop, and boy did Pappa gull go insane with his chatter....
So what I'm trying to say is.... Go to San Francisco! Take the tour!( the one ON the island, not just a boatride around) See the beautiful wildlife, plant life, landscape, views of the city.... and the prison history was a bonus:)

Monday, July 23, 2007

VooDoo Doll

Now WHO doesnt NEED one of these? Blima brought me this lovely TOOL. I placed her next to my sewing machine, neccos, computer, and prayer parrot. A perfect tool for me huh! LOL

I think everyone needs one in their studio! My first pin went quickly to knee replacement, then onward to that damn double chin!
Thanks Pal:) LOL

Until We Meet Again

OK... I can deal with this right? Laundry's' in, dishes are done, nothing smells good in the oven, all is quiet and I should jump right into work. The world still turns and its saying Gina move your butt. My friend is home and probably doing much of the same.
A bit of a heart tug is present. Lurking, trying to poke its head out and say It wasn't enough time to play. It wasn't enough time to laugh. To make memories, to love.
As Blima and Mike waited to board their flight home, gargling AIRBORNE as not to get sick. ( in Blimas case, sicker) I guess the equivalent to "pump you up" in the immune department, I felt slightly awkward not wanting to cry saying goodbye. I was quite proud of myself for exiting like a big girl. THIS time I choose to relive a few funny memories on the drive home to Pismo. A family tradition is asking each other "whats your best part?" of a trip or event. Its very difficult to do you know.... whether you had fun or not, trying to answer that question isn't easy. I can never decide, but its a wonderful ponder for days if not weeks.. In our case, it will have to be months. So many to remember too... was it beach trips? Mikes sofa machine? The salt and pepper shakers?A two dollar yard sale find? Maybe the Pelican hunt.. how about margaritas? Maybe Betty Anne joining us for a quickie overnighter? Gilroy outlet power shopping...::sigh::
It could just be the smell of chicken soup cooking..... I'll miss you my friend, until we meet again, thanks for the vacation memories:)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dishing the Dirt

The same JEEP that pulls people out of the sand, the one that climbs ANY dune handily, yes even the same JEEP the on the 4th of July beat a Hummer in the sand, Blima managed to bury today!
"Let me! Let me!" she whines to move the car back to better view the sunset. "Let me! Let me!" I drive well in snow!! ( sounds like Rainman eh?) And we believed her!! Upon prancing over and hopping into the JEEP she did the unthinkable in sand.... yep yep yep... she gunned it in reverse. Oh hell no she did not just do that (3 of us happened to say at the same time) Just as we see her do it again! And Again! All yelling stop while sand flies 20 feet in the air, in our mouths, on the bbq pit, (I couldnt see Ginger either) So much for sand driving like snow. Grunt.
Now on the beach, its in agreement that all of us locals refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a tow out. So when a vehicle is spotted in trouble all shovels within a half mile come a runnin. This was no exception. About 6 young men, another JEEP, and Mike and Walt dug her out and back to packed sand safety. Walt is wondering though if they remember this little powerhouse of a JEEP beating the hummer, then getting buried by a Canadian? I dunno.... se la vie? We're having fun? LOL

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Visiting With Friends in From Montreal

Hi Blog pals:)
So sorry that I havent had time to blog with ya. We are having a ton O fun with our friends who are visiting from Canada. Walts learning new words like GAZ (gas)and Mike is getting answers to questions like, What is Kragens?..LOL Blima and I are laughing til our cheeks ache and soaking up every minute together that we can. We did San Francisco in less than 3 days. Had fun tootling down the coastline hitting all the beaches (and starbucks)and testing the coarsness of the sand. Tomorrow is Hearst Castle and the itinerary is just jam packed! We had a beach night tonight, a spectacular sunset caught with a roaring fire below... and Blima regaled us with her version of KUM BY YA. We buried her. She and Ginger have hit it off quite well and she is teaching her to dance. ( I know what you're thinking, Blima or Ginger right?) I am typing with a gimpy finger cause I broke the nail down to the quick. Walt doctored me up, now its mummyfied. I'll try to post some pics soon. If I'm not back in 24 hours.....(u know)
Love yer Guts:)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

And Jis Fer Fun...............

What Your Latte Says About You
You are very decadent in all aspects of your life. You never scale back, and you always live large.

You can be quite silly at times, but you know when to buckle down and be serious.

You have a good deal of energy, but you pace yourself. You never burn out too fast.

You're addicted to caffeine. There's no denying it.

You are a child at heart, and you don't ever miss the opportunity to do something playful.

You are complex and philosophical, but you are never arrogant.
What Does Your Latte Say About You?

Lovers Knot Restoration

Yes, I am a busy beaver:) This is a really cool 1920's quilt half hand quilted, still in a hoop! lol.... brought in a wreck... and now its happy and ready to be loved:) I'm not quite sure how restorations are becoming so popular, but the history on each and everyone is very interesting to me. I just love handling my Dresden plate restoration project.. its mostly hand work, so I'm still on that one. It's just amazing to me to breathe life back into someones artistry of so long ago. I know its silly, but I think I "feel" something, (dont know what) while I work on them. do-do-do-do-thats all I have to say about that:)

Here is Lovers Knot, Grama Bosch, Proud recipient, great grandson, age 50!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Chasing Contentment

I remember a time when I would chase down a sunset. From wherever I was at the time. The cell would ring, Where are ya Mom? ..I'm chasing down a sunset, be back soon, Love ya bye! Much like a storm chaser you see on the tele racing toward a tornado. Hmmm I wonder if I would call myself a nut like I do them? So, have you ever done it? Jumped into your car, decide on the best lookout point and whether or not you have 12 minutes to sunset or 20, and go like the wind to catch it? Well its fun! I highly reccomend it. In the valley my path would always take me straight to the Delta on the water to see. Here on the coast, I dont have to go far, nor chase a thing. I know when the sun will set, how long it takes me to brew a mugga Jo, how soon I can make it down to the waters edge.
I'm sorry, there arent many words to let you know how great that feeling is. or how grateful I am for it. If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough!

For the celebration of Independance day you know that we gathered firewood, made a meal, loaded the car with chairs, tables and the like... braved the crowds, stormed the beach. We set up our own SPACE in the middle of a local war zone of ametuer pyrotech Dads. Every Mothers child was too excited to control themselves in anticipation. We visited with many and had a wonderful time. Ginger helped to dig the firepit and I had a much enjoyed glass of vino while walking along the surf. We recently had a Great White siting so I thought I'd wonder and count how many foolish heads were in the water. DAP

The show was as spectacular as always. I am gratful to be on year 6 now of this incredible event. But this morning it occured to me while reminicsing about past holidays, that I didnt see the sunset on the 4th. I didnt chase a thing, and I was right there. Did the sun really go down without my eyes fixed upon it? I missed a sunset? I SHOULD have been able to report a purple sky, an orange or pink sky..... in depth! Was it a million dollar sunset? Were there clouds in the way? Did it appear to be waking up another world? I suddenly feel cheated. Just as quickly as that feeling came and went.. I felt contentment no longer being chased. (ok, well at least not that in the nature of a sunset) I can catch it again this evening now cant I? Some things about getting older are pretty darn cool. Reminded me of another qoutation.

**Beautiful young people are acts of nature. Beautiful older people are works of art. **

How cool is it to know that I am art being created? Ahhh, what a nice ponder for me today. I'll go to work now, and create some art over there.............> Here's a sunset for ya, no need to chase this one down.
This is Penelope the Pismo Pig. Ginger wasn't amused.She was in fact, amused with a friendly Welsh Corgi Pup. They had fun socializing.

And of course she had to help Dad Dig the Fire pit*

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

T-Shirt Quilts!!

Save yours!

Save your kids!

They make the best sentimental, soft and yummy quilts!!!

Happy Independance Day!

Not alot to report, just salutations, Be safe and (sane), Don't drink and drive, over eat, or hurt yourselves:) ( But do have fun?) I am working this morning and then braving the beach with all the other YAHOO'S for the big shows. Walt is hitting every fireworks stand in his path today. I'll be the one wearing fire retardant clothing in red white and blue! I hope to have some good Pics for ya tomorrow:)

Happy 4th!


A Better red, White & Blue picture I say!!! Blim? Doesnt this remind you of our trip across the country? Dang it! I want some!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Finish this sentence............

Bloggers, cut and paste bold type into your blog site, finish the sentence, pass on the challenge:)

My Sweetie and I once......... traveled up and down the state of California in an RV until we found the perfect forever place.
Never in my life have I........ Gone snow skiing? Its cold, damp and really too high for me.
When I am nervous I............ cook things. bake, boil, roast, make a huge mess, tire myself out until I am no longer nervous.
My hair............. A lions mane in need of a salon visit:)
When I was 40 ........... I deleted one year of my life.
By this time next year.... I will have Thimblina in the black!
My favorite aunt is........... NOT a favorite at all.
I have a hard time understanding............. nature vs nurture. You think someone should be a certain way, and they just aren’t.. WHY?
You know I like you if.......... I share a meal with you. If I really like you, I will prepare that meal:)
My ideal breakfast is.............. I have 2!! I cant decide!!! Bacon and Over medium with yummy buttery hasbrowns and wheat toast and alot of coffee! Orrrrr ....A fresh bagel with creamed cheese, fresh salmon, a few capers, and alot of coffee. So... Since I cant decide, I usually have what?....yep
If you visit my hometown.............You will say OMG WHEN did Sacramento turn into a little LA?
If you spend the night at my house.......... you will feel at home, as long as you like my animals:)
I shouldn’t have............ dropped a panto on that last quilt. It needed custom work, but customer wouldnt pay for it:(
Last night...........I watched another weird movie from Nic Cage.. Ghostriders.. I sure like him, WHY does he keep disappointing me?
I’ve been told I look like.......... I cant say it, I wont say it, and you cant make me say it.
If I could have any car it would be........... Jaguar Xk, convertible, Navy blue, loaded.
My personal computer is................ a personal addiction!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Roasted Garlic

My daughter is about as crazy about garlic as Walt is. More so than I, these 2 will eat it straight up! They crave it? Be careful when you bite into a pizza they have ordered too... OH man is it garlic'd up!
I wish she and her family were coming for the 4th. Maybe Heather will bring her baby girl over for the fireworks? It could happen?

Tonight I am making it simple, some Ground Round Steaks on the Q, a spinach salad, and some crusty bread:) Roasted garlic makes a very tasty spread for crusty bread. It is also yummy in mashed potatoes, as a dipping plate with balsamic, or a soup base, but I really am trying to limit carb consumption, so when I want bread, I wont make a starch. Awesome for your favorite Bruschetta recipes too!

4 Whole Heads Of Garlic
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Remove the outer leaves of the heads of garlic, keeping the bulbs intact. Cut off the top 1/2 inch of the bulbs. Place the bulbs in a small baking pan, and drizzle with the olive oil. Fill the pan with water or broth until the bulbs are half covered. Cover with aluminum foil, and bake in a 450 degree F. oven for around one hour, or until the garlic is soft. Season to taste.

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