Monday, July 23, 2007

Until We Meet Again

OK... I can deal with this right? Laundry's' in, dishes are done, nothing smells good in the oven, all is quiet and I should jump right into work. The world still turns and its saying Gina move your butt. My friend is home and probably doing much of the same.
A bit of a heart tug is present. Lurking, trying to poke its head out and say It wasn't enough time to play. It wasn't enough time to laugh. To make memories, to love.
As Blima and Mike waited to board their flight home, gargling AIRBORNE as not to get sick. ( in Blimas case, sicker) I guess the equivalent to "pump you up" in the immune department, I felt slightly awkward not wanting to cry saying goodbye. I was quite proud of myself for exiting like a big girl. THIS time I choose to relive a few funny memories on the drive home to Pismo. A family tradition is asking each other "whats your best part?" of a trip or event. Its very difficult to do you know.... whether you had fun or not, trying to answer that question isn't easy. I can never decide, but its a wonderful ponder for days if not weeks.. In our case, it will have to be months. So many to remember too... was it beach trips? Mikes sofa machine? The salt and pepper shakers?A two dollar yard sale find? Maybe the Pelican hunt.. how about margaritas? Maybe Betty Anne joining us for a quickie overnighter? Gilroy outlet power shopping...::sigh::
It could just be the smell of chicken soup cooking..... I'll miss you my friend, until we meet again, thanks for the vacation memories:)

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The Sarah Bear said...

ummmmm I see this on canvas :)

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