Friday, July 6, 2007

Chasing Contentment

I remember a time when I would chase down a sunset. From wherever I was at the time. The cell would ring, Where are ya Mom? ..I'm chasing down a sunset, be back soon, Love ya bye! Much like a storm chaser you see on the tele racing toward a tornado. Hmmm I wonder if I would call myself a nut like I do them? So, have you ever done it? Jumped into your car, decide on the best lookout point and whether or not you have 12 minutes to sunset or 20, and go like the wind to catch it? Well its fun! I highly reccomend it. In the valley my path would always take me straight to the Delta on the water to see. Here on the coast, I dont have to go far, nor chase a thing. I know when the sun will set, how long it takes me to brew a mugga Jo, how soon I can make it down to the waters edge.
I'm sorry, there arent many words to let you know how great that feeling is. or how grateful I am for it. If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough!

For the celebration of Independance day you know that we gathered firewood, made a meal, loaded the car with chairs, tables and the like... braved the crowds, stormed the beach. We set up our own SPACE in the middle of a local war zone of ametuer pyrotech Dads. Every Mothers child was too excited to control themselves in anticipation. We visited with many and had a wonderful time. Ginger helped to dig the firepit and I had a much enjoyed glass of vino while walking along the surf. We recently had a Great White siting so I thought I'd wonder and count how many foolish heads were in the water. DAP

The show was as spectacular as always. I am gratful to be on year 6 now of this incredible event. But this morning it occured to me while reminicsing about past holidays, that I didnt see the sunset on the 4th. I didnt chase a thing, and I was right there. Did the sun really go down without my eyes fixed upon it? I missed a sunset? I SHOULD have been able to report a purple sky, an orange or pink sky..... in depth! Was it a million dollar sunset? Were there clouds in the way? Did it appear to be waking up another world? I suddenly feel cheated. Just as quickly as that feeling came and went.. I felt contentment no longer being chased. (ok, well at least not that in the nature of a sunset) I can catch it again this evening now cant I? Some things about getting older are pretty darn cool. Reminded me of another qoutation.

**Beautiful young people are acts of nature. Beautiful older people are works of art. **

How cool is it to know that I am art being created? Ahhh, what a nice ponder for me today. I'll go to work now, and create some art over there.............> Here's a sunset for ya, no need to chase this one down.
This is Penelope the Pismo Pig. Ginger wasn't amused.She was in fact, amused with a friendly Welsh Corgi Pup. They had fun socializing.

And of course she had to help Dad Dig the Fire pit*


Diane F said...

Gina, this brought back memories of college days and chasing the sunrise. Something I used to do with a college boyfriend. There is a spot above the town Of Duluth Minnesota where we used to go and catch the sunrise. Thanks for the memeories, may we always have them.

S said...

We went to my sis' for the 4th. They built their house higher than where we are and we had the most beautiful sunset with the fires south of Bakersfield. Awesome to watch!

The Sarah Bear said...

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you... :)

Doc said...

I am a fellow lover of the setting sun and it is a regular event when I can to catch the show...that is one of my favorite things about Maui...West Maui to be is an event...people come out from all over to catch the show...they line the street that follows the beach...truly something to behold and experience...and a reminder.

I love the favorite thing about that quote is that we are also the artist as well as the art.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to do this next week.
Looking so forward to a Scallop dinner on the beach, walt diging with Ginger, sitting with you drinking wine.
Geez, I miss you so much, I havent seen you in exactly 9 months to the date.
LU. B.

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