Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gilroy Outlet Shopping

I slaved away my Sunday while thinking about shopping last week. Blima and I power shopped the four corners of Gilroys Outlet Mall. Stopping only for a 30 minute late lunch at Applebee's. Not really the highlight of the day, but worth a mention of their Grilled Shrimp and Avacado Salad. One of Chef Tyler's new creations. Damned good. ( I never ate so fast in my life) I was so starved and in need of energy by 2 pm, that I quickly ordered a side O fries, which got THE LOOK, from Blima. Mike gets this look too, poor us. I try not to make eye contact when I know its coming. Kinda makes me feel 6

The first and always the best stop was Royal Doulton, where we added to our beautiful dish collections. She Provence Noir,( best happy face for finding her teapot) and Vintage Orchard for me. I also knocked out 2 count em 2 Christmas gifts there! YEH!! ( the Provence Noir)
J.Jill, Liz Claiborne, Jones,Nine West and Eddie bauer are among our favorites too. On this trip, Liz let me down, but J.Jill made up for it.

We loaded up the trunk again, just like a re run of 9 months before during my birthday celebration. Oh how we love to power shop! I really think its a great sport dont you?

My dear friend Betty Anne and her daughter Stacey came to see us for a couple days. We did Downtown SLO in search of a street fair. I'll be returning soon for the free concerts in the park on Friday Evenings.

We played Poker with lots of coinage and I went belly up dealing Black Jack. I think BA took all the money with her... congrats woman:)

I just have to show you Blimas least favorite part of the trip! Its infamous here in SLO town... the Bubblegum wall of shame:) Hysterical, and yes, I left a wad there too. Cherry Excel, look for it, K?

**How many pair of shoes are in YOUR closet?** ( or in my case, around the house)


The Sarah Bear said...

I personally want to see the wall... oh the people behind the gum, my imagination runs wild :)

Anonymous said...

I am home 1 week and missing you so much. I sit here every morning smiling, what a great time we had.
You are a treasure.

Love you, B.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot, Shoes around the house, That made me mental, not so much from Gina, but Walt, I go to the powder room, sit down and what is in front of me on the floor, 2 pairs of his shoes, well...couldnt take it anymore so....I hid them. :) did he find the yet?


Anonymous said...

How many shoes! Way more than I will ever admit! And I recently got rid of a bunch. New pairs keep coming in (I too hit the outlet malls recently). Though they are much more sensible now...sigh.

Donna (from mqx)

DearGina said...

I lost count going from hall closet, my closet, the car, the backyard, the hall tree box, OMGGGG I think I'll purge and go shopping!

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