Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where There's a Fix Needed, Theres a Way.

I'm so far from being OK that its unwritable! Yes, I do have an addiction! I tried to say its all about customers, I tried to say its about longarm chat. but the fact is.. I OWN THIS. I might as well be a gambler!!!
2 1/2 HOURS WORKING WITH THE GEEK SQUAD TECHS... AND NOTHING! Walt, oh poor Walt... pray for the man would ya? He is dealing with the wrath of Gina and no Internet. He too dealt with techs for hours. No luck. It has to be the surf modem, so they come on Friday. I yelled why Friday and they advised me that I did NOT have a business account, which would have me up and running in less than 24 hours. GIVE IT TO ME!!!! They could not. OK..... night fall comes.. what do I do with myself? I try to work, I cannot concentrate. I whined to Blim, I whined to my Mom, and oh...poor Walt. I listed all the reasons why anxiety was present because he insists on trying to solve all my problems. Which every woman knows they just cant eh? So ... my rant ended with...uncontrollably, I might add..... " All of my friends are in THAT box!"
stopping myself on a dime with that statement, I did the dishes and pondered why it was such an addiction.
How else would I keep in touch with the family and friends across the country? How else could I be part of their lives from a distance? I tried to hand sew.. work on my restoration project... was so antsy I felt like a kid. Bad.. bad bad...... even the tv programs made me want to jump up and look up that website on the screen to investigate.. nope... no Internet. chit. Walt was working late, so I packed up Ginger and the laptop headed for Starbucks. ( u think for a coffee, when in fact its for WIFI) I ordered a frap... sat down, booted up and what do I see? oh yeh... 6.00 a log in for Tmobile... can u freaking believe that? I shut the laptop in protest. Asked attendant for nearest FREE wifi access, he said the cafe in town, but they are closed. (sob) So Ginger and I went home and walked awhile around the block. I brushed her and put in a new bow. She was happy, I was not. Walt got home and I asked him to go fix it please.... oh poor Walt..... he tried. 3 computers, no luck. We went to bed and could not even be consoled with Will N Grace, which on any other day would have me roaring with laughter.
This morning after seeing Walt off to his last day of work, ( a different blog) I did the dishes and fondled my mouse on the desktop. bad bad bad....... I got an idea for a fix.... I began cutting 6 inch blocks of floral faded fabrics, and I began to journal on them. yep yep yep... I am making a Journal quilt now! LOL FIRST ENTRY......7-26-07 NO INTERNET IS WORSE THAN WHEN I QUIT SMOKING.
Now what? I loaded up the laptop once again and ventured to this cute lil cafe here in the village, with guess what? FREE INTERNET ACCESS!!!WOOHOO!!!
I guess now I can go home and get to work, free of the needed fix, ( until when?) I am doing a beautiful pyramid quilt in feathers... maybe now I can be more relaxed at it. I feel better now.. I answered emails, only 2 were customers, the rest friends family. I blogged and read sarahbear....I still want a little pic of sarah wrapped in a quilt, and a phone call letting me know IT ARRIVED!!!!! ( one can only assume eh,miss u)
Hey, the coffee here is great! I'm having a Verona Light, very very smoothhhhhh. Listening to JAck Johnson on the speakers.... all is well.
Hope to be back online tomorrow evening, or... poor Walt......


Anonymous said...

Here's a website you may find useful. is a site for friends, families, and those who suffer from various addictions.

Anonymous said...

Pal-o-mine, your really worse then me, lol, when my puter is down I go shopping, if Mike would complain I say...fix the computer so Ill stay home.

Verona light sounds good.
Love you G, hope to see you back online tomorrow.
hang in there Walt just 24 more hours.

Anonymous said...

glad to see you gina, i thought maybe we were gonna have to come looking for ya!


Sh said...

I thought maybe you were out galavanting again!! Sorry to hear about your computer. Remember, I was in Ala for 6 weeks and the FBI had the computer????? Think about it girlfriend. If I can do it for 6 weeks, you can hold out a couple days.

Anonymous said...

Missed you.

The Sarah Bear said...

Who needs heroin?!

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