Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Escape from Alcatraz?

First let me say that anyone who took the Alcatraz tour in the 80's, needs to revisit the Island for their upgraded better than ever tour! Its an audio tour now, and I was very impressed! You walk through the prison with someone telling you where to go, stop, turn, look...etc...The chatter behind the narration actually put you in there with the residents! Most people wouldn't see the above picture in their minds eye of Alcatraz, but I did. While huffing and puffing up the hill ( or down , cant remember which) ( damn I need a personal trainer) I spied this beautiful steep staircase leading nowhere? Was it manual labor? Its just beautiful to me! I yelled for Blima to get the shot as we passed. ( good job buttercup)
The only residents now are the birds. All of the laughing seagulls. For awhile I was blissfully happy listening, then I wanted to tell them to shut the hell up! (working on my last nerve) It occurred to me that they weren't laughing at all. They were telling us to get off their island! yep yep yep... back off people, we own this joint! Walt and I came close to a nesting pair on a short rooftop, and boy did Pappa gull go insane with his chatter....
So what I'm trying to say is.... Go to San Francisco! Take the tour!( the one ON the island, not just a boatride around) See the beautiful wildlife, plant life, landscape, views of the city.... and the prison history was a bonus:)

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The Sarah Bear said...

Ok, that's one stop on your whirlwind week adventure... I WANT MORE! I know you must have seen/done so much... keep 'em comin' honey!

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