Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On The Move--->

And now a new countdown. I have miraculously finished all quilts (save one Christmas quilt) before the poor shop breakdown. Bittersweet I might add. I am so very happy to go, yet in fear of another move and my Greta being out of "sync" with me. You see... I had the greatest opportunity to have Jack Boersma ( Boersma Sewing in Oregon) come to visit and install my new fanfreakingtastic light bar and tweak Greta into a sweet spot that I have NEVER had before. I watched this man work some magic with a mallet on her..... in horror, only to have him call me over and say, "Ok, touch with one finger". I did this and I swear I heard Angels and harps. Since that day I have not had ONE tension issue, balance issue, level issue.. NO ISSUES. THIS, dear blog readers, is indeed miraculous! I haven't so much as bumped her nor sat a tool on her in fear I would mess her up! Now.... She's going for another ride. RUT RO. I don't think Jack would make the trip again, not even for ANOTHER arm and a leg. So, it falls to us to be ever so careful, and we will, BUT.
Prayer parrot post it note: Please Dear Father keep us all safe, including Greta, with lots of helpers, and help me to never move again. Well, unless you want me to, but I don't. Period.
Rudy is being a super pain in behind chicken as he senses things have gone nuts and is screeching each time one of his flock members leaves his side. Walt is being so good about giving him treats, but u cant fool a grey eh? He knows... good thing that he is adaptable. Ginger is sniffing boxes in search of her toys even though we left a few out for her. I guess they aren't the right ones?
Walt is gaining strength daily, thank God. He even showed me a muscle last night... cute lil skinny muscle it was too. He is becoming focused on the impending move, and I think he too has found a little hope.
The kids are darn near oblivious to whats going on as Karen is about to graduate into a full fledged nurse ( Nov 14) and Jake has opened his own business way over in Idaho. Julie has been to help with Dad a few times and wow was that ever needed. I wish they would come a runnin in the next few weeks huh? But I know they cant... :::big sigh:::
The quilters back in Pismo are so excited that hugs are a plenty when I appear. I love that. I love my "chosen" profession. Gemme hugs I tell ya... ( ok, and money)
I don't know how long I will be Internet challenged so I will be relying on my blackberry for emails and the like. Wish us luck, and I'll be back ASAP. I cant wait to see my dishes again, its been 8 months! ( its the little things u know) Love yer guts!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Rambling Over Coffee

I think I should take up dog grooming. Poor Ginny looks like that furry bear on sesame street all the time. The good news is I will be going home and THATS where her forever groomer is! So maybe I wont. Good Monday morning dear blog followers. I am sorry I havent been diligent about writing. I could say that I have been busy, and its true, but I done told ya and told ya about my feelings on bummer blogabouts. I still hang on Perpetual Hope, and the tune from ANNIE. ROFL.
We have been busy looking for furniture on craigs list because if you can remember, when we moved here we had to downsize quite a bit to fit into the quarters. THIS, dear peoples, is no easy task, especially without a pick up truck! I have learned a few things.... ya cant trust peoples on craigs list to honor a "DEAL". Ya cant put a 6 foot dresser in the back of a convertable with the top down and go 60 miles an hour. :::u know u got a visual::: ( rut ro)
I tried very hard to win that Mega Million 200 million.. can u even BELIEVE that there was ONE WINNER IN VIRGINIA? Lucky bugger. I'm next. Mama needs some new fall boots dang it! OK, maybe just a washer/dryer. After I saw the boots to drool for, I found all my lil girls Christmas party dresses and had to have them, so there went one night stand eh....grunt. Again, I'm next.
I better move my butt... I have a huge list to make and attack. Thanks for the Java, Have a M M!

* craigs list good apples!
*Farmtown, I go there to rest, its a happy place.
*Perpetual hope
* New Michael Buble CD!
* My Fiskars anniversary rotary cutter, wowzers!
*Online shopping for the BEST "catch & Release" shopping.
Busy day today. I am on the last 3 quilts before breakdown!! woohoo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain Is Big News M & M's

Now either its a slow news week, or all of the weathermen round here have gone bonkers. No matter what station I have on the TV or radio, the big news is rain for the next few days. Not just reporting news, but how to protect yourself. How to prepare your car. What to have on hand in the house, what to wear, and the right type of umbrella! Its kinda like when we first moved to the coast and I got the biggest kick out of a news alert mid day... saying, SURFS UP! Now we get, RAINS COMING! What the heck? Its just rain, its wet, and we need it. Done, lets move on. I remember several years ago Walt and I RVing to Big Sur in terrential rains. lol We couldnt get away from there fast enough. Opted for the Carmel Valley in a nice dry RV park with running water from a faucet instead of out your front porch..
Now heres the potential news says I.... When it rains here, its like Big Sur. The heavens open up and buckets pour in a short time span, causing fast floods and mudslides. Especially in the foothills where firestorms have been. Scary, noteworthy, and cause for preparation. It should all be over in 2 days they say.. I hope nothing above actually happens. For me personally, its a great time to sniff the air, and maybe a pot roast or fresh bread in the oven. BUT.... Not here because I can only be found quilting or packing these days. The bummer is that I have packed all of the good tools and for the next 18 days until we begin moving... we are on a short supply of everything.
18 days and the real mayhem begins, again. I dont look forward to it, and yet I cannot wait. :::Sybilness::: It's so sad here. No guests, pictures coming down, no good smells, feelings, or views. Yet on the other hand, perpetual hope. Walt is getting stronger, you wouldnt believe that he has just spent 20 days hospitilized and life so uncertain. Quilting getting caught up, and I think theres a rainbow just down the road. Truthfully, sometimes I think I'm just a village idiot for all of the perpetual hope about things. But its ok... I am the Arroyo Grande village idiot, and thats very OK with me.

Marvelous Mondays :

Rain, cause theres a rainbow somewhere
Matt N Jac, ( neice & nephew) Who cheer me up and dont even know it.
Phone calls from Avi who I can actually understand now.. (I would like to freeze her at this age:)
Live stream internet Radio ( because you get NO RECEPTION HERE)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday With Rudy

Sorry he isnt seen too well.. I had to sneak the camera on him from afar. I think Andy Griffith is on here too. At any rate, he is cheap entertainment:) We have been piecing all day...ok and he has been making me laugh.. which is desperatley needed. Thanks Rudy, wish that everyone loved you as I do.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily Devotions

Do any of you use a daily devotional? Or a make shift one? A daily laugh, passage, scripture, quote, or even a joke/laugh? I picked up the new little one by Joel Olsteen the other day and every morning I read it, hoping to find some words of encouragement, no... an epiphany. What I am finding is... even though I began nearly at the end of the little book ( OCT) it would seem that SOMEONE knows whats going on around here! This morning, day 3 I think, I actually read 3 times in disbelief thinking HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS? I ran to find my prayer parrot (for good measure) and it has already been packed. So I stuck my post it note to my sewing machine and there I stayed until tonight. Sometimes, there just arent enough post it notes. Anyway.. I am kinda liking this new ocd-ism I have found. I will play awhile longer. Much like that dingy farmtown on facebook. I tell ya... I go there, create, and wish I were there! ( Dont worry, yall know I see a whole team of shrinks)

I have been working on the annual Epilepsy foundation memory quilt. One of 4 left to finish before I torture my machine by moving her AGAIN. The memory quilt.... 44 pictures of the telling faces of disabled children. So many transparent emotions ranging from love & trust, to fear & apprehension. How ironic that I am the lucky one to hold them this week. I dont know how it is that I can feel them, but I can. Not only can I feel them, but I GET IT.. I so get it.

Did I show you the poppy finished?:::thinking:::: I dont think I did.. I 'll go find a picture. I want so badly to start an applique project, namely a very cute one Ronda is working on...just to have some hand work. The last one I did needle turning was the dresden plate restoration, and in hindsight, I really enjoyed that evening work. When the dust settles round here, I will begin a project. (hold me to it, K?) The wall art poppy is now framed and in route to the central coast show. I didnt know it would be entered, and I dont want to know now! LOL I dont need any more stress thanks. The crystals dont show in the pics, but they are at the top of each burgandy piece of fabric, and in the center. I am happy that its owner is happy. Thats judge enough for me.

I would really like to go sneak a peek at tomorrows devotion note as I am determined to hide out in the shop for the day. Me and those epilepsy kids:) Have a serene Sunday everyone. I 'll see ya Monday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sorry I've been down awhile, Ronda, thanks for the heads up, and Jeff, THANK YOU HONNY BUNNY for fixing my problem! Email is now restored, :::wish I could say the same for my sanity eh::::::
I have been out awhile on a road trip. I went to see the fam and get some mental GO JUICE. Geez did I need it!! I cannot believe how much heart food I can suck up in 3 days! I saw my parents, my sis n family, my daughter and family, Heather, The LQS owners, My sons final resting place, and even Jake had a load to California and we were able to get together for dinner!! Much needed heart food. Thanks everyone:) I need to go unpack and feed my patient.. Julie, thanks for your help!!
Blog readers... I'll be back!

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