Monday, June 29, 2009

Ronda Beyer Meets Pickford B & B!!

Its official! You quilters call quick for the best weekend of 2009!

Award winning Ronda Beyer will be thrilling all of us with her talents for an entire weekend! Teaching us not only piecing her Spanish Rose/feathered Star, but quilting tricks too! Below are the STATS, email or call ASAP to reserve your spot at the B & B! There are only 9 student slots available.
6 King beds,1 Queen bed, 2 dbls in one room. (Husbands can be added on for a 50 dollar charge)
*note* Space is limited for piecing, but a few kings can be shared. Will keep you posted as to occupancy.
Dates: Check in August 21, Check out August 23.
Cost: 475.00 ( plus tax) Two Nights lodging, All Inclusive with exception to Dinners.
Refundable if class cancels due to low occupancy, but we won't let it.


Friday:12:00: Check in, set up.

1:00 pm: We will all piece the center Medallion for Ronda's "Spanish Rose Quilt" you will get the entire pattern including the scallop border pattern full size... We will also cover ideas on how to make this gorgeous quilt using some changes to make it your own, other block ideas, and quilting ideas, you will also received info on how to make it just like Ronda's famous "It Ain't Easy Being Green" Feathered Star Quilt... Bring your fabrics* & machine, Paper, pencil and cameras, ready to have fun and learn how easy this truly is to make.
Dinner will be brought in to us by our Walt ( because our machines wont stop humming) from the Main St Grill/Tri Tip sandwiches, ribs, Cobb Salads Woohoo! ( prices Vary)


8:00 AM Buffet Breakfast on site

9:00 -12:00 Stencil application, Scalloped borders,interlocking circle border, marking, curved crosshatching, Corner applications, Binding, Lecture/Demonstration
12:00 -1:00 Buffet Luncheon on site
1:00 -6:00pm- Hands on! Time to apply what you've learned! You will ALL have time on the Long Arm.
6:00-8:00 pm Dinner out on the town
8:00-10:00 pm Q & A, Coffee & Dessert!
Sunday: 9:00 am Served Breakfast, More Q & A, and Door Prizes from Ronda for all!
12:00 Check Out.

Hmmm, funny, no mention of Wine 30 anywhere? Well you know what they say, Who says Happy is only an hour!!!
For those who would like extended stay being Thursday or Sunday, add 99.00 for the extra night.(s) ( includes Breakfast) & wine 30

If you aren't familiar with our beautiful B & B please take a moment to pop in and see your rooms!
*When your spot is reserved you will be sent a "before class" to do list, via snail mail. I can't wait to see you!::::WAVING VIGOROUSLY::::

Please feel free to Link this post to yours or any other interested quilt site. Leave a comment and link that you have done so, and your name will go into a drawing for one of Ronda's handy dandy tools of choice!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sharing A Bit Of Romanian Love!

Geta's having a giveaway and I want to be a WIENER so I can try my hand at Shadow Trapunto:) I need it all... Show me The pattern, the quilt, the book! Sheesh! Just talk to me as if I'm 6 year old, K? Then I will "GET IT."
I have been following this amazing womans talent for some time now, and she is such an inspiration you MUST go have a peek! Unless of course, you already follow!! In that case, may the best man win!
:::Lets throw it back to Sybil, I mean G, the Innkeeper:::::

In other news.... I survived the earlier than usual breakfast today for our Bicyclers. Damn. Who can eat at 6:00 anyway??? And I volunteered this! WTH??? Maybe I did it for the tip... Hmmmm . I need a sign, " Kitchen remains closed while cook is on coffee IV". Tomorrow should be regular 8:30-10:00, and I'm doing a south of the borderish menu. Fresh tortillas, Potatoes, Salsa Eggs, and one of my favorite veggie dishes which I'm sure you wont know, cause I cant even spell it right.... I ll sound it out for ya....Kala-va-seetas. Sliced zuccini, yellow squash, onions, red peppers,tomatoes,lightly sauteed in garlic & olive oli. No Abelskivers!! Yippee!.
I must admit, I have been missing ma so when this happens I go for HOME.. which means a warm tortilla with butter, and Moms squash. I think I'll go call her, see if she needs to rip me a new one for any reason.

PS: If you havent tried those uncooked fresh tortillas at costco, Go Get Em! They look like a crepe, until you throw one on the Plata and smell it sizzle!! ::;can one smell a sizzle?::::

Friday, June 26, 2009

Foodie Friday Chit Chat

And in the case of "troubled genius," which comes first, the trouble or the genius?

I dont know who said this, but sure seems brilliant to me! Good ponder food I say. ::::Edit to say.. ITS JOHN MAYER!!!:::::
The guests are about begin arriving, and I have been in the kitchen all day. Flour chips, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Granola for the week end, and Banana bread. I think its Wine flippin 30 NOW
You know where I heard that right? I would actually ENJOY that show if I could tolerate Ms Mary Murfy... MAn she bugs me! Her laugh is the epidomy of CACKLE! If only I could MUTE her, I would like the show! This is what happens to me when I go through American Idol withdrawls. Grunt.

I got yummy patterns in the mail today! Now if only I had the time to make them:::sigh:::: I am also patiently awaiting my first order of the new GLIDE thread! I tried their free sample, and I'm hooked! :::thanks Ronda woman:::: Hey, I think I have a new toy.. getting things in the mail!! I just flippin love it! I thought SENDING was all the fun, but heck no! Theres more to it! Maybe I will give QVC a shot??? I cant go anywhere so I may as well right???I wish I could order a bird online....I know, like a hole in the head right? But I think Rudy needs a friend! Hey maybe a breeder would swing by??
OK, enough of this mindless chit chat. I should go & tame the mane before company comes. ( G speak for run a brush through the horsetail) Happy Friday All Yall:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wine 30 is "Catchy"!

It's Always Wine 30 Somewhere!!!!

Our B & B guests love it, our friends love it, Even my blogger pals love it! Its so popular we get fabric named for it! Go over to Vicki's Etsy shop and check it out! Ok, and buy some too! LOL

I STILL need to get a framed print from our Carla. I cant tell you how it tickles our guests when they see her sloshed picnicin chicken print:) Among my favorite things in the house btw! I have emails asking to "USE" this phrase! How cool is that?
So... I just wanted to share:) I will say again and again... I am among the BEST people in the world with my quilter friends.
Love yer guts!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Awakened To : Stay Or Leave?

My Mama that is. Its so confusing to have both thoughts. My Sis says they have called Hospice and she knows that means 6 months or less. She is failing fast I am afraid. I cant lose my Mom too, I can't! But then again, her quality of life is out of control in a negative way, and I cannot stand to see her suffer. So why do I teter toter? My own selfishness? Please dont let me suffer another loss so soon? This question ALWAYS ends in the all time question... How much is enough? Is NOW a good time to say , "damn, that G girl has reached the peak of stress, better back off". But then again, is there life after death with whatever God you chose? I find it funny that no matter what I read in print, everything I ever believed has changed, or become clouded, at the very least. Not a day goes by that I dont wake up and whisper wheres my Jamie. Not ever a day. After his untimely death everyones opinions come into play eh? I collected so much data that I havent a clue!
Truth is... I miss Ma now, and have for quite some time.
So dear blog readers I'm up, awake, sad, happy, I will go and make breakfast for my guests and ponder no more. Thanks for the coffee, and the chat.

Had to come back to say.... LOOK at that woman! What a life she is. I hear her now saying Gina? lifes messy! clean it up! She has many of these lil things to say through out the years... a cross between Maxine and Martha Stewart me I should make a list... lets see....
Never go anywhere empty handed.
Tell me who you're with and I'll tell you who you are....
I got a million of em but my potatoes are on fire! BE BACK!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hold Your Monkey! M & M's

After a most exhausting week end I decided that I needed a lil retail therapy. I found this much needed tool for my 2 yr old grandson. I cant wait to send it to him! I remember Jake ( his Dad) was the ONLY child of mine who needed one, and they sure werent this cute back then! Shawn is a regular Houdini I tell ya. And I didnt stop here! I had to do a Smart & Final run... so..... why not go the distance into My first love of Pismo?
The 25th annual old car show was going on and I really enjoyed the traffic THEE only time I will say that. Beautiful cars, wow.
I hit Marshalls and found 2 pair of much needed SHOES ( nothing beats this for a happy dance) a most awesome outfit for a birthday girl O`mine coming up. I love those Apple Bottom clothes! I looked everywhere for a new satin blankie for lil Jamie as she has worn holes through her Uncles. I didnt find, so I guess I have to make one... or someone does right? ( add to the list). I guess its summer here because I even have check ins on a Monday! I was up at 6:00 this morning wheeling trash out, documenting a fax, CHUGGING coffee and making my usual to do lists. GRUNT. I dont know that I have the stamina for this . I dont think I have EVER worked so hard, much, long, in my life, and let me tell ya.. restaurant hotel work is not easy! Throw both together and ya got yourself a 24/7 tough way to go.All I really need is Martha Stewarts STAFF! I should stop whining and hit the list. I should be thankful, I have a staff of 1. which brings me to...............
M & M's!
Thank God at least I have Francela! (upstairs room flipper)
and Marshalls ( I always say that huh?)
Ginger security system. I sleep with a hammer, a long fire starter, and
For beautiful, happy healthy Grands.
A paid off car loan WOOHOO, I get giddy about this daily!
Fresh flowers in this house daily.... I love this.
My Blackberry, I need tutorials!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

They Came Afterall!!

It was so wonderful to see them too! I havent seen these babies since Christmas! This baby Jamie, on her first birthday on Uncle Jamie keepsake comfort quilt for Nonni! ( did ya get that?) She is an angel!

A day at the beach, wind be gone! Shawn loves to Build ::read : destroy::: castles... grunt. He is a force to be reckoned with I tell ya, and such a love:)

Does this face melt you or what? And gives kisses too! H we need pictures!!!!

Look closely dear friends... This is Grismn, about to be NAILED by Sir Rudy. Ya cant say he wasnt warned? Nose to nose they are! Owwwwwww

Heres the back story.... As it turned out, Ginger came into heat. Mister Grismn has been on the case, suffering from anxiety in a big way and decided to take it out on the poor parrot. :::MISTAKE::::

I dont think Ginger & Grismn made any Schnoodles... she was pretty bitchy( no pun intended)
In the middle of it all we still entertained Pickford guests and the kids helped me with many, MANY chores. Damned appreciated too.Also, Stephanie tried her hand at fashion design and made Jamie a dress, while I actually completed one quilt and loaded abother! SHOCK!! We did stay up very very late to do this. AND I WANNA DO IT AGAIN! It has occured to me that when I have a pacer, governor, studio buddy, I can accomplish plenty in there. Wierd because its really never been that way before. I shall ponder this. While I am preparing for the Fathers day craziness. I need a good man food menu... steak N eggs? I'm on it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Diamond In A Pearl /M & M's

Theres something I CANNOT get out of my head! We had guests a month or so ago from the outerbanks of N Carolina. Very nice people. Well travelled too. Fascinating conversation for 3 days and 3 nights. I think on the second night I had to apologize to the woman for staring at her chest so much, but I couldnt help drool over her pendant. I shared with her my fondness for pearls and was so intrigued by her DIAMOND in her pearl! I wanted to throw myself at her feet and beg for it like a 6 year old. Instead i asked who the artist was while looking directly into my Walts eyes. I just receieved a very sweet thank you note from them with none other than the artists site. I am now super drooling.::help me:::
This is her pendant, on a lovely gold chain. Its called sea erchant. ::: sigh:::

I understand that this post HIGHJACKED Marvelous Mondays BUT... Some things were just made to be shared!

Still grateful on a Monday:)

For good doctors we hopefully can trust.

For dreams and desires... hope that thankfully didnt fade all the way

For Tylenol Sinus pills, JEEZ my face has been hurting!!

For textability, or I wouldnt hear from my daughter!!!

For my pocket camera... everyday I am thankful to have it. Look out, u may be the next blogabout:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pedicute Day

My Daughter and grand having
<-----a pedicure/manicure day.
I wish I was in THAT picture too. Feels good to see though. Aviana has her Mama's feet:) Hey Karen! Get her a toe ring too!
Next week my Idaho baby(s) are coming to the valley for Fathers Day. I wont be able to see them since I am feeding the other Fathers here on the coast at the Inn. I'm seriously bummed about THAT. I try not to think about it, but I do anyway. Jake only has a short time off of work and limited funds, so he will make a fast trip to see his Dad. Wait just a dawg gone minute.... He didnt do THAT for Mothers Day!! Hmmmmmm. I guess I will pick up the phone and turn on the ole Jewish Mother's guilt trip ( I am one by proxy, u are who you're with u know)
Choices... we all make 'em eh?

I called him last week.. I just needed to hear him. I couldnt tell him that when he asked if there was anything wrong. So I just asked how he was, how the kids, yada, yada.... I am certain these kids have enough on thier plates without the added mom issues. So, his tender voice will do. This whole texting thing leaves that pleasure out. I dont think I like it. Its handy dandy dont get me wrong, but I need voices, tickles, an occasional sneeze? Maybe I just need a pedicute?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Speak

I hear it all here and find it quite fascinating. Just being observant, not too nosey.
We have Mother daughter love speak. ( with adoration)" Oh honey you know you're so good at that everyone loves it".
Girlfriend love speak. ( who u kidding attitude) Hey, you know you're the Diva for that, stop being so modest".
boyfriend/girlfriend exclusive love speak, ( scoring points)I know you're the best for that, you can tell anyone I said so".
and even "dating" love speak. (sell everything with sex)"Ummm I didnt know you were so damed good at that baby, but i do now".
Alas, husband & wife lovespeak, (lovingly cattle prod)" I know you can do that well if you just apply yourself sweetie".
Its just amazing how you can pick up after awhile, who is who and how that works. Makes me wonder about my own predictability. Just pondering this morning after the breakfast crowd has been and gone. ::cause its what I do::
Truthfully I would so love to be more candid about ins and outs of the INN, however I am a bit squimish? shall we say? I mean... who knows whos reading right?:::the boss?:::SHIVER. I think i just froze on chatting.:::eyes darting side to side::: Er um... Buh Bye?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Girl Panties

Why is it that all roads of wisedom lead here? To this. It doesnt matter what it is either. My brain always says "here's what you do G".
Stinks. It stinks because sometimes I just dont WANT to. I'm tired of it. If God wont give me anymore than I can handle all I gotta say is" NOW?, How about NOW?" Oh I know I know... time. PPfft.
I suppose I'm just overwhelmed today right? Too much work, too much drama, and I nearly wrecked the car day dreaming about the color of my sons eyes today. On the heels of a ticket no less! So I took my blurry brown eyes to none other than the french bakery and orderd up a napoleon. Its in the fridge calling my name. I dont dare make a cuppa for fear I'll just EAT the Napoleon. grunt. Sometimes its just too hard, but whats the alternative? Yeah, I know that too. So... theres really nothing that I can do but whats depicted in the sign. I should have it tattoed on my butt.
Tomorrows another day right? It could really go either way. Happiness is a choice.
How about half a napoleon?
But ya love my guts right?
OK, on that note I will go bind a quilt. but doesnt it require a cuppa?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Light Bar Coming Home!

Since this Mini Mansion isnt exactly ours to do a TAWANDA on, Walt & I decided that it would be best to BUY ME THIS!!!!
I am so excited not only to get this light fixture, but to actually have a trained Pro come in and tweek Greta Gammil while he is here! I have to wait a few weeks, but it's coming!!! YIPEE!
3 studios have come and gone, and my Walt makes them better each time. This time, we are a bit limited on what wall can come down, up or over so this is the best answer. I can't wait for Jack to bring it home because while I have many windows of natural light, its STILL dark in here!! It has outlets right on the side to switch my machine off and on with, and plug in other things such as my nifty swifty batting cutter, steamer, or iron! The best part will be that pure natural lighting from above.

I'll show ya when she gets here! Oh crap I just thought of something! Rudys tree is at te foot of Greta and I bet he is going to literally freak out with a monster taller than he.... I better go start talking to him about it. grunt.
Thanks Ronda for turning me on to Jack! I hope he can fix my hydrolics!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smokin' Hot Pictures-Moomp Photography!

I would chat about this post, but I keep crying, and Lord knows how I try not to cry a dozen times a day. So if you would like to see some smokin' hot photography, go pop in and visit Heathers Blog site today. I think I will go and make a hair appointment for the Ginny girl.
Love ya H, TY!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interesting Read/ Best Places to Live

I found it so interesting that there was only ONE California entry, AND I'M HERE!!! WOOHOO!!!

San Luis Obispo, California
Tucked into California's sweeping Central Coast region is lovely San Luis Obispo, Calif. Its warm, gentle climate, with temperatures rarely surpassing 90 degrees, is perfect for hitting nearby beaches or touring local vineyards. In addition, California Polytechnic State University, which is located in town, infuses the community with intellectual energy.
Although area home prices have fallen by as much as 35 percent over the past two years, the national housing bust may have also created another reason to make San Luis Obispo your home, says John Day, a local real estate broker. "There are just plain good deals" in the current market, he says.

Bottom has full article:)

Here's our list of the 10 best places to live:
1. Albuquerque, N.M.
2. Auburn, Ala.
3. Austin, Texas
4. Boise, Idaho
5. Durham, N.C.
6. La Crosse, Wis.
7. Loveland, Colo.
8. San Luis Obispo, Calif.
9. St. Augustine, Fla.
10. Upper St. Clair, Pa.

Consider this list a springboard to get you thinking about the qualities you're looking for in a Best Places to Live

Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilting Retreats M & M's

OK, so, lets chat shall we? I would like to get this show on the road. It's time. I would like to begin promoting quilting retreats here at the B & B. Some with piecing teachers, some with Long arm teachers, some with just a houseful of girls for a great Stitch N bitch week end. Even one nighters! ( 2 days/1 night) I need your ideas. I'm open for anything, lets brainstorm together. I would like to start them in august or later, and arrange for them to be once a month. ( yes, call me a hot dog) I need my girls:) I need machines humming, laughter and music. Good wine, good foods. I'm gonna make it happen!
Last evening, we sat in the Saloon with 2 other couples. Both quilters, husband groaners. It was the most fun I've had in awhile! We had trunk shows, we had quilt pattern perusing, we fondled fabrics ( husbands groaned while discussing nascar). Grunt. Walt kept the appetizers coming!
It made me hungry. Hungry for more of the same. ( pals not appetizers) So.... This morning I have 6 flyers in draft form, head spinning, emails going eveywhere. So you peoples consider it, send me your thoughts, help me make this happen, and come over when it does! I'm off to quilt that big bad king frogging project of last month! LOL Amazing that quilters in the house gives me great motivation! Just think what a houseful can do!!
Thanks all in advance! Love your guts girls!

Marvelous Mondays Include:

Wine 30 & Quilt chat!!
This new coffee, Kona Peerless I think
A few slow days at the Inn to ponder new paths
Gottschalks huge sale for Clarins skin care purchases!
Loyal Quilt customers who follow me!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Why Do I Feel So Tired Inside & Out?

It's tough when you just want your Mommy, and you realize that you cant do that anymore cause she wants you. Needs you. I feel nearly helpless. Besides the phone, heads rolling, action plans.. I am way over here and my Sis has most of the burden. That hurts too:(It was great to visit with everyone, and entirely too short. I caught myself even "talking" fast. Grunt. Justin is growing his hair out and soon to become a surfer? My Aviana looks like a little sunkissed she is so cute I think that sometimes the very thought of her smile, her laughter or Nonni speak keeps me alive. I still hope to be better in time. I work hard at that, but I just do not know if I will ever be me again. Driving so many miles gives one a good deal of time to think, be it good or bad thoughts. You peoples know how I love to ponder eh...sometimes I hate that about me now. I dont want too, but its instinctual. It occured to me that I am STILL trying to find normal, pick up pieces, make things fit and be happy. In some regards.. in many regards... its harder, not easier. Lets clic k?
About the B & B, anyone have a mind to try this, think more than twice about the work at hand. I cannot remember when I have EVER worked so hard in my entire life! Some good, some not so good. Rewards are from peoples, paychecks, and a lifes plan.( P's) Hmmm..... Everytime I want to give up, I think about the PLAN. I am not so sure that it will ever come to fruition. Sometimes obstacles, and issues... take over. I believe that I have just enough tenacity left in me to win. ( think positively G) I also think that it doesnt matter what plan you make, change happens.. and keeps happening! NOTHING stays the same, but change. I try to be ready for it nowadays with a plan B, C, D, etcetera.
Today I am headed to Costco and local businesses to distribute the new brochures we made and the boss re made. ::change see?::: I have a visitor coming tomorrow that we actually know! Sharon & John will be here and we hope to have a nice relaxing week end:) I hope to be back with a wonderful picture that Heather took of us recently. Walt is very proud of his new "look"..lolIt is hanging proudly in the saloon, ( TY H!!) I need them through email so I can send around! and also reprint for the fam, K? Geez she's such a capturer, wait til you see it. Have a great week end everyone, Happy blogging:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry So Long Between Posts!

But I went to see my Mama. My Sis, My daughter & grands, My sons gravesite, my gal pal Heather.. all in 3 days and 800 miles. Whoa boy am I beat! I have a bazillion emotions to control, so I will chat with ya later. I just wanted to check in before I unpack while I have a much needed glass of wine, kiss the furry feathered friends and calm the nerves of my boss. I truly cannot believe how much I can CRAM into 3 days and NOT have a true blue melt down or 3.

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