Monday, June 15, 2009

Diamond In A Pearl /M & M's

Theres something I CANNOT get out of my head! We had guests a month or so ago from the outerbanks of N Carolina. Very nice people. Well travelled too. Fascinating conversation for 3 days and 3 nights. I think on the second night I had to apologize to the woman for staring at her chest so much, but I couldnt help drool over her pendant. I shared with her my fondness for pearls and was so intrigued by her DIAMOND in her pearl! I wanted to throw myself at her feet and beg for it like a 6 year old. Instead i asked who the artist was while looking directly into my Walts eyes. I just receieved a very sweet thank you note from them with none other than the artists site. I am now super drooling.::help me:::
This is her pendant, on a lovely gold chain. Its called sea erchant. ::: sigh:::

I understand that this post HIGHJACKED Marvelous Mondays BUT... Some things were just made to be shared!

Still grateful on a Monday:)

For good doctors we hopefully can trust.

For dreams and desires... hope that thankfully didnt fade all the way

For Tylenol Sinus pills, JEEZ my face has been hurting!!

For textability, or I wouldnt hear from my daughter!!!

For my pocket camera... everyday I am thankful to have it. Look out, u may be the next blogabout:)


marilyn said...


That pendant is beautiful.......just keep leaving
hints around..Walt will get the message.

Dianah said...

LMAO!!! First the pendent is stunning. Second it is always a good sign when there isn't a price on the stuff you like and it says "Call." I looked at 4 things all of them said "call." Beautiful stuff.

Lynn Douglass said...

My niece chose the diamond in a pearl for her wedding ring. We'd never seen anything like it! Now I'm looking at that site and making a wish list!

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