Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Light Bar Coming Home!

Since this Mini Mansion isnt exactly ours to do a TAWANDA on, Walt & I decided that it would be best to BUY ME THIS!!!!
I am so excited not only to get this light fixture, but to actually have a trained Pro come in and tweek Greta Gammil while he is here! I have to wait a few weeks, but it's coming!!! YIPEE!
3 studios have come and gone, and my Walt makes them better each time. This time, we are a bit limited on what wall can come down, up or over so this is the best answer. I can't wait for Jack to bring it home because while I have many windows of natural light, its STILL dark in here!! It has outlets right on the side to switch my machine off and on with, and plug in other things such as my nifty swifty batting cutter, steamer, or iron! The best part will be that pure natural lighting from above.

I'll show ya when she gets here! Oh crap I just thought of something! Rudys tree is at te foot of Greta and I bet he is going to literally freak out with a monster taller than he.... I better go start talking to him about it. grunt.
Thanks Ronda for turning me on to Jack! I hope he can fix my hydrolics!


Deb said...

congrats! you'll love all the light!

June said...

Gina will Jack want to give my baby a tune up while he is in the area??

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