Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilting Retreats M & M's

OK, so, lets chat shall we? I would like to get this show on the road. It's time. I would like to begin promoting quilting retreats here at the B & B. Some with piecing teachers, some with Long arm teachers, some with just a houseful of girls for a great Stitch N bitch week end. Even one nighters! ( 2 days/1 night) I need your ideas. I'm open for anything, lets brainstorm together. I would like to start them in august or later, and arrange for them to be once a month. ( yes, call me a hot dog) I need my girls:) I need machines humming, laughter and music. Good wine, good foods. I'm gonna make it happen!
Last evening, we sat in the Saloon with 2 other couples. Both quilters, husband groaners. It was the most fun I've had in awhile! We had trunk shows, we had quilt pattern perusing, we fondled fabrics ( husbands groaned while discussing nascar). Grunt. Walt kept the appetizers coming!
It made me hungry. Hungry for more of the same. ( pals not appetizers) So.... This morning I have 6 flyers in draft form, head spinning, emails going eveywhere. So you peoples consider it, send me your thoughts, help me make this happen, and come over when it does! I'm off to quilt that big bad king frogging project of last month! LOL Amazing that quilters in the house gives me great motivation! Just think what a houseful can do!!
Thanks all in advance! Love your guts girls!

Marvelous Mondays Include:

Wine 30 & Quilt chat!!
This new coffee, Kona Peerless I think
A few slow days at the Inn to ponder new paths
Gottschalks huge sale for Clarins skin care purchases!
Loyal Quilt customers who follow me!


Lisa said...

This sounds like a great idea to me.

Dianah said...

Hurry and get things going! I would love to come but from me to go on a retreat it would be next Spring at the soonest. You have the perfect location too. Throw in a mini shop hop and I would be in heaven.

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