Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What festivities do ya have going on there? I am now on page 2 of my list because I failed yesterdays list miserably! I have YET to pick up candies or pumpkins, bad girl eh? Walt left this morning chanting "big punkin big BIG punkin Woman!". He is quite happy ass in the morning and that doesn't really mix well with my shuffling eh? ::No worries, I'm used to it::

I will miss seeing my grand babies this evening, thank God for Web Cam and digital photos! I will NOT miss the calamity of foods, scheduling, kids, car trips, flashlight walks, and freezing my butt off in the night air, whilst we schlep 4 kids round begging for treats. Insert sympathy pains for my adult kids. (or was that snicker pains?) What other night in the year do we EVER go round doing this? Or would we? Can you tell yet that this is not a favored holiday? Don't get me wrong, I love the dressing up, the pretending, the kids excitement and all.. but the treat seeking mission, no likey. For several years we did our church carnival thing, and that was much preferred over door to door stranger visits. I think that way should be the new rule.

But... the kids will come tonight, and Walt WILL have his fun with the punkin and candy, and that's ok too. I am going to put on a huge Roasta beef (as my Jake used to call it) and let the aroma permeate the house. Strangely enough it calls more visitors down the street. I think its the parents myself... "Turn this way kids, I think thats a good house!"

As a young Mom my friends and I would often times use this evening as a progressive dinner night. Hot Toddie's and hor de` orves...then onto soups n salads, next stop main event entrees, ending with desserts, tired children, trick or treat bag fondling Dads, alot of laughs and yep... Good fresh hot coffee:)
Have a wonderful evening everyone, be safe, and send me pictures!
You KNEW I couldnt help it right?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Salba the New Wonder food?

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" – Hippocrates.

CHIA= Mayan word meaning STRENGTH

I find it difficult at best to view my body as the machine that IT IS. But I'm trying? I want to share what I think is a WOW FIND with you! I am on day 9, and I think I should SAY SOMETHING!! First, let me preface this by saying I have been in trouble with all items listed below for quite a few years now. ( Since the accident) I cannot find anything that works, not even just shutting my mouth. Doesnt work. I can no longer work out as I used to, and it seems to have had a domino effect on me. I dont wish to sound like I'm copping out, cause I have gotten lazy too. Things just hurt more now.. some call it age, I call it lazy.

BUT only 9 days I have effortlessly held back hunger, and I find myself with more energy than I have had in quite some time! Im not the energizer bunny by any means, but I'm not dragging butt either! I am up at 5:00 am and productive by 6:00!! I have lost a few pounds without trying and my new size 14 NYDJ (not your daughters jeans) jeans fit great! WHO KNEW???

So I just want to say that THIS product gets kudos from me, and much more time to see how we do:) I would be most excited if my blood pressure comes down, along with my weight!

I put a heaping tablespoon into a few ounces of juice in the morning, and thats it! (tasteless too) Now they say to sprinkle it on things, or use in recipes, however I havent done that yet. I think I will! I have been reading YOUR BEST LIFE this week...cause I read every diet book that comes down the pike.. and I agree with much Bob Greene has to say, implementing, is the hard part. Salba, seems to help. Wish me luck, and do investigate for yourselves! Clic on Salba link and read up! Locations for purchasing as well here. I bought mine through since there are no major health food stores closeby.

Nutrition researchers looking at SALBA have called it an "almost perfect food". It's many benefits include:Providing energy Boosting strength Bolstering endurance' Leveling blood sugar ,Inducing weight loss ,Aiding intestinal regularity,Reducing inflammation,Reducing blood pressure,Improvement in blood coagulation

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cure for Burnout

Dear Blog readers:

Please excuse my absence of late, due to grandchild sand happenings. PS: Its a great cure for burnout in the shop too. See visual aide below.
Signed, Rejuvenated:) Ahhhhh....
M & M's? Ya see em!

Aviana in her TUTU giving a performance:)

We have some great engineers in the family we didnt know about? Ginger helped too.. after her freezing cold jaunt in the Pacific!Karen and Jake Posing for animal crackers?Stroller races on the surf?

Just slightly in front of Stephanie in the distance you can see a surfer falling off of his board... Which is what she is looking at!
How to bury a baby:)
FUN HUH!! Back to work I go!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's YOUR Bra?

Have you peoples seen a breast cancer awareness advertisement yet? It begins with WHO"S YOUR BRA? LOL My first glance sure got a heads up! I decided to ponder who my bra is.

Good Morning!
Now pondering who your bra is can stir many images. The one above is the one I kinda like best. Somebody creative make it for me ok? Now I realize that its breast cancer awareness month, and that is actually who is your support system. But it sure doesnt stop images of T- Birds wearing a black bra on the headlamps to protect it from those bugs eh? Or visions of the well hated Victoria secret Models for the world to ooggle ( how does one spell oogle?) on TV. How about the famed Madonna cones bra? Oh!! How about the cute bra purses walking around the malls a few years ago?? All kinds of images quickly come to mind! Its difficult to concentrate on the real meaning behind the ad! Lets try shall we? I think this conversation requires a coffee night myself, hmmm...changed to blogabout now didn't it? K, lets run with that.
My favorite, favorite all time piecer is a breast cancer survivor. She is so full of life and happy its just astonishing sometimes. She has lost both breasts, and she is STILL the happiest person I know to date. Amazing isnt it? Who is her bra? I think that a large part of her bra system is quilting! Much like my beginning, she too has become piecer extraordinaire! At least 20 quilts per year to me alone, not including her hand quilting. What a woman.... what a soul. I admire here greatly. She inspires me each and every time one of her quilts are on my table. I'm sure she has a wonderful human support system in place, but I know too that a stitch in time has also saved her mind!
My Bra... hmmmm ..
My husband Walt first and foremost. He is strong, flexible, has a wide back, soft to the touch, and very hookable. ( think bra people come on! I saw your faces)
My friends and family.. they are lightweight, always in reach, and oh so see throughable (is this a word?)
My faith... Definitely uplifting, firm, and non separating! LOL ( I crack myself up)
My career... its just so damned expensive and durable! It should last and last!
God bless all of the hard working people trying to rid we women of this horrid disease.. and the women who have gone through it too!
Now, I've had my fun for the morning PC time..I have a cowgirl custom for that wonderful piecer I just told you about....Gots to get to it!
Who's YOUR bra?
PS: I still want that adorable veggie bra up there:) lolol

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GinaDearGina Reaches 10K Today!::EDITED TO INCLUDE WINNER!::

Isnt that cool?
For the 10 thousandth person to come in for a cuppa....
(I will see by your location) I will have a gift for your blogoyalty to DG!
Thanks so much for sharing my new found hobby/outlet/ventology place with me!
Congratulations to Carol Kimble!! please send me your snail mail address for a gift for you! WOW!!! I'm just amazed! & Heather, good girlscout try, 10,002!!!

I'd like to thank Ronda and her Hubby Jim for rescuing me yesterday via internet/phone while I proceeded to have a meltdown trying to change the switches in my machine. Thank you so much for your help! I'm staring at her now wondering what else she has in store for me today.
While closing in on a quilt yesterday my Greta Gammill went Sybil on me. YEP YEP YEP... Started going and wouldnt quit, all by herself! I followed in total disbelief! Finally came to stop and I powered down. After scratching things and powering up, it would not come back on. Get out manuel. Eat chips. Read said manuel. Eat alot more chips. NOTHING. I called my dealor.. an answering machine? leave your name and number? PPpfffttt. ( my customers are going to get a rope!) I called Cranberry Quiltworks, said to Gina,, HELPPPPP! Her tech guy tried? He had me begin disassembly on switches, which fell apart in my hand, as opposed to coming right out ( say that snarly, mockingly) I dont know what happened? I am most intimidated by this 2 ton tony machine of mine.. and I thought I had her in submission for the last few months. I decided to call Ronda, who had shown me how easy it was to switch switches down south. NOT, She failed to tell me about all the teeny parts that go flying if it doesnt go the way it should!

I call her... ringgggg Answering machine???? OMG . I left a 6 year old cry for help message.
I hopped up on the cutting table grabbed the bag of chips and watched more of the firestorm news. Waiting for the phone to ring. The call that came in was Ronda's. After alot of talking, picture swapping, whining, and yes, a glass of wine, its back together. We decided that the manuel SUCKS for help on this particular installation. We decided that wine works better than chips for consolation.
Poor Walt came in from his doctor appoinment, oblivious to what had gone on today and asked, whats wrong Babe? I just smiled and said, oh nothing.... would you like some dinner? btw.. The Beyers are coming for a vacation this winter.. he said, cool... when? oh wait... who? I shared my day and his only reply was , "gee Babe, you really arent mechanically inclined are you?"...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stacey Woods First Music Video::Edit::

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Scorpio / Can't Stop Productions

Sorry Blog Readers, they pulled it:( Bummer, fun while it lasted though! I think I watched 20 times! LOL

My dear friends daughter Stacey is following her model dream and is in her first music video! I thought I'd share:) She is the first model getting hand slapped on pizza, then again in red and White outfit on the runway toward the end of the clip. ENJOY!

Remote Controlled Airplanes

Scene 1:

Walt on semester break while I’m trying to work with him underfoot. He needs attention, and that is clear. In and out of the shop asking me what I’m doing next. I am shuffling my thinking from measurements to wtf can I do with this man for a few hours to get things done around here. He received a new Remote controlled plane for his birthday, and cant wait to try it out. It’s his first, and he requested this from his daughter Julie, who complied happily, even though it was way too expensive a gift at the time.

Walt: Babe? Whatcha doing?
Me: I’m trying to figure out this backing that my customer asked me to do.
Walt: Hey, lets go to the beach and fly my airplane, I’ll pack some birdie muffins and wine for you?
Me: I cant right now babe, hand me that measuring tape please
Walt, Throwing tape across room... Come on.... How long will you be working?
Me: till the cows come home
Walt: cows never come home until you herd them, pretend im herding you k?
Me; Babe come on.. how many cuts do I need in this 7 yards? help me k?
Walt: Gina, ( notice now its GINA) I taught you how to figure this out easily...
Me: I cannot remember, tell me again
Walt, I want to go fly my plane!
Me; Well go FLY IT! ( thinking about a kite, not a plane)
Walt: Head sunk, twirling propellers, says Ok.. I’m going then... I’ll be back in a few hours K?
Me: ok, have a good time, I’ll be able to go out this evening, we can do a fire ok? Love youuuuu
Walt: Cheered up and happy to go play, Okay! I’ll see you in a few then... Love ya bye!
Me: Bye bye babe, have fun! ( omg yippee!!!)

Scene 2: Fifteen minutes pass... I have my backing together and being loaded onto the frame. I hear a car.. I’m thinking who can that be as I wonder through he house to the front door. The door opens and Walt comes through with what I remember to be THE SADDEST of looks on his face that I have EVER seen. Holding a remote controller in his hand, and that is all.

Me: Whats wrong? What happened? Are you alright? did you have an accident? Wheres your plane?
Walt: I only went to the park (end of the block) to practice awhile, and.. and.. I got it up there ( pointing to ceiling)
Me: ok, and? what? what happened? ( I thought the man was mugged and got his plane stolen or something the way he acted)
Walt: Well... (still pointing, but now toward the ocean) I could make it go left, and I could make it go right....(Voice went up a few octaves into a slight shrill) But I couldn’t make it come back!
Me: (imagine air sucked into your lungs so tightly you just gasp from the thought of what WILL be throws of laughter) and fell directly to the floor in belly laughs. I couldnt speak for a very long time. In hindsight, this must have seemed mean to my Walt.. but it was out of my control.
Walt: Are you done? Thats just wrong babe, get up!
Me: I’m so sorry, (still howling) I have to pee, and then call your daughter! ROFLMAO!!!! And I’m blogging this too! I wonder if its still over the Pacific? Roflmaoooooooo

Scene 3:
Just before another blessed holiday. We are sitting reading the Sunday paper. Walt flips through advertisements.

Walt: Hey Babe? Tell the girls to get me this ok? (Handing me the newspaper)
Me: (without even looking, fall directly to the floor in laughter remembering the RC Airplane Day) What? Another RC Airplane????
Walt: I swear thats just wrong... I dont understand you. Get up!
Me: Ok, Lemme see the paper
Walt: When pigs fly.
Me: Or planes? LOLOL

End Scene:
I come home from the store, bags in arms to be greeted by a buzzing flying helicopter made of cardboard, sailing down from the lofted ceiling.

Me: OMG! That’s hysterical! You bought one?
Walt: Yeah, I figured I would buy a cheapy cardboard and practice here in the house with you!
Me: oh thanks, great, my payback eh?
I go off through the house with a helicopter on my tail Buzzz buzz buzzzz................

*footnote unbeknown to Walt, the helicopter is MIA

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sunrays & Saturdays

A love so sweet & true is what I wish for you! Dont mind me, I'm just singingin the shop on Saturday:) I was actually going to skip a blogabout today, but I needed fresh coffee and a lil break. Guess what I'm doing? a very late quilt yes, but you arent going to beleive this! If one inch clamshells weren't enough... I MUST be a gluten for punishment! When I loaded this late king I have on today, I checked the work order.. bummer... I need a panto on an irish chain.. (or form of, cause I'm just terrible and remembering pattern names) ( or remembering).. I decided on a pretty panto, 10 inch.... CAMELLIA'S!! Now what does this give you a picture of? Could it be clamshells SIDEWAYS? YOU GUESSED IT! But hey, I'm experienced now right? :::Whin time.. ::::ITS A KING:::::: Dang it Gina! (insert Rudy saying DUMBASS from the kitchen) damn bird. How does he always know when I screw up? Needless to say, I will be spending my Saturday not in sunrays, but in clamshells, and NOT on the beach. I just heard the weatherman tell everyone SURFS UP! and I must admit that I was a bit snarly after that. I'd love to walk the pier and say hello to Pelican Pete. Grab a carmeled apple and go into that cute poodle shop with the over expensive doggie dresses. Then maybe hit my favorite clam chowder place and share a slurp or two with Ginger. ::Sigh:: I feel warm skin already? I would time myself, however I'm breaking too often to be precise. We'll see how this all plays out, I really would like a few of those sunrays... to all of you who ARE having a Saturday... send me good thoughts!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas Is Indeed On Its Way!

Its all Heathers fault!!! She (with her pony posts) got my mind racing about Christmas gift giving. Until yesterday, I was just hell bent on everyone elses Christmas quilts! I woke this morning a bit panicky. ( it happens) I think I need a list! Wait! What about Thanksgiving? Its first! ACK!!! I have been toying with the idea of a first time YALL COME Christmas open house. All of the family cant stay here at the same time, but what if.............. I have a 2-3 week window of opportunity, and everyone calls to pick a date? Jst think how many CHristmas parties we can have! Woohoo! ( I'll need more money huh?)But what fun to have them all here a family at a time.

Last year, we stuffed the jeep AND Walts car until they would hold no more and headed to the valley. We felt like Santa & Mrs.Claus. We cooked, ate, drove, visited, slept, and came home on the 26th because Walt unfortunatley had to work:(. It wasnt fun at all. I didnt even decorate here. THIS year I am busy collecting seascape ornaments for a Pismo kinda tree. I think the kids will get a big WOW out of that dont you? I so wish to write NOEL in the sand with the kids.

Gift giving.... I'll need another list. I see post it notes in my future. I WILL tell you that I currently have 3 count em 3 gifts down! ( a milestone for me) I even have a January birthday gift in stock! (did I mention I'm late on 1 September birthday gift? grunt.)

I really like those ponies on Heathers post. I think Ill get those for the babies. I wish that I had time to quilt a few of these tops of mine for gift giving. I organized them last week, and I wont even tell you the number! I wanted badly to take the UFO challenge, but I knew I wouldnt do well with that. I havent finished my son James restoration wool quilt yet, let alone gifts!

So I'm off to ponder the whole Christmas fantasy while quilting today. I know I'll have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head... but thats okay... Sugar plums are always nice:)

TGIF, have a great one!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It Aint Easy Being Green

As I brought in my recycling can I pondered the medias attempt to get me to be even more green. VERY GREEN. My Sis and I just had this discussion too. Even in Auburn CA they are on the green kick more than ever. I figure, I do my part... I recyle bottles cans, bottles...more bottles. I wonder what the trash pick up man thinks when he dumps my can upside down and sees all those bottles? Why dont they make bigger bottles anyway? Jeez, u hear how loud it sounds crashing one another when you put it in the can? Oh... lost track of me... Where was I?
Green... yes... So, I do my part in being green. I think. Now they keep at me with Take 6 Minute showers! (have you seen my lions mane hair?) Walk to work! ( ok, how long would it take for an hours drive?I'll just run that by Walt K?) Shop at thrift stores only! ( no more outlets?) Arrange to have a neighborhood push lawn mower shared by six of your closest houses. (you gotta be kidding me??) I'm all for teaching the little ones the 3 R's, reduce reuse, recylce, but come on people!! I worked hard all of my life to shop at thrift stores and die trying to save the planet by pushing a lawn mower at my age? Get off of my back I say! I pick up beach trash others havent the decency to do! I no longer buy foam that will not compost! I recycle, shred paper...I'm pretty green! What more do they expect? I'm NOT collecting buckets of water in my shower for my plants! No!
It's all about trade.. Life is nothing but trading. Whether its love, friendship, money, it doesnt matter you can break it ALL down to what you got to trade? What do you wish to trade your hard earned money FOR? A maid? The water bill? A gas powered mower? How about a trip to Nordstroms?
I trade with the earth too. I am kind, not destructive, plant my share of trees, and do not abuse. It gives me the things I need to sustain my physical being, and brings me pleasure. The indians had it right. Take what you need, give what you can. (insert Indian speak) GOOD TRADE. GRUNT. Oh yeah, and grapes.. it gives me good grapes.
Why cant they just take a note from John Lennon...Whisper words of Wisedom, Let it be! I think I'll go have a mow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A great Joke for your Hump Day!

I'll really post more when I stop laughing K? lmaoooooo Thanks Blim:)


Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her,"I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.

"She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out my wine.

She's such a bitch....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A "Farewell Iraq" Video from Our Son Jake

The men and women of the 2668th Transportation company complained of sand in their eyes after receiving this gift from our Soldier son.
Scheduled for his 2nd tour of duty, I wonder what he will do for an encore? I personally don't know how I'll get through another tour.. but I know I will. No word yet on when, stay tuned. If you think I'm "losing it" come help. His job is transporting weaponry and supplies in and out of Kuwait/Iraq. Scary job. That's all I have to say about that.

He is in many shots himself, the really cute tall guy:) (usually in sunglasses) Proud Pappa of that cutie Pie of ours Shawn, in yesterdays post. ENJOY

I'm sure he would rather be fishing here at home:)

Monday, October 15, 2007

You KNOW What Day It Is Right?

Absolutley! Its Marvelous Monday!

Ever have a hard time with that whole attitude of gratitude? I do too sometimes. Whether you have not slept well, or your week didnt go the way you had planned, or just a high stress level. It is in fact difficult to always wear a smile of gratefulness. I am here to tell you that it really is in there somewhere, and when you ponder it awhile, you can surely find it! I often wonder if I have some kind of "Sybil" issues the way I bounce around. But then I usually dispute that by understanding that I just needed to take my damn hormones regularly. ::grin:: That whole "I'm out of estrogen and I got a gun" thing is true isnt it? Sheesh....Walt told me just the other day that he UNDERSTOOD PMS, not whats going on now, and can he have it back?" Of course he got THE LOOK.
I think the most bothersome is the memory loss. I worry that it may worsen with age, so if its bad now.. God help me. I am considering either holistic meds or brain games as we speak! You know how you tell a friend the same thing 3 times..and she just laughs and calls it CRS? How about the fact that you cant even tell a white lie because ya cant remember what you said the first time around! The other night, I really screwed up a recipe and didnt realize it until yesterday! It was that Oriental chicken salad on MQR that I have now enjoyed 3 times, and this week, I made it and thought...hmmm... what happened here? I passed it off as maybe I forgot to add splenda and just ate it and went back to work. Well, last night I went to make a salad to go with dinner, and opened the cripser drawer, what do I see? A bag of coleslaw and it hit me!!!
Now I ask you people... how in the hell do you make an oriental chicken salad and not only forget the slaw, but cannot figure out whats missing? OMG!
So I'm standing there... freezing in the doorway as usual..smacking myself mentally, thinking now G???? You dont mess up recipes, this ISNT what you do.... WTF is wrong with you? Were ya drinking? Did you forget your meds? I yelled to Walt about it.. of course, intuitively he says..." it was really good the way it was though Babe?" Some men just know what to say when eh? My whole point is this....Loved ones hear the song in my heart and sing it to me when my memory fails. For this, I am always grateful. I just have to ponder it awhile longer than before.

  • For a pleasant birthday even though I had to work.
  • For the yearly Epilepsy quilt to make
  • For Walts help this week
  • For HRT
  • For friends in the box
  • For Marias help this week
  • For Shawn's new picture (melt)
I will leave you with a recent picture of the newest grandson Shawn. Remember ?Check out his Dad's big feet! LOL Have a memorable week:)

DONE!! Clamshells coming out my ears! Need to sit and bind tonight,,, ahhhh Pass the coffee, and wheres my helpers?


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Braised Lambshanks with Garlic and Rosemary

There is just something I love about fresh flowers in the house. I would have them everyday if I could. This is a bouquet for my desk that my daughter and family, and son and family sent. Thanks guys, I love the flowers and the basket of treats:) The cookies are KILLIN ME!!! You should see the flowers in the dining room! It makes birthdays a little easier eh?
Lots going on in the shop today! I finally got the Epilepsy quilt top finished. Will be pondering the quilting next:) I got all of my quilt tops in waiting organized...(MY UFO's). And I was happy to have Walt in the shop today hanging a stencil pole for me (I need more shower hooks) and re-balancing Greta Gammil too! (I saw that he was eager so I made a list) I SO appreciate it when he comes in to help! Theres just STUFF I cannot do? I don't think I'm mechanically inclined at all.. I cant figure out how things work you know? Like putting things together mechanically... escapes me? I wish I had his help at least once a week for a couple months... Hanging things, duct taping things... All I have to do is put on good smells in the kitchen.. Good tunes on the Puter!(his good tunes, & Ronda's too!PF...grunt) so before I go load my kids up to quilt, I'll share the recipe, it was delicious! and a few pics.... These are my camp kids dressed in Laurel Burch this year:) The back also is LB, her famous heartfelt fitting for these kids. And the safe zone for stencils! Woohoo!
Ahhh and Dinner! (CrockPot)
Braised Lamb shanks with Garlic and Rosemary
If you love garlic, you will love this dish!

1/2 cup dry red wine ( well u knew that didnt ya?)
2 TBLSP Dijon Mustard
2Ttsp Kosher salt
1 Tsp ground pepper
5 to 6 lbs lamb shanks
15 cloves garlic, (=1 head peeled & crushed)
(omg im making myself sick on these cookies! oh, scuse me)
2 medium onions chopped ( I like the sweet maui's)
1 lrg carrot cut 1/4"slices
zest of 1 lrg lemon
2 TBLSP fresh rosemary coarsely chopped
(optional) Mint Jelly ( Walt loves this with lamb)
In a small bowl mix together wine, mustard, salt, pepper and place in slow cooker pot. Layer shanks on top. Scatter remaining ingredients over the shanks. Cover and cook on high 4 hours. Reposition shanks with tongs, and switch to LOW setting for 4 more hours.
*note the original recipe called for 6/6 hours, I felt it wasn't needed, and I was correct.
Skim the fat from the juices and serve over the shanks on a platter.
* I made red mashed potatoes and the juice was most delicious on them.
Think the cookies will kill the garlic breath?
Night all!

McDonalds Will Pay Me!


Yes indeed its true! They wish to give me millions to increase my backside! Not only that, but if you SUPERSIZE YOUR FRIES, you get BONUS STICKERS! I think I intensly dislike these peoples!!! (as I am assembling my game board) I just went there for the yogurt parfait to put in Walts lunch in an emergency you see.... so I asked where my sticker was. The cute hispanic girl told me that there is a list of items that the sticker comes in on your game board. I peeked real quick, and funnily enough.. yogurts werent listed? Hmmmmm

I pointed to the board and exclaimed Look! No purchase nessary to win! She said would you like to order some french fries? I said no.. I still want the parfait, and a game piece please. She repeated herself about where I could find the list. I repeated myself about no purchase nessary to win.(giving her visual aide) I heard a flat tire noise coming from her mouth... it kind of reminded me of my teenagers when they were pissy with me. I asked the cutie patootie to get her manager for me. She complied and here comes another cutie with an empty french fry sleeve in her hand extended to me. I smiled and said thank you, I'll see you tomorrow okay? WHAT a dirty look I got! LOL I pondered all the way home about the food industry in America trying to make us all fat, while the powers at be get fat in the wallet. I decided that I shall play this game with them, and let the best man win.....I wont be buying into their fat fry game though. I'm going to stand my ground on the yogurt parfaits, and throw in a salad or 2. I am woman here me snore!!!Who wants to get onboard with me?

Enjoy your Saturday!LYG,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Congratulations Randi!!!

Now Walt was sputtering something about a baseball player number when he picked yours.... I dunno??? Congratulations! I had a wonderful day with many well wishers and my family showered me with flowers,balloons and stuff:)
BTW, the cake was RED VELVET, and most awesome!
Email me with your snail mail address so I can send your gift on........... Enjoy pal! And thanks for being a special part of my birthday celebration!

A Chat with Rudy

For a big grin for everyone... Sir Rudy being
And my first UTUBE. ( ok, well, 2nd)

Did everyone see this? Just hysterical, and the best part is the poor lil CAG in the cage on the left head bobbing to the music:)

Happy Birthday To Us!

Love isnt love til you share it!
I'm glad we were born!

October 11, 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte Italian Adventurer, the peoples crusader (whoa!)

October 11, 1884 Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady Nobel prize in 1931 crusader for all women. (COOL BEANS HUH?)

Oct 11 1965 Luke Perry actor Beverly Hills 90210

October 11, 1962 Joan Cusack actress, Addams Family, My Blue Heaven)

October 11, 1946 Daryl Hall American Pop singer ( Sara Smile:)::wink at H::

October 11 1932 Dottie West, country music singer, Here comes my baby

October 11, ???? Brenda J, fellow Quilter!

There are many international people that I do not know in addition to this short list, however,
NO ONE FAMOUS IN 1956 SO IT MUST BE ME!! (I freakin knew it)

FAITHFUL BLOGGERS!!! I have a special blog in celebration. For each one of you that comment today,(On October 11th of course) your name goes into a basket ( read wine glass) for a drawing this evening! The lucky winner will receive a little sompin sompin from me. (pictured above) A few things I like to share..................with a cuppa :::wink:::

I was going to sit here and tell you all about me, but you pretty much know if you have followed this journey eh? I know! See??? So what could possibly be better than a gift!!!

Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to us.... lalalalalalalala.... Rudy!!!!!!!!!! I must go teach him this.... Have a great day!
EDIT: 5:30 am, Walt must have connections? And left the house bringing back this temptation for me! Teresa? Its not chocolate! I wont be able to resist! (swiped the frosting a time or 2 already:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Natural High's

I was asked to list natural highs.
What makes you smile inside immediately?

Fresh flowers

A Sunday kind of Love:)

Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.
No lines at the grocery store.

Looking at photos of my children/grandchildren/friends...remembering.....

A special glance.
A long letter.

Taking a drive on a pretty road.

Listening to music that I love.
Lying in bed listening to chimes being blown by a cool breeze outside.

Hot towels out of the dryer.

Finding the sweater I want is on sale for half price. Dragging a friend along to help justify the expense!

A pampering bubble bath.

A stimulating conversation.

California Coastlines

Finding money in my coat from last winter.

Laughing at myself.

Enjoying the friendship of my Parrot.

Laughing at an inside joke.

Overhearing someone say something nice about me or someone close to me.

Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

Someone enjoying playing with my hair.

Waking from a sweet dream, imagining the possibilities.

A fresh cup of coffee.

Road trips.

Sitting on the patio enjoying the trees.

King Crab Legs with lemon.

People watching. Car watching:)

Winning a competitive game.

Cooking a simply divine dish

receiving an anonymous gift for no reason at all.

Hearing laughter from my loved ones.

Holding hands with someone I care about.

Being wrapped in a quilt, tear stained from a labor of love.

Watching someone open a special gift from me.

Watching the sunset from wherever I am.

A cool, crisp, glass of fine wine.

Laughter through tears.

A kiss blown across a room, or a kiss that’s been stolen.

I don’t want to forget to mention DIAMONDS & PEARLS. What? It’s natural! You dont want to leave without a smile do you?
I'd like to read YOUR short list:)
Have a good day!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I want one......:::::WHINING:::::The white ones nice too! I saw some really cool red ones at ROAD last year! Let me me rephrase that............. I need one! ::::whining more pathetically:::
It can travel with me! It is a collectors item!
And I NEEDdddddddddddddd ONEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Why you ask? Well.... it should be a mandatory tool.. yes.... (sticking with that) Have featherweight, will travel? Work with me people! That one with all the side scrolling is pretty cool huh?

Do you see what happens when I have time to WEB SURF?(ok, well I dont have time but.... Oh man.... I already hit 3 shoe sites, Macy's and! ( JJill is having a hellofa sale! Hurry!)
I have moved up to the big stuff now, machine shopping! I was manipulating photos for the memory quilt, and got sidetracked? (sticking to that one too) I say we quilters all must have one. Thats all I have to say about that.

I'm going over to EBAY and see what they are going for! What??? Im not car shopping or anything....................LOL

This one is from England.. wow.. shorter bed eh? I love it!

The BEST is this remote!!! Does anyone know where I can score one of these?

PS: On Thursday: I'll be sharing a contest with you:) Jis Fer Fun

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mondays ARE Marvelous!

I think its a good idea to step away from the blog if you're feeling funky right? Some may debate this, siting things like "we can help" or Let it all hang out". But I can't do it. I would feel as if I had a poisoned pen. Believe me, it happens, and it is poisonous! So, for me, absence makes the heart grow fonder:) I pondered many possible reasons... being wiped out tired is the one I'm running with! LOL I had quite a week, and drive, and feel rather pressurized still. Thank God for blood pressure meds I say. I cooked the better part of the day away yesterday. (u know my M. O. eh?) yes, I blew up a pot of 10 hard boiled eggs...grunt.( why in the heck do I keep repeating this mistake?) I also made a huge pot of chicken soup to freeze. My Sicilian meatballs and sauce, Chicken salad, Italian sausages and prepped alot of veggies for the week. I tell ya, I would have kept cooking but I sat down to work on the Dresden awhile, and there I stayed for the entire evening.
I woke up this morning refreshed and headed downstairs to immediately attack the impending Epilepsy foundation commissioned memory quilt. Its going to sing! I have spent the last hour going through 152 beautiful faces of children at camp, still living life abundantly while having this dreaded disease. It puts things into perspective real quick for sure! I'll be sure to post pics as we go. So a marvelous Monday it really is! Amazing what some good sleep can do for ya huh? Many thanks for last weeks happenings to me:)
  • For the chance to learn from fellow quilters, and enjoy their company as well.
  • For a hubby who can "hang" without me here.
  • For Gingers warm, devoted,unconditional love. Her eyes tell me that she loves me no matter what I do, look like, feel like. She is just been put on THIS planet to love me. I wish that was true for all that I love.
  • For a safe, reliable, really fun little jeep.
  • For the Dresden plate restoration quilt that keeps me pondering the warmth of yesteryear, and of course, the helping hands needle turning along side me this week. 12 plates down!
  • For children and grandchildren, no matter what goes on in our lives...that are healthy.
  • For this lil pocket Olympus camera I just adore! I can snap anywhere, anytime, and Voila! A Blogabout!

Laurel Burch Fabrics and The kids:)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Return from class in So Cal!

You are all waiting for pictures right? You missed me too right?? Well, I missed you, and I was a busy beaver! Learned alot, shopped a little, dined a bit too.... saw some very cool parrots, but best of all made a new friend:) ( geez I love that) I have to go unpack, download, and visit with the crew.. but for now, heres a pic for you to decide who is who:)

After seeing THIS quilt top at class, we unanimously decided that our own Carla B should introduce her new line of chicken fabric. One can even be my wine 30 lil guy! I'll be her first customer!

Heres a shot of Sharon, Ronda, Carla R Learning hands on:)Talent times three right before you..... I think that we got good grades from the teacher:::grin::: Do ya just LOVE this jacket? Ronda has an artsy colorful style:) She reminds of someone I used to know and has an unpretentious way about her. An amazingly talented quilter, a true inspiration, and I am certain that its a friendship to invest in! Our new quilter pal Tomi...We shared a meal together, then had Stitch ~N~Bitch in our room! She drives a Statler Stitcher, and now finding her way to freehand:) We think we'll keep her! And last but not least what happens to every good lil BEE after 2 glasses of wine, one dresden plate, one quilt binding, one tropical applique top.................We loved evenings too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Montreal In The Fall

I woke up this morning with anxiety. I thought well G, you're just nervous about leaving (as always). I couldnt put my finger on it, but it wasnt the trip to class in LA. By the time I poured my second cuppa, it dawned on me. Every year in the fall, the trip is Montreal! Blima and I share our birthdays, and the fall foliage. This is the best time of y ear for me. The very best. I recall the first time I went to see my dear friend, and she was discussing Vermont.. I said where the heck is Vermont from here? She said a few hours up the road? I yelled to her that I ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE VERMONT IN THE FALL! well.... that set the tone for ALL future trips to Montreal in the fall. It is now customary to take roadtrips each year together, LEAF hunting. We dont tell anyone (til now) that its really outlet hunting!We have made so many wonderful memories in our hunting and gathering trips that I must be missing her too much this morning. It occurred to me that last year, this time, we traded trips for the Las Vegas/Beverly Hills roadtrip celebrating a milestone. SO NOW, it is going to be missing TWO FALLS IN MONTREAL! ( well no wonder I have anxiety) You see if you ponder long enough, you can figure out whats the issue eh? LOL I consoled myself with old pictures of a springtime visit, and decided that Lilacs were nice too. I wonder what New York is like in spring? Maybe I'll dig out the coats and Uggs and go in winter? I will freeze my bottom off, and Blima will make fun of me the entire time I'm there. :::sigh:::Maybe should could grab the red eye and meet me in Los Angeles? Hmmmmm Spago Blim?

This is dinner at CHEERS in Boston one year... the one place I could do without revisiting. The traffic ruffled my feathers too much! lol I never really feel LOST in places, I can usually navigate my way around.. but Boston? Fagetaboutit.


I'm off and running! or driving! OF COURSE I will be laptopping from the hotel! silly question.........pppfffttt



Monday, October 1, 2007

Marvelous Monday!

I dunno about you guys, but it seems to me that this week came and went in 2 days time! WOW, I think I JUST wrote a MM blogabout! So this means I am grateful for even more yes? lol I personally think I should make longer gratitude lists!

  • We had a fun evening in Santa Barbara last Friday! We actually went to test drive a new car that we didnt like, but ended up having a nice dinner at a HOT sidewalk grill/bar called the Sandpiper. Mexican Fare, and tequilla bar... The food was fantastic, the margarita, Meza Meza. I had a grilled Mahi Mahi Chimichanga! ( thats gringo for fish fried burrito). All in all it was a very nice break in the week. Walt and I walked off dinner and shopped a few stores where he found a penguin that was in need of a good home. Santa Barbara is so full of life and exciting, I MUST go and spend the day shopping State Street. Wanna come?

  • I had one of the best little tickles I can remember at the McDonalds drive thru on Wednesday errand running! Now I gotta tell you, its a rarity that I use McDonald's for anything other than a coffee/potty place, (ever notice that they always have good coffee there?) but it was a good stop today! I ordered up a meal and scooted up to the pay window where I was told that the lady in front of me had paid for my lunch already! woohoo! THIS is something I do, but its never happened to me??? I tried to get that little black Volvo's attention, but she sped off so fast that she didn't see me hanging out the side of my Jeep! Thank you whoever you are, I LOVED that 5 dollar feeling!

  • I love checks. Do you love checks in the mail? I got one from Costco! 203 lets go shopping dollars from Costco! YIPPEE!! I bought mostly important stuff, (like ziplocs) and a delightful new Liz Claiborne Chocolate track suit.. TY Costco!

  • A great sale at Borders on Audio books! ( a new hook for me and Walt) We got The Bourne Ultimatum, Culture Warrior, and a new John Grisham.. name escapes me now. I cant wait to give a listen.

  • Last, but should have been written first, 2 new local customers on referral from Atascadero. Oh man... finally the pro bono work is paying off! I can remember a few years ago, all inventory was pro bono, now Im blessed with all hangers filled with ::can you do mine please?::: orders!

I'm almost ready for my trek down the state into 8 lanes of sheer stress!I just googled the directions to the hotel, I have 6 freeway changes! WTF??? (insert I need GPS whine) Ronda, you gotta know I REALLY want to see ya to go through THAT mess in LA! I think I'll go and get a lime green pedicute in her honor today! (that'll be some picture eh?)

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