Thursday, October 18, 2007

It Aint Easy Being Green

As I brought in my recycling can I pondered the medias attempt to get me to be even more green. VERY GREEN. My Sis and I just had this discussion too. Even in Auburn CA they are on the green kick more than ever. I figure, I do my part... I recyle bottles cans, bottles...more bottles. I wonder what the trash pick up man thinks when he dumps my can upside down and sees all those bottles? Why dont they make bigger bottles anyway? Jeez, u hear how loud it sounds crashing one another when you put it in the can? Oh... lost track of me... Where was I?
Green... yes... So, I do my part in being green. I think. Now they keep at me with Take 6 Minute showers! (have you seen my lions mane hair?) Walk to work! ( ok, how long would it take for an hours drive?I'll just run that by Walt K?) Shop at thrift stores only! ( no more outlets?) Arrange to have a neighborhood push lawn mower shared by six of your closest houses. (you gotta be kidding me??) I'm all for teaching the little ones the 3 R's, reduce reuse, recylce, but come on people!! I worked hard all of my life to shop at thrift stores and die trying to save the planet by pushing a lawn mower at my age? Get off of my back I say! I pick up beach trash others havent the decency to do! I no longer buy foam that will not compost! I recycle, shred paper...I'm pretty green! What more do they expect? I'm NOT collecting buckets of water in my shower for my plants! No!
It's all about trade.. Life is nothing but trading. Whether its love, friendship, money, it doesnt matter you can break it ALL down to what you got to trade? What do you wish to trade your hard earned money FOR? A maid? The water bill? A gas powered mower? How about a trip to Nordstroms?
I trade with the earth too. I am kind, not destructive, plant my share of trees, and do not abuse. It gives me the things I need to sustain my physical being, and brings me pleasure. The indians had it right. Take what you need, give what you can. (insert Indian speak) GOOD TRADE. GRUNT. Oh yeah, and grapes.. it gives me good grapes.
Why cant they just take a note from John Lennon...Whisper words of Wisedom, Let it be! I think I'll go have a mow.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Love Your Rant today :) or Blog.
LOLOL Good Job Buttercup.

Love u, B.

Vicki W said...

My sentiments exactly! My favorite stupid green idea is to sell your perfectly good, paid for car to buy a Hybrid (for big $$$) to save a few gallons of gas. what about the energy it took to build the stupid Hybrid (more than it saves) and what about the waste of me trashing a perfectly good (free) car that has at least 5 years left in it - what the fuel when I will not expend energy for a new car? Logic gets really lost.

Bigger bottles are needed too.....

Deb said...

yeah, bigger bottles...specially wine bottles...heehee!

Desert Threads said...

We do our part to recycle......kinda....we have a trash can for recyclables and one for icky trash...if one is full, we just put it in the other one.
What I don't like is that now we have a blue trash can for recyclables and a huge green one for icky trash, our bill has gone up and they expect us to take the liner our of cereal boxes and wash all plastics and glass. For what we pay now they can darn well wash it themselves!!

Dianah said...

I try to be Earth Friendly too. We have 3 trash cans. Green Waste, Recycle and other. As much work as I go to for trash I should get a paycheck from the Waste Managment.

DearGina said...

Hmmm.... what a concept... paycheck from waste mgmt.....hmmmmm

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