Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Natural High's

I was asked to list natural highs.
What makes you smile inside immediately?

Fresh flowers

A Sunday kind of Love:)

Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.
No lines at the grocery store.

Looking at photos of my children/grandchildren/friends...remembering.....

A special glance.
A long letter.

Taking a drive on a pretty road.

Listening to music that I love.
Lying in bed listening to chimes being blown by a cool breeze outside.

Hot towels out of the dryer.

Finding the sweater I want is on sale for half price. Dragging a friend along to help justify the expense!

A pampering bubble bath.

A stimulating conversation.

California Coastlines

Finding money in my coat from last winter.

Laughing at myself.

Enjoying the friendship of my Parrot.

Laughing at an inside joke.

Overhearing someone say something nice about me or someone close to me.

Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

Someone enjoying playing with my hair.

Waking from a sweet dream, imagining the possibilities.

A fresh cup of coffee.

Road trips.

Sitting on the patio enjoying the trees.

King Crab Legs with lemon.

People watching. Car watching:)

Winning a competitive game.

Cooking a simply divine dish

receiving an anonymous gift for no reason at all.

Hearing laughter from my loved ones.

Holding hands with someone I care about.

Being wrapped in a quilt, tear stained from a labor of love.

Watching someone open a special gift from me.

Watching the sunset from wherever I am.

A cool, crisp, glass of fine wine.

Laughter through tears.

A kiss blown across a room, or a kiss that’s been stolen.

I don’t want to forget to mention DIAMONDS & PEARLS. What? It’s natural! You dont want to leave without a smile do you?
I'd like to read YOUR short list:)
Have a good day!



The Sarah Bear said...

Was that a short list?!?! :) I read these types of things from you, and you know what I like best? That you don't change, at that the things you like, I like, and that you remind me just how important the little things are.

Do you know which one you taught me? This one, which is also now my favorite: "Overhearing a loved one say something nice about me or someone close to me". That is powerful to me.. I love it.

Ronda Beyer said...

Those gorgeous tulips make me smile.
You make me smile
Quilting makes me smile
Listening to Ruddy stories makes me smile
Thanks for giving me a smile today, sending hugs your way

To Be Continued... said...

hey girl, you always make me smile,, and i am totally grinning ear to ear because my son is home from iraq tilthe 27th, huuray!!!!!!!love ya girl

Dianah said...

Okay I am taking a risk at sounding shallow, what makes me smile is:
a carat starburst cut topaz set in white gold nestled in tiny diamonds.

Time to piece a quilt

My friends

Poop falling asleep in her carseat so I can cuddle her while I carry her in.


Terri said...

things that make me smile inside:
pictures of my kids when they were babies
sewing time for myself
kittens and puppies
sitting on the deck at night looking at the stars
listening to tree frogs
unexpected calls from my hubby or kids during the day just to say hi

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