Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I want one......:::::WHINING:::::The white ones nice too! I saw some really cool red ones at ROAD last year! Let me me rephrase that............. I need one! ::::whining more pathetically:::
It can travel with me! It is a collectors item!
And I NEEDdddddddddddddd ONEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Why you ask? Well.... it should be a mandatory tool.. yes.... (sticking with that) Have featherweight, will travel? Work with me people! That one with all the side scrolling is pretty cool huh?

Do you see what happens when I have time to WEB SURF?(ok, well I dont have time but.... Oh man.... I already hit 3 shoe sites, Macy's and JJill.com! ( JJill is having a hellofa sale! Hurry!)
I have moved up to the big stuff now, machine shopping! I was manipulating photos for the memory quilt, and got sidetracked? (sticking to that one too) I say we quilters all must have one. Thats all I have to say about that.

I'm going over to EBAY and see what they are going for! What??? Im not car shopping or anything....................LOL

This one is from England.. wow.. shorter bed eh? I love it!

The BEST is this remote!!! Does anyone know where I can score one of these?

PS: On Thursday: I'll be sharing a contest with you:) Jis Fer Fun


Nancy Hughson said...

I want one too!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Kick me in the butt!!!! When I worked for our local thrift shop, one came in (gorgeous) and someone had stuck a $40 sticker on it. This is where you get to kick me....I changed it to $240, called my road trip buddy and she ran over and snatched it! I COULD HAVE HAD IT FOR $40!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im still looking for them at estate sales/ :)
i want that remote too.

Dianah said...

I NEED one too! I want one in red. Although I did see a beautiful emerald green one at our show last year. And I saw a silver one with glitter in the paint, it looked like a disco ball. My niece said I could buy her that one instead of giving her my Pfaff, like either was an option.

I am glad your back! Are you going to ROAD this year? I am.


Deb said...

OOh I want one too...in either hot pink or lime green!!

The penguin pattern BTW is called "Standing Room only" by Carol Morrissey. It's in the keepsake catalog so my client says.
Thanks for the comments..you're so sweet!

TerriW said...

Hmmmm, I have one. Black, Love it, but wouldn't it be fun to have another color?

Lynn Douglass said...

At one time, I had 5 featherweights! I've sold all but one. I'm still lusting after a white/green one.

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