Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mister Wizard Unnessesarily Poked!

Morning. The coffee is dark, rich and hot! ( I was wishing that I was too).. Thought process of mine... forever weird me thinks. My cheeks still burn from yesterdays thought process admission. grunt.
I was yakking a blue streak to my Mister Wizard Therapist, and I blurted out a thought I had had about him! OMFG as soon as it poured out I was hot cheeked. I was trying to explain my "Sybilness" . Ms queen of everything verses Ms I'm going straight to hell for doing that woman.(not easy being me member?)I was REALLY only trying to show him how I can have 2 drastically different thoughts on the same subject. Anyway... poor guy. Subjected to my impulsive directness. I am not certain why but as you all well know he is the 4th in the line of shrinks to see me since 2008, and the first one that I feel comfortable enough to talk "directly" with. Could be good right? Could be that he resembles and older Walt? I should find you a photo... Im not kidding! He does!
Hey... I have a door knocker... shoot... BRB?
OK.. Comings and goings:) Its been a heck of a week! Jake and family are leaving for thier home in Idaho, and Heather and Mattie came for a visit:) They brought Krispy Kremes! Didnt they get the memo on the diet???
It's a freezing type of day and I am bundled up and ready to sew. Here I gooooooooo

Monday, November 29, 2010

What A Weekend Huh?

Its been a long week end, full of super craziness... BUT! OMGoodness alert the media I got a quilt done! Just a store sample mind you, but quilting none the less! And then...... One for my BFF Linda! I'm so motivated I loaded a Halloween store sample too! ( shes on a roll, stay close) I zero'd in on the secret. Remember me saying that quilitng caused thinking, which caused more pain, which lead to .. well... you get it... SO.. heres the secret. Fill your LIL home with LIL kids and TRY to escape somewhere! Focus on the Studio and filter out the LIL kids!!! ITS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! Quilters? Dont try this at home! Thank goodness they were Pantos... phew... As I said though... the only thing on my mind was knit one, purl 2... oh no wait... thats knitting.. I was thinking, follow the yellow brick road..............I swear to Budha I have no idea how I raised so many kids,,, now look at me.. I poured a glass of wine by 3:00!!! ( member the rules, its 5 o clock somewhere) My daughter and Daughter in law both looking at me like.. WTH? Didnt you do this? I guess we can do it in our 20's, 30's... right? Its not all crazy... they look so cute snoozing with their sippy cups:) :::get the camera:::
Hope you all had a great holiday, now the push is on for Christmas!

M & M's:

sippy cups!
Help hanging pictures
lap top in the bedroom
I didnt freeze this week
going to the show:)
Daughters doing some dinners:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Burlesque Review

Everything was going fine.. I was loving the movie... a great deal of fleshiness, but well done. I think Christina Aguilras voice is just amazing! Smokey, sultry and strong. I need this sountrack. Oh so where was I? Yes... everything was going fine UNTIL Cher's 64 yr old self belted this out right at me.
Yep yep yep, meltdown right there in the damn theatre. Go see it... but I bet you wont call it a 6 hankie like I did:) Enjoy

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

For those I love, For those I've lost,

Warm Regards, Tangled

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who's Hosting Thanksgiving?

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”
Dorothy Thompson
Well, I tried? My kids decided that there isn't enough room at Mom's house, since the Longarm is center stage, so I will be off to Dear Daughters house instead. I personally don't know how everyone will pull this off due to all of the hospital madness going on. But, we will:) I am going to quilt and make a sweet potato pie today. Oh yeah, and ponder. Its very difficult for me right now to quilt because of the quiet thinking going on. Sometimes.......its really not a good thing. Thinking, that is. Sometimes the pain (s) are too great. But i guess if I wanna eat right? Of course right. Speaking of eating, I think I am losing weight. A bonus u say? Ok! I'll take it. I 'll take lots of it. Who knew... all those damn diets that didn't work and all I had to do was lose those that I love and it would happen. Did I mention I miss AG too?CLIC
Shrink visit yesterday. We should reserve these discussions for tell all Tuesdays eh? It went very well. He gave me lots of ponder food. I think I like him. He seems like a kind man with a gentle spirit. I will keep him awhile longer in hopes of some help. One interesting concept was the psychological study of the Rah Rah Parents vs the Ney Say Parents. A study about the fatal illness of a child from each set of parents. Rah Rah parents were positive, uplifted, cheerful, and very certain that the child would be healed and all would be right with the world.
The Ney Sayers, negative, not much in the way of hope for their child. The children lost the battle and guess which parents were completely destroyed? The rah rah parents fell far too far and they were taken down so low that they could never get back up.. The ney say parents knew it was going to happen so they had no where to go but up.
Now think about it.... What in the heck good did it do the rah rah parents to be so positive? I don't know either, but I am pondering this. Sure makes me wonder though if I don't put all my eggs in one positive basket. All about balance eh? All about balance. There must be some happy middle ground between the shit sandwich pessimist and the happy ass optimist. RIGHT?
You should hear the studies about what makes a happy marriage! I am really picking my brain on this one... I will share more when I sort it out.
OK, bent your eyes long enough, I shall get to work. Have a good pie making day!
Todays quote haunts me so. Is the absence of conflict the KEY to a good relationship? ANY relationship? When love is dieing is it because we stop trying?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Look! M & M's!!! (she lives...who knew?)

"Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control. These three alone lead to sovereign power."
Alfred Tennyson
Mornin'.. Its so flipping cold here!!!!!!!!!!!! ( just had to yell it.) I think it will be worse when I yell about heat, stay tuned. Really, they said 29 degrees on Thanksgiving! WOW.. Well, I havent seen- felt that in 5 years me thinks. Brrrrrrr I have a nice house warming patio plant thats gonna freeze herself to death out there! I DO NOT want to see the PGE bill coming for sure! I have 2 fireplaces in here, scared to try em? I think I need a chimney checker outer. Hey! Which leads me to a new business... Is there such a thing as Hire Out Your Hubby Business? Yeh... why not? Ok, ok.. I have a lot to do, lets move on...grunt.
Thanks be only to God, doctors, and prayer warriers everywhere, Jim has had a turn for the good! He speaks!! Thanks care angels:) I hope today brings even further progress. Film at 11:00.
I braved the week end rain with my Sis for a belated birthday celebration. It was SO NICE to change my channels and actually enjoy the evening. We dined at Mcormick & Schminks Seafood Restaurant and I had the most fantastic stuffed Salmon ever! It made me realize that I missed Sacramento dining... I cant wait for Mortens or Biba's!!! Then we saw Russell Crowe new movie, The Next 3 Days. A thinker, a looker, a good movie:) The best line in the movie... when he said to his wife..."THIS will NOT be your life!!"..... Swoon..... Talk about devotion! WOW
I am glad I went and rested my aching heart. I think I will go see it again! In fact... I need a fellow movie goer buddy.. I love it, I MISS it, and I want it back. Any takers? I TOLD Karen to reserve a date for me to see Burlesque... it opens Wednesday!!!
OK, I am now late.... Good coffee, good chat... Imma go find a clipboard and make it a great day...
M & M's include:
Aviana , nuff said.
A night out to change the channels in my bwain
Sarah Mcglaucans song... "Forgiveness" i want the new CD!
Caring Friends. Sigh...
Ginger's caring company

Saturday, November 20, 2010


"You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you."
Joseph Joubert

G'morning. Hey I was thinking... I bet you never thought when you signed onto this blog that it would be AS THE STOMACH TURNS! ::::did ya?:::: It seems as if I come in now... instead of being the happy ass quilter of yesteryear, I sign on and STARE at a screen self talking positive optomistic things so that I do not write too sadly. Try as I may, the shit storm keeps coming eh? I kick it out, it just keeps coming back! grunt. So I ponder this today......How did Journey To A Harvest Moon become a soap opera?
Jim is no better as of yet. My daughter is on the case, and very afraid for his future. It is just devastating to see this unfold. At 57 years old, this should never have happened. I am finding it hard to believe actually. I have prayer requests everywhere that I know. Honestly? I had the same requests out for my Munz, and yet? Not in our control huh? I know... No promise for tomorrow, love while we can.....CLIC
I had a warm fuzzy today! yep.. inbetween the tears, fears, and pissed off-edness... Today was Aviana's Thanksgiving play. She and her Kindergarten class were turkeys, pilgrims, Indians and what a tickle this was. One whole hour of grins and giggles. She did very well with her turkey part and songs. while wiggling her first loose tooth and telling everyoe to SHOOSH... I suppose through her eyes life is sweet. I'm glad about that. I will go upload u a pic or 2... BRB

I didnt get to sleep until 3 AM this morning. The rain was very heavy and LOUD, and being alone is a serious bitch. ::sorry:: No matter, I hung some pictures, drank coffee, watched another 4 or 5 episodes of THE NANNY and moved furniture AGAIN.. ( its what I do). I wish Ginger could talk. She just looks at me pitifully like, "can we go snuggle yet Ma?" I am sure one day I will get it all the way I like it in here, then move it all again. I think maybe its unsettling because its all Rental White? YUK! I need color in here!! GEEZ. Oh! And I need a stud finder. This whole knocking on walls only to be WRONG is just ridiculous!:::pondering stud finder::: Hmmmmm
On that note.. I'm up.. going to see my Sis and family today. While there is a break in the storm. I hope its not snowing up there! I need to get out and change my channels before I spontaniously combust. Stay tuned! LOL:::and she laughs at herself:::

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Coffee

"There ain't nothing from the outside can lick any of us."
Margaret Mitchell

I see how little I've been writing eh? I sorry. Its really because I just run out of spoons really fast these days. (to be honest, somedays I have none to trade with at all!) I am seriously trying though, so dont give up on me.
Last evening I think I used all of my spoons either tending to the grands, or at the hospital. Jim isnt any better (day 4) but theres nothing faith can't do. His MRI has shown 20 plus fat embulisms (strokes) to the top part of his brain. The part that makes a person.... a person. The doctors say that he will need rehab for everything. They also say that its one in 300,000 that this would happen. I , of course, have an eyebrow up and will investigate further. While I pray, u bet. The kids are hanging in there trying to be strong too but the fear on thier faces just kills me.Please dear God not another tradgedy can we bare.
Needless to say, Thanksgiving plans are made by no one? I know.. wierd but true. For me personally, I am just plain ole confused with all the flippin loss going on around.. I miss so many things, but patiently waiting for time to pass, time to heal... ok miracles to happen.
Have you guys seen that TARGET commercial with the crazy excercising shopper gearing up for the 4 AM sale? One of the few tickles I get.. work with me people. Ah... shopping...I miss that too.
On the quilting front, things are moving slow but sure. I have a top locked and loaded and Im doing the ole stand n stare at it. I will win, no worries. My friend Linda has scored a boatload of thread for me and I cannot wait to get it! A REAL happy note in an otherwise tomoltous time. Thank you Angel.. I mean Linda.. I mean Angel:)
Happy Friday Dear Blog Readers:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Tsunami Of Something

"Ruin and recovering are both from within."
Something to do, someone to love, something to believe in and something to hope for. Something please, just not grief, loss and all those other dirty words. Those Tsunamis's I have had my fill of. Bring on the good stuff. PLEASE.
( just another popcorn prayer?)
You missed me right? I've missed you too. No writing ( or quilting) SUCKS. It's official, I have a studio. Its official, I am down to 5 boxes left to deal with in the house. Thank goodness for Craigs list for removing hundreds of boxes for me. I must admit, I have NEVER unloaded ALL the boxes my self before, and I dont ever wish to do it again. There are many "firsts" going on, most of which are distasteful, but I'll live. U bet yer sweet ass I will. Oh Dear... CLIC
My kids Dad is very ill and Jake has come from Idaho to join the family. A simple operation has become a horrid journey and sadly Jim is still in the hospital with no diagnosis/prognosis. Please include him in your prayers:) When it rains right? Cannot even believe this life as of late. Not the new normal one would hope for eh? Perpetual crisis, perpetual loss, if it doesnt turn soon I will be older than dirt and reflect that. My new shrink calls me "tangled" I have been pondering this all week. I will push him for more next visit.
For now, Imma go talk myself into quilting and not thinking about all the damn loss going on round here. One more cuppa and I'll be on my feet.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Temporary Home

"This is my temporary home, its not where I belong, windows and rooms that I'm passing through. This is just a stop on the way to where I'm going to.
I'm not afraid because this is my temporary home."
Carrie Underwood
This, I have pondered on for quite some time and decided that its the first move in so many since life wasnt life anymore.. that I KNOW this is my temporary home. Yet, The boxes are rain soaked and destroyed. I watched as they became limp and could never be used again. I pondered my fate. You know how much those boxes cost right? Unbelieveable really.
Choices about happiness eh... thats what I say. Whether to be miserable , or gain strength, both require the same amount of energy. Good Lord how strong must I be? What in the world could I possibly be preparing for that is HARDER than where I've been?
Sorry, just a popcorn prayer for this mornings coffee. I visited the cemetary yesterday where I laid my boy to forever. I wrestle with going there as I know his spirit isnt there. I spilled my guts anyway. CLIC
How the heck is blogland anyway? I must say I am missing you all. Then again, I'm missing a lot! The shop is coming along nicely. I am THIS close to a stitch in time will save my mind!
The home attached to it deshevled as usual. I am stuffing things into places I may never find again! I made soup last evening and it felt nice to have good smells going on here. I will be attacking the guest room as I may be having a visitor come. A customer from the coast, now friend. ( doncha love that?) She wants to come help me ... from there! go figure huh... WOW is all I have to say about that.
Thanks for the coffee, I'm going to get to work. Wish me luck, and wish me a good day, and of course wish me a winning lottery ticket:) Just sayin???

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1440 Minutes In A Day

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."
Peter Drucker
Oh please Oh please let this be true!

1440 minutes in a day.To get it all done. To get through. To plan on the next 1440 minutes.
Can you hear the anxiety in my type? Well, its there:) I hear tell there are meds for this. Hmmmm. I made an error and began listmaking before blogging. Serious anxiety..lol
I have figured out that if I take coffee for the droopiness, and antihistimine for the allergies that have returned with the valley...make a huge list that I couldnt possibly finish, I can actually get a heck of a charge and make it a whole couple hours without a meltdown! Listen, its really a good thing, K?::sigh:: One lil lottery ticket, thats the ticket.. yep.. 3/4 th's of the issues resolved. The other 1/4th? Meds! There ya go, I solved my own problems with money and meds.. ahuh... Too bad me and meds dont get along well, and apparently the universal money rayes dont agree with me either. So I'll be working those 1440 minutes again... until..............

Monday, November 8, 2010

M & M's Over Here

If five shop samples wont get ya back to quilting, not much will?
Mornin`. She's alibe. Barely, but she is. I am still quite sore but getting through it. ( with a hell of a lot of wine) Which btw, doesnt do much for weight loss. Just saying? Its ok, I'm really not eating well so its all in balance.. lol. I forced myself to eat a little salad last night.. I find it quite strange to say the least to not be cooking for anyone. I met my next door neighbor and I STILL have this urge to go in there and bake stuff? No worries, urge passed.
The shop and house is coming along VERY slowly and I suppose its just me with the urgency to be done. I cant stand this mess at all. I truly have no flippin idea where all this stuff is going to go. I downsized quite a bit. I seem to live in a perpetual nightmare no matter how happy I try to be. ( act). Never the less, i forge on. No choice? I mean whats the alternative? ( dont answer that).
Last night I found my parrot prayer keeper and all of its beak holdings. I read all of the past prayers and "remembered". I also remebered something A friend said last evening. Ask, Believe, Recieve. It made me smile to think about life before life left. I must find things. I must.
On that note, I shall go and find some paper and make a list! ( no clipboards found yet). I am gonna go make it it a mahvelous Monday inspite of it all. ( film at 11:00)
Thanks to all for the thoughtful prayers, emails and even the silly jokes.
Love yer guts:)

M & M's include:

Aviana's artwork alllllll over the lil house:)
finding my parrot prayers
speakers on!
A home for my passion
really good Menudo down the street!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Okay

Just a badly bruised clavacal? ( spelling?) They are having me ice and advill... geez... All I can say is........ NEXT?
I seriously need something good to happen real quick like.. REAL QUICK LIKE. I will never get my shop up now :(
I'll try to come write tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking For The Good

"Accept challenges so that you will feel the exhilaration of victory"

George Patton

November 3 and still 79 degrees today?
Trees absolutley everywhere in brilliant colors?
The tower that fell over my head and slammed my collarbone is only particul board? ( not sure if its broken, icing it now, waiting for the nurse to come see)
geez I'm thinking...............
I've got internet? K, good....
I have a good support system?
Take off all of those question marks. I will be okay someday. AGAIN.
PS: Thats my back patio of the condo.. It's my view while quilting, when I ever get to quilt that is. This tree is just beginning to turn. I think I have missed seasonal changes eh?Put it on the list. But I miss my home and I'm pissed.

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