Monday, November 29, 2010

What A Weekend Huh?

Its been a long week end, full of super craziness... BUT! OMGoodness alert the media I got a quilt done! Just a store sample mind you, but quilting none the less! And then...... One for my BFF Linda! I'm so motivated I loaded a Halloween store sample too! ( shes on a roll, stay close) I zero'd in on the secret. Remember me saying that quilitng caused thinking, which caused more pain, which lead to .. well... you get it... SO.. heres the secret. Fill your LIL home with LIL kids and TRY to escape somewhere! Focus on the Studio and filter out the LIL kids!!! ITS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! Quilters? Dont try this at home! Thank goodness they were Pantos... phew... As I said though... the only thing on my mind was knit one, purl 2... oh no wait... thats knitting.. I was thinking, follow the yellow brick road..............I swear to Budha I have no idea how I raised so many kids,,, now look at me.. I poured a glass of wine by 3:00!!! ( member the rules, its 5 o clock somewhere) My daughter and Daughter in law both looking at me like.. WTH? Didnt you do this? I guess we can do it in our 20's, 30's... right? Its not all crazy... they look so cute snoozing with their sippy cups:) :::get the camera:::
Hope you all had a great holiday, now the push is on for Christmas!

M & M's:

sippy cups!
Help hanging pictures
lap top in the bedroom
I didnt freeze this week
going to the show:)
Daughters doing some dinners:)


Vicki W said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend! We spent Thanksgiving day with a family with 4 grandkids. I had such a headache when we left! It was great, the kids were great but I am just not used to that level of activity and noise.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the kids thing! I have ahd all 3 grands and my daughter staying with me for a week and most likely another week to come! They are in the final stages of remodeling their house and needed somewhere to stay during the process!!! I am totally worn out!!! I agree you need the CD of the Cher song!! I need one too! I am so glad to hear you are going to visit Ronda!!! YOu guys should have a blast and maybe share a few tears. It will be good for both of you!! Take care!! BeckyP

Lindah said...

Hey, good for you on the quilting!
What fun to have the babies around! In small doses?! :-) Our Thanksgiving was at the other end of the spectrum --with 100 yr old FIL. He does so love to get away from the nursing facility --but in small doses. :-) Couple of hours and he's ready to go back to the security of his little room.
Hope you're having a great "after Thanksgiving" week --but let's both keep on giving thanks every week.

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