Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mister Wizard Unnessesarily Poked!

Morning. The coffee is dark, rich and hot! ( I was wishing that I was too).. Thought process of mine... forever weird me thinks. My cheeks still burn from yesterdays thought process admission. grunt.
I was yakking a blue streak to my Mister Wizard Therapist, and I blurted out a thought I had had about him! OMFG as soon as it poured out I was hot cheeked. I was trying to explain my "Sybilness" . Ms queen of everything verses Ms I'm going straight to hell for doing that woman.(not easy being me member?)I was REALLY only trying to show him how I can have 2 drastically different thoughts on the same subject. Anyway... poor guy. Subjected to my impulsive directness. I am not certain why but as you all well know he is the 4th in the line of shrinks to see me since 2008, and the first one that I feel comfortable enough to talk "directly" with. Could be good right? Could be that he resembles and older Walt? I should find you a photo... Im not kidding! He does!
Hey... I have a door knocker... shoot... BRB?
OK.. Comings and goings:) Its been a heck of a week! Jake and family are leaving for thier home in Idaho, and Heather and Mattie came for a visit:) They brought Krispy Kremes! Didnt they get the memo on the diet???
It's a freezing type of day and I am bundled up and ready to sew. Here I gooooooooo

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