Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Middle Of The Night Thoughts

  • Why am I wide eyed...STILL?

  • maybe a cookie will help me sleep

  • I like cookies

  • I always buy the wrong sized light bulb for my curio. halfheimers. grunt.

  • I look around, and as much as I have downsized, I have too much stuff!

  • I like my stuff.

  • I wonder if I will ever have an IQ with a second machine head?

  • I cant wait to love up on my BFF Ronda next week!

  • I wonder if I will get to Blima:::insert screaming inside::

  • I am excited for a road trip tomorrow to see my new bff Linda!

  • I have a wierd mad, crazy obsession with my cordless drill gun. its fun?

  • I like company for coffee and sharing a meal rather than a weekender B & B.

  • I am missing my very first studio where Thimblina was born and so was Stitch & Bitch Night, and a bunch of other things born too. Rudy... a marriage... trees.. bricks.... ::sigh:::

  • I miss the range in my voice to belt out a song or 2.

  • I am missing a hellova lot of things.....

  • I think I will go to the city and dance on Coit tower like no ones watching me. Ok Fine.. I really will be on the wharf eatting crab legs all the way down the block.

  • I love KKSF live stream smooth Jazz... turn it on!

  • I spend way too much time pondering lottery winnings.

  • The Smurf house in SLO is for rent, and I want to BUY IT. If I won the 8 Million tonight... Imma walk right up there and do JUST THAT. Yep... I'm gonna say Whats smurfin on?? As I have done daily for the past few years as I pass it on the 101.

  • Watching THE NANNY every middle of the night is seriously boring.

  • I need some warm clothes. and wool socks. More boots. THINK Boots. grunt.

  • I have over (easily over) a dozen Pismo sandals and I'm not there.

  • I have a HUGE Christmas list in the middle of my mind that I wish I could TELL someone about! LOL I remember the kids used to make me lists... Why cant we make lists and give them to the kids?

  • I am in need of retail therapy as I am having withdrawls that would choke a pig.

  • I should get up and remove the closet door and put it in the shed. It bugs me. These days, its really not a good idea to bug me.

  • I hate ants. They really creep me out.

  • I wonder if I will ever be slender again, or if this is it... ::;more internal screeching going on:::

  • I need a movie buddy. I think I wish to see Burlesque again too!

  • I now own the soundtrack and TRY to belt out that range. ( E for effort G..)

  • Oh Geez did I mention ants creep me out? Where are they coming from? Rain? ACK!!!

  • I seriously love my lil TANK car.. it even sounds as Gutsy as she looks:)

  • I wonder if wine hampers the weight loss?

  • Sheesh, look how slim the NANNY is... I wish

  • Did you know printer ink is a robbery???? Ridiculous! I will visit my frugal blog tomorrow and see if she has any tips on the subject.

Am I sleepy yet? Sheesh.. I think I will go load a quilt. Sleep is over rated anyway. Where's the ant spray?


Emma said...

Haha, awesome middle of the night thoughts. I've had ones like that on multiple occasions. :) The Smurf house is awesome. My parents and in-laws still make us lists because at this age they don't want more stuff, just what they want. As for wine/weight loss - if you don't drink sweet wines, just drier ones, you'll cut some of the sugar out of your diet and that could help weight loss. Fun facts!

Also, your midnight ramblings are way cooler than mine.

Anonymous said...

I have many midnight ramblings going on in my head!! Just about everynight I sit and let my mind wonder!! LOL..I agree late night Nanny over and over is BORING!!! I like the show but would prefer more variety through the night. And to control the ants buy dried bay leaves and place them around the area the ants are coming in. They don't like them and will move on. The leaves are safe to have around the pets too! I hav them in my kitchen window and around my sugar bowls. Works great!! You will know when to replace them when the ants start coming back!! LOL Hang in There Gina! I know you get tired of hearing this but it is all I got this morning!! Take care of yourself and focus on seeing Ronda in a few days. I think about you daily!! BeckyP

Anonymous said...

Gina - Get some UGG boots to wear around the house or to the store. My DIL swears by them. I would love a pair too.....but I wear a size 12. If my feet are warm, so am I. I live in the Palm Springs area and it has been in the cool, very cool 60's. That is cool for us. Even had to turn on the heater. Not quite sure where you are living in the valley. Have a cousin in SLO. My grandmother's family used to own the Santa Margarita Ranch. Went there once - it was beautiful. I am originally from Marin Co., just another city girl! I miss No CA! Especially the Napa/Sonoma areas. Beautiful! Life will continue to improve and I'm rootin you on!


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