Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Absense Of Painful Conflict

Today Mr. Wizard and I came to one conclusion on the list of many. I am really not "tangled". I am simply "Untangling. What encouraging words eh? But if you are me.... it leads to about 500 other questions! When DID I become tangled? How did I decide I needed untangling?

I am certainly no scholar, not educated in psychology, not even to the degree of many. I am however ( I think) as real as it gets. In keeping it real I had to revise last weeks quote for myself. ( because I can) The absence of painful conflict. Revised to include what I think is the key I was looking for.

We all have conflict, managed or otherwise. But what leaves a slow and steady stream of emotional bleeding?

Painful conflict.

Now... what is painful to each of us may differ depending on the toughness of skin eh?
Words Wound Worst ( not to be confused with www.) kinda freaky huh?

It is my subjective opinion that some folk do not have the emotional intelligence to STFU (hold your tongue) while in an agitated state.(or sometimes otherwise) Now we are all guilty of this on occasion, but... OCCASION is the keyword. It could be youth. The older the wiser. Then again, some may never leave the youth area. Some grow up, however have little control over an emotion that allows there alligator jaws to overload their hummingbird ass. ( scuse me)

This is where painful conflict takes place. Collateral damage.
Can one truly forgive and forget? Or one or the other? Can people change?
I know those who have changed drastically. I also know those who have not, never will. Whats the criteria? What is needed?
Tony Robbins insists that a good relationship, ANY relationship, must contain common core beliefs to go the distance.
Mr. Pastor, says we must be equalling yoked.
Psychology says one must have the absence of painful conflict.
Ghandi, Maya Angelou and the like, simply says.............. In all ways, be kind to one another.
G says, take a heaping helping of each, and learn to be still until your emotional intelligence kicks in. Therefore avoiding holes in your heart.
Next time we will discuss Flight, Fight, Or Freeze!

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