Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Homework Could Include Retail Therapy!!

Goodie for me! Finally Mr Wizard gives me some homework that I'm good at!!!
This globe is representative of my world. Notice the shatter.
Now, I have had this ball (my world) FALL many a times, causing shatter. As I pick up my ball, try to walk, while paper mache`-ing the pieces back together, the damn thing just falls again,and again, and I cannot keep the pasties going on fast enough.Result? Train wreck. (that would be me). No matter how fast I try put the pieces back on, it just aint happening. Now.. also note that the shatters.. cracks.... are forever there, yet it is still quite beautiful isnt it?
While Mr. Wizard doesnt get the credit for introducing this concept, ( Heather does) he does in fact get credit for the elaboration of the idea. The "HOW TO's, after the fact. Its very interesting.
Anyway... I now have a tanngible visualization of the entire way it works. The chic under the globe, well, thats me.. and the wise ole owl next to her? Its me too. What a freaking journey eh? Serious book I tell you. I have a few other projects for the week too but I dont get to shop. (rats). I find it odd that I get stuck on some of Mr Wizards words such as tangled... untangled... in a holding pattern.. Hub of the family, and todays word of the day... TRAIN WRECK. Geez. I have NEVER in my life been refferred to as a train wreck. Grunt. Really?
Today, we have a hellofa storm going on. Lights off and on, wind howling, and the rain is challenging the wind for noise levels. All  I have to say about that is..... IT BETTER NOT BLOW OVER MY DAMN BALL!


Anonymous said...

So, if the ball blows over and shatters, you will pick it up and put it back together again. And if you can't do it alone, your friends, family and therapist will help you do it.
You can do this.


Anonymous said...

ps....Not only CAN you do this, you ARE doing this!

Vicki W said...

Yes, listen to Gayle, she's one of the smartest people I know!

Gretchen said...

Ditto, what Vicki said. You can do this!

Anonymous said...

Aren't pasties the things that strippers put in strategic places? ;^P No matter how many times it falls, keep smilin'.

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