Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lots To Do Today

"Your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be."

Raymond Charles Barker

We all know what "decision" means right?
Good morning:) I am home, unpacking, and list making like a mad woman! Yep... list pads a flyin! I has a great time with Ronda and now its time to get freaking serious about my own DECISIONS. We traded bunches of new habits she and I. I am hooked on QVC and Ronda is sipping my green tea while.... WAIT FOR IT...... List making!!!!!!! No kidding... shes so cute and on fire with scratching the items off! (she is such a lil over achiever u know). I will be in search for a purse sized clipboard for I took mine out this morning, and overwhelmed myself in 10 minutes flat!
I brought home some delicious fabrics from her Mom's shop and I am developing a beautiful appliqued quilt pattern with it! Yep.. Ronda had me pinkie swear to gitterdone and show it. I will enlist the stitchers to push me here in person at Stitch n Bitch!
I thought Portland was interesting..... interestingly WET AND GREY! Oh yeh... When I landed in Sacramento I saw the sun and nearly fell to the ground in worship! It is quite beautiful and reminded me of Cambria in some parts BUT.... It also made me so homesick for my central coast... sigh... if home is where the heart is eh? CLIC
I have to run.. much to do and my morning devotional is making me a little guilty so its on and cracking! First stop... Mr Wizard! ( boy will he get an ear full!)

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Anonymous said...

I missed you - glad you got to love up on Ronda, but missed you being here too :) WELCOME HOME! HOME? HOME!? :)


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