Tuesday, December 14, 2010

While Mom's Away.....& A Happy Birthday to Heather!

I want to wish Heather the HAPPIEST of Birthdays!! I love ya Woman! Lets do overs next week K?

Ya see... Karen had no idea the level of "spoiledness" my Ginger is when she agreed to pup sit for me...lol Aviana got a new racoon toy from Becca and of course Ginger stole it... slobbered on it, and then pouted when it was taken away from her. Sissy Karen HAD TO GO TO WALMART and buy Giner one of her own to bring her out of her depression! All is now well with both Lovie's .LOL Can u just see the brawl for the stuffed toy? I can! Good conflict management Karebear:)

And of course no car trip can be taken without Ginger on the center console looking at the driver so adoringly how could one resist???? I miss her, but then again, thats what I do. See ya soon kids!


Vicki W said...


Rian said...

She's so cute in her little sweater. My Riley used to sit up on the console like that. I miss him.

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