Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Getting Sick For Christmas!!!

$32.00 can't afford to spend dollars is gone on a serious panic attack at the local pharmacy!
I could get a really good Christmas toy with that! Two weeks ago my grand girl has a bad cold. One week ago, dear daughter has it, and turned into full blown Bronchitis. ( my winter Nemesis) Now.. I was a bit SKEERRED but I thought that since I was taking so many vitamins I would be passed over. UNTIL this morning when I awakened with a sore throat. No problem, I snore. Deal with it. Fast forward to 12:30 pm. My throat is now on FIRE and I am practically drinking Listerine! I have a headache... I downed 2 Excedrin, 2 Motrin... I am now so very afraid! ( and I'm freaking freezing).
Raining cats and dogs, wind blowing the leaves sideways 2 feet off the ground, I grab my coat and my dog and get in the car headed for the pharmacy. Oh I cannot get sick... I cannot get sick. I am already weak. WEAK I tell you.... Throw that damn Jackie O crap right out the window! For every 1 hour of strength, I have 23 of every bad emotion I can thwart off! I only say this because if illness is added into the mix, YOU ALL KNOW what a little whiner I am! NO CAN DO DA PAIN! See? I'm already whining! dang it!!! All I need now is a Michael Bolton tune to come on the radio and I'll be down for the count!

I have a huge list to attack.. and its going nowhere fast. :::case I'm on here u say?::: No! Cause I'm drinking my tea and self talking me into not being so.... oh well... Maybe being pissed off P!nk is better than whining with Michael Bolton... Lets go... ::::::do not get sick, do not get sick, do not get sick:::::::and get out of fantasy land!

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Miss Jean said...

Hey, Gina! If it's any consolation, you and I are in sync. My daughter and the kids have been sick and then my husband came down with it! Heaven help me with a sick man around the house! I started to get sick last night and woke up this morning with a sore throat as well. Mucinex and Airborne!!!! I just got back from shopping and I have to watch the boys tonight. I cannot afford to get .... (insert the word that rhymes with stick)! I don't even say the word 'cause the first time you say it - you are!!!! Take care!!!!!

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