Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day Preschool For My Lovee!

She'getting rather good at striking a pose eh? Do you think her back pack is big enough? WOW

On the OTHER end of this teeter toter is her Mama, who threatened me about blogging her! ::grunt::

Saying bye bye to Mom, trying to be strong, but a tad bit nervous? :::::RUT ROOOO:::::

First things first, and my Mommy already taught me how to wash my hands........NEXT?

Now the bad news....I so wanted this day to be here, near. I dont want to be THERE, I want them to be HERE. Maybe for Kindergarten....sigh....I sent her a new dress, there is the web cam.... not the same you know? I wish her classroom had a webcam in it. THAT would be fun:)

Learn lots Lovee!! I'm certain that you'll give your teacher a run for her money! ( I wonder where that saying came from?)

Her Mama was a "chatty Kathy" and was in trouble for that weekly! However she was so smart, they couldnt scold her too much now could they? I just told the teachers to give her more to do, let her be teachers helper, she needs more challenge... Giving her a license to point has always worked.::WINK::

<---------YOUNG SPONGE

I'm finishing up the velvet duvet today. Thanks Dy for the tip on the piping, I think I will try to save it, its a very elegant finish. We shall see. One more sleep til Blima's here, I am ready!!! She had 14 for formal dinner last night in celebration of the Jewish NY. Im sure shes delighted to hop a plane and Breath...........We got ahold of Bettyanne and shes joining us for Gilroy outlet day on Friday. Poor Walt smacked his head and said OH NO! The 3 Amigos ride again? LOL

It will be a welcomed day for me, so I just told him to gas up the car, and make sure the trunk was empty, cause it wont be for long:) He really is a big teddy bear anyway... He has been busy making ready for Blima himself. I think he likes my friend visits, keeps him entertained:) Either that, or he just wants to see me smile. Maybe both? I think I'll keep him! (this week)

Order Your Christmas Cards Over Here!!

Ok, So you know that I'm Moomp Photographys best cheerleader yes? So why should today be any different? I'd like you to go over to her blog and give a read to her fall/winter offers. I think even those far far away could benefit greatly at these prices!! Just think, one email could possibly get you Christmas cards just like that!
Also, for those who ARE closer, you can take advantage of her mini session rates! I have plans, ( albeit she knows not) to do both!!!
Heres the deal..... a young company, a hungry ambitious company, with talent on loan from God, can benefit those of us coming in on the ground floor! Guess what? I am certain that when she's rich & famous, she wont forget her original followers:) I myself have some wonderful shots that I haven't shared yet that I have ordered in canvas they are so good!!! ( checks in the mail H)
I cannot choose which ones I would like on the Christmas cards, but Im sure she will help me. ::hint Hint::: Anyway, GO SEE!!!!
Love yer Guts, I'm fluffing up the guest room for Blim:) I cant wait!!

Happy Birthday Justin! and M & M's

Happy Birthday Dear Grandson! Wow, 10 years ago I got my first grandson! Woohoo!! Where does the time go anyway? I cant be that old? ( Im not either, I started young)

Pappa delivered Justin the gift of music. A guitar and a how to book, and some really cool picks! We are in hopes that his passion blossoms into a beautiful sound. Justin, its in the blood, do well grandson! Have a happy day, and sing like no ones listening! I love you:)

Happy Monday
Happy Rosh Hosanna
Happy friends coming
Happy new fall handbag
Happy carpet cleaner guy so I dont have to.
Happy Birthday Justin,
Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy, do you see a subliminal chant going on here?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let The Games Begin!

Ok, so the first thing I have to say is..... Arent you glad you arent me? Or.................... Doncha wish you were? Thats the Sybil in me:)

Blima's arrival is Wednesday. We are both so excited its down right pathetic! Emails and pics are flying!I have a clipboard and I KNOW how to use it! We cannot WAIT for our Thelma and Louise roadtrip to begin... So................. I got Blim these really cool slippers. Karebear? I got you a pair too)

Blima got me this hella cool handbag! How did she know I was whining for a new fall bag? Do you think she reads my blog? I think I should post all the chit I need and see what happens???? Blima liked it so much that she got her a red one so we will match! ( dork alert)

Wednesday, I pick her up on Wednesday. I have the entire 12 days mapped out, printed out, clip boarded up! ::::Side note:::: Its so nice to find something to look forward to eh? I love waiting for my friends:)
Ok, so... I went a little nuts today searching for a laptop table for the living room. I hate the notebook on top of the buffet. So, I took my nightstand away from myself and gave to laptop. Now.. I need a new table? I said hmmmm thrift store shopping!!! ( we have about 6 here in the town). On my second one, I spied these!!!! You may or may not know that I have been seriously looking for something for the mantle to flank my artwork. Nothing has caught my eye in months, until now. I haggled with the owner because she had an ridiculous price on each of them, just because they were new and from our very POSH store called Old Paris downtown. ( so... they are in a thrift store now eh?) I was victorious, and bought them for a song:)

Oh... I didnt find a new nightstand:( But its ok! Tomorrow is another day!


Ok, so back to the shop I go. I really need to clean this shop, clean the whole house.. But Im busy trying to remake the Duvet cover that I whined to you about months ago. Remember I couldnt keep it in place? Then I couldnt stand the noise the down comforter inside made? Well I finally said screw it.. I dont care what the damn thing cost, if Im not happy, Im not happy! ( a happy wife is a happy life, remember? I thought you would)

I took it down to the last 2 layers. Velvet and sheer sateen. The velvet piping still attached. I found this beautiful plum backing, ( it matches my comfort quilt to a tee) I loaded with q 4 ounce poly only. so i can keep it as light as possible given its already heavy with velvet. I am now simply edge stitching the design, ( in a hurry mind u) Then I will cut away the piping and bind. Unless someone comes up with a brilliant plan to save this beautiful piping and bind all at the same time. ( comments before tomorrow as I am burning the midnight oil, thanks)
When I am finished, it WILL NOT MOVE, it WILL NOT MAKE NOISE, and it will still match my wonderful quilt. Happy. ( you think the nightmares will end?)

I must be some kind of re do it queen in the making.. I have 4 restorations in house, one loaded, and one more coming in next week.
God send me a dang panto please!!!!
I better shut up and move it... times a wasting:) Stay tuned for the OMFG What happens next in this womans world................

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ugly Monster

Uglier than my wildest imagination, and now the realization that the ugliness is but a monster, and the monster is in me.
Grief is difficult, painful, and I think in my case, debilitating work. It is taking all of me. If I'm not the me I used to be, I'm sorry, but I'm trying to survive. Its ironic how each time in ones life you think that you have fallen on hard times, only to discover that it was small potatoes in comparison to what’s going on now. Is this blog a part of my grief work? I think that my writing is accepting what life and death looks like. Good, bad, struggle, denial, you name it, I go through it, and often times I take you all with me. It is making room for all the pain, so that it doesn't crowd out the other things in my life. My living children’s lives, my loved ones, all.
My journal quilt scares the hell out of me! Maybe….. as I have stated many times before, it is simply trying to purge what’s inside so that it will no longer cause unimaginable if not unmanageable pain.
A friend, and local quilt shop owner emailed a profound sentiment to me, and I wondered if I was in line with what she recommended, or she was “out of line”. The end of her note read :

“Keep your chin up G Woman, everyday you have is a day to celebrate the days you had
with your son and the remaining members of your family. Try to remember
that they lost him too, but if you fail to thrive, they also lose YOU. His
path was short, yours is long and affects all around you.”

I am not going to candy coat what I am going through to make other people more comfortable. I tire of being strong, but I do wish and WILL thrive again one day. I get ill when I see my pretending face in the mirror. I get angry that I’m so darned angry, and yet so weak sometimes. This is what losing a child feels like. This is what it does to a life. This is how agonizing it is. The feelings are real, no matter what anyone says. Healthy behavior ( I think) is to acknowledge them, experience them for what they are, and maybe, all will be okay one day. I fear that I will explode unexpectedly if not relieved from time to time. (spontaneously combust?)In ANY manner of expression. So I must not pretend to” not know” the monster inside of me, I must rid myself of it. I’m just very afraid of the cost. What, who, how much will this cost me? I find myself whispering under my breath to a few people, “please don’t go”. And a nasty flash crosses my minds eye of the whisper to my son as I said goodbye knowing he was in a black box. Not any of them could hear me, as I feel no one can hear me now, nor would I want them to.
Again I say that I am not alone in the grieving parent club. Altho it feels this way quite often. This is the new me. I will not ever “get over it, & get on with it”. Anyone familiar with the line in the movie Shawshank Redemption “ Get busy living, or get busy dieing? I used to think that way, now I know that there’s a whole spectrum of gray scale in between. I will never stop grieving for my son. A limb has indeed been severed, but I can and will thrive without it, for the sake of those left behind whom I love. For the sake of honoring a love, that’s now gone.
Most people avoid death. That is part of being human. A deep respect for life naturally leads to an avoidance of death. Sometimes it’s a fine line between when to keep fighting and when to let go. I pray that I will always have the will to live. Of course death is a part of life, I wish people would stop saying this to me…. but no parent accepts the death of their child. It is much easier to accept for a person who has lived a long life, than for a child just starting theirs.
I will no longer pretend I’m fine when I’m not. When I have issues, I will say so, so that the next time you run into someone going through this, or it happens to your friend, or maybe you lose your own child, you will know that this is normal. This is what grief looks like, and its ugly. The ugly monster. I cannot get around it. I can only go through it, step by aching step. It’s not my choice, its just the way that it is. Maybe it will help someone, just one someone, someday. We, I believe, as one little person, with 2 hands and one heart can make a difference. Be it in voting, teaching, counseling, Mothering, loving, even making a quilt block. Even blogging! I CAN make a difference.
Thanks once again dear blog readers, for listening to my ramblings, for praying for my family, for your encouragement, and yes, for every heartfelt stitch or word on the quilt I wrap myself in on a nightly basis. The heart of life is very good. Despite the Ugly Monster.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Happy Cows

Sometimes I just wonder..... WTH is wrong with me????? I gotta tell ya, I'm so darn certain every week that I'm going to win the lottery, no one can change my mind, and I JUST NEVER DO!!! BUT SOMEONE DOES!!
So much little time.. it dawned on me this morning that its only a thousand dollar game! Its NOT 29 Million!!! NO jackpot alerts, WTH am I doing??? I dont even get to ponder a plan for a thousand dollar win!!! PPffttt... thats one trip to Costco, with (MAYBE) Home depot on the side for petes sake! ( ever ponder who the heck pete is and why he gets his name on a staple quote?) new plan... no more happy cows, all spare coinage goes for the millions. period. Last night I had 8.00 on Blimas BD and 29 Million. iTS A RED LETTER DRAW SO ItS GOT TO BE the one! I could be typing here as Californias newest millionaire, in fact, I bet I am!! I just dont know it yet! :::See::::dumbass::::

I sometimes ponder how many fat quarters of batiks I could have put in my stash with all these super lotto tickets in my bag. Speaking of bags... I really need a new fall bag. Tis time. ( that was a side note, it isnt easy being me on my first cuppa u know) I better go make my list before my poor bwain explodes. Its humpday and I plan to work til late evening as Walt has a meeting tonight. I'm in hopes to finish a loaded king, binding and all! ( Im not liking binding these days, my fingers are raw!) Have a good day, and please no one email me with jack pot results as I need to plan the whole 29 million out today okay? ( keeps me off the streets).


ps: ---->I'm still on it! Second chance or not!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Blima!!!

I hope that you have a fabulous day, and that everyone treat you as special as you are:) Now tell me again, how old are you??? Ohhhh I remember!! OLDER THAN ME!!! HA! ( and always will be)
I cant help but to pretend that we will have our birthdays together, which will UNDOUBTABLY kickass the real days!! Oh wait, no pretending, IT WILL!!! I got the car gassed up, snacks ~N~ sodas in the trunk, a couple CD's to sing your ears off with ( that will make Oprah and Gayle trip pale in comparison) for yet another road trip, and more memories to make.
Lets win in Lake Tahoe, and spend a fair amount of it at every outlet along the way! I have a list... dishes for sis, 3 coffee mugs for me, new embellished jeans for me too...ok, and some maybe Shirts for Walt, and lotsa cool stuff for the grands:) oh! and that elusive camera fabric that i cant find.. mental note, quilt shop stops in every city... ( dont worry, I have a Mapbook that shows every single one too)
I'm quilting my fingers off over here, say it with me...MO MONEY HONEY!!! ( remember, enough lettuce for my shoe fettish)
Happy Birthday Woman! I love ya:) I have your beach chair ready, and Walts sitting here saying that he has your shovel...ROFL
Have you guys been to Blimas site yet? You should! She is an amazing chef, and even more so Baker!
Great, now I want some............BlimaCake!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets - M'& M's

There's a lot of different opinions about seasoning cast iron. Here's mine:)

Truly a PITA of a pot, but well worth your troubles. Whether you are making a pot roast or biscuit gravy, or anything in between, these babies are a staple in my kitchen. I keep my Caphalan of course, but for comfort food, soups n stews, fajitas & tortillas, gravy or roasts.... Cast iron by far is the best. You can sear, saute, bake, broil, and even make delicious tortillas on them.

Grease your pan with cooking oil (any is fine, I always use my olive oil) inside and out, Put it in a 300° oven for three hours, removing it several times, wiping it clean, and re-greasing it, so there are three coats inside and one outside. Dont forget that cast iron is even tempered including the handle, ...ask me how I know this. Your pot is now seasoned. Now to re season after each use, I generally clean as below, then heat on stove top to dry, and re oil with a paper towel.
Remember, never use soap to clean it, heres why: Cast iron has a gazillion crevices for seasonings to hide in. Therefore, soap can hide in them too huh? Wanna eat soap? Nope!
Also, metal utensils will hurt too, stick with wooden spoons/spats
Wipe it clean, using HOT water, & salt as an abrasive. A sratchy sponge or stiff brush works well too.
Walts favorites for Biscuits n Gravy, and for pot roast too!

Great Steak Griller, And pancakesMy Favorites for Fajitas, not only great to sear on, but a lovely presentation as well. The PLATA below for tortillas was given to me by Ma at least 30 years ago? Its so cool for quesadillas with cheese, any tortillas, and oh yes! Chasing husbands down the driveway!

( I heard that was a good use)I'm going to do a Beef Stroganoff in the dutch oven tonight, Ill post recipe hopefully tomorrow. ( If I *Note to Lora* I actually make your old fashioned cornbread this way now too! I knew I could improve even the best!


Marvelous Mondays gratuities mean:

The right tool for the job at hand, be it quilting or cooking!

Helpful Hubby that brings me flowers for no reason at all

Marvey Markers... what did I ever do without them? ( see # 1)

Colbie Caliet singing Midnight Bottle, & Ingrid singing Take me the way I am

The right to my own opinion, be it right or wrong, its mine dang it.

The strength to at least get pissed and TRY to be strong. ( makes sense only to me?) I dunno


SarahBear Photo contest tomorrow, get your digital in!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

2nd Annual Margarita-Avocado Festival-Morro Bay

We went, we saw, we decided............

There were locals putting on the show, tourists visiting. I challenge more locals to come out and support this event so it will grow and show the pride of Morro Bay more effectively. I do include ourselves in this group.
Margaritas? They are clueless how to make them.They should call Walt, & btw, what does margaritas out of a blender machine have to do with our home grown avocados anyway? If you wish to grow this type of show, open it up to the American way of competition. Who makes the best? ( I know who) One type of Tequila, one type of sticky sweet syrup, wheres the choices? Did anyone ask if I prefer Casadores in my drink? We Americans dig choices.
Avocados, flippin Delicious, every one, every kind, sample all, pick one. Oh hell, pick em all! I saw several separate farmers, none of them with a clue as to what was going on, except to sell their harvest. I was so confused at which type is growing in my backyard, that I decided I knew what I was doing in going to the avocado ranch to purchase my favorite variety. ( HAAS). My tree is thin skinned and the name escapes me right now. I'll ponder it. ( halfheimers)
We need more vendors, food N drink oriented. Lets see.... ceramic dishes, ( avocados of course). Pottery, Mexican.... How about linens? textiles.... all kinds of mediums... and hey! Where are the aprons for the event??? Cookbooks! (recipes from the locals, hot potato I tell you! Run with the theme peoples:) And the cream of the crop???....QUILTS!!! Ronda? It aint easy being green??? Photographs!! Views of the local area, especially our groves of avocados? Theres so much money to be made here I can smell it. Smelllllll it!!
I wonder if the chamber of commerce, or the powers that be investigated other venues such as the asparagus festival, strawberry festival, garlic festival,...etc... If you're reading, give me a call. I 'll help ya:) There was no HISTORY on these lucious fruits to be found!
We need more space. The old RV stretch of real estate isnt nearly enough to accommodate, however I am very glad that they got those RV's off of the Embarcadero. The crowds love our Chess players park outside the gates.
The bands were excellent, as were the speaker systems. I would sure like to have a time slot for Mariachi music as well. I mean come on, if you are to promote guacamole and margaritas, GO THE DISTANCE !!! OH! Flour chips made on site, to thrill the guacamole lovers! All in all we had fun for a few hours, and I took notes, snapped pics, and drank some yummy wine. I didnt buy the t-shirt, but I did spend my share of tourist monies there... Your Welcome. To all of you visitors, stay tuned for a bigger better show as it can only grow, and get better with age. Be sure and come down to visit. I guess in this case it DOES take a village. Our village.

Fun Avocado Facts: (geez I'm such a geek)

  • Called ahuacatl ( ahwuakatee) in the Aztec language, avocados were a favorite of the Aztecs, who considered them a sexual stimulant and, therefore, a forbidden fruit. ( I flippin knew it!!) Although its alluring shape certainly mimics the soft curves of a woman and its many nutrients might explain the avocado's amorous reputation, science can neither confirm nor deny that the avocado is an aphrodisiac.

  • Spanish conquistadores loved the fruit but couldn't pronounce it and changed the Aztec word to a more manageable aguacate, which eventually became avocado in English. The first English-language mention of avocado was by Sir Henry Sloane in 1696.

  • Fast forward to 1871, when Judge R.B. Ord of Santa Barbara successfully introduced avocados to the U.S. with trees from Mexico. By the early 1900s, growers were seeing the avocado's commercial potential.

  • Today, California is the leading producer of domestic avocados and home to 95% of the nation's crop. San Diego County, which produces 40% of all California avocados, is the acknowledged avocado capital of the nation.

  • California avocados are grown year-round. A single California avocado tree can produce up to 60 pounds of fresh fruit each year, approximately 120 pieces.
    The great thing about a California Hass avocado is that its pebbly skin turns from green to nearly black when it's ripe. Look for fruit that is average to large, oval-shaped and heavy
    Avocados were once a luxury food reserved for the tables of royalty Latin Americans wrap avocados up and give them as wedding gifts

Friday, September 19, 2008


I dont understand why my edit isnt sticking down there, but I'll try this way:)
.................COMPLIMENTARY GRAND DAUGHTER SHOT OF THE DAY....................
She's still shopping and did a great job of matching her Pappa's favorite Birkenstocks:)


I know things are a smiggent better this week when I pull a full on Lucy move.

I never learn ....never....just say no to boxes of dye and scissors in bathrooms..... after my shower, staring at myself in the mirror, I said OMG U NEED A HAIRCUT SO BAD. I got my sewing scissors nearby and began to give myself some bangs. FREAKED myself out and ran out of the bathroom calling myself names. I called Patti, my old stylist in AG... she went on a cruise!! HOW COULD SHE???
I went to pismo with a visor on so no one would see my Britney Spears hatchet job. Did my business in town, picked up a new quilt job at the Attic, then when I stopped for my lottery ticket. ( 7-11) Next door was a salon called Generation X. Door open, justin Timberlake blasting away.... I peeked in and said to a tattooed up looking bambi “ do u take idiot walk ins?”
She laughed and said sure, what u need? I pulled off my visor and said “ I tried to give myself a Sarah Palin “do” this morning, got scared half way thru and quit, now I have short choppy things everywhere. She laughed again and said Serena can fix u up. Out comes this 20 something bambi, tattoos all over ( again) with a cut that looks like she put a bowl on her head and trimmed around it. I said to her, I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING LIKE THAT! Serena said noooo this is just MY style, I know what u want, grabbed a magazine and said this? I said yes, can you fix me? She smiled and said of course, as she rolled up her sleeves exposing more ink. I then asked her if it was a prerequisite to be inked to work here and she said no, it just worked out that way. I was afraid. Very afraid.
I had a most enjoyable hour and I love the cut. A bit longer than I wanted, but it works. Walt likes it, but he did say he prefers my curls the most. ( translation, foo foo hair he can grab)
I asked Serena if she was a good colorist and she told me she was and used only Aveda products. I said the 3 little words closest to my business minds heart..............”I’ll be back!
I thanked all the ink-ettes in there and went to buy just one more super lotto ticket given IT MUST be my lucky day!
I’m going to try the beehive tomorrow...Roflmao!! I think I really need an Ambush Makeover:)

PS: now all I need is frameless lenses, a new body, and some glossy lipstick!
PS: Por Favor~ no political comments as this is just plain fun! ( ok, and my bucket full of thick hair)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sir Rudy!

A 9/11 parrot named after Sir Rudy Giuliani, and my all time favorite buddy:) Seven years old and does time sure fly. It seems like yesterday that I was pleading with him to talk, and now he wont ever shut up. Well, unless company is here and you WANT him to perform. LOL Then he is as quiet as church mouse with a look on his face like..."What? Birds cant talk". pppffftttt
Perpetually (I would say) a 3 year old child, this super chicken keeps me on my toes. Today he will get his new wooden toy and a birdie muffin, and a good shower. If he is lucky I'll clean his cage. ( again) I would sure like another companion parrot, until reality hits and I clean his cage, pay his vet, or buy his toys. WOW... Time, energy and Mula, I think I should maybe re-think that whole second parrot idea eh?
I have been teaching him to sing Avi's song, "You are my sunshine", and although he whistles it well, greys arent typically great singers. But its cheap entertainment I tell you! He cant carry a tune in a bucket, but he gets an "A" for giving all he's got to Mom. I will keep him. Happy Birthday Dear Rudy:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey! I won! You guys need to come play too!!:::TUESDAYS:::

Go over to Sarah Bears to see the before picture, this is the after pic:) Every tuesday she has a contest for a pic makeover... the drawn winner gets a great photoshopped & framed "new do"!!! Karen won last week and the gift to her gal pal was a 6 hankie:)

I will give this to Justin for his bedroom wall. With him is his buddy Jayce.

It makes for Terrific Tuesdays doncha think???

Wednesday Wondering

Ok, so last nights FRINGE was really creepy, but I swear I was hooked! I couldnt keep quilting, I had to watch! I know that I had entirerly too much coffee, but wow....
House premiere, unfortunatly, let me down. Why do the writers have to screw up a good thing? This year Dr. House is way too EVERYTHING, addicted, narcissitic, arrogant, etc... and, why is it that every season someone we like leaves? Now Wilson? Well shoot... they have precious little time to re-hook me, or I'll just entertain myself with fabric and thread instead.
Speaking of, I am actually making headway on that dang custom in there. Know what drives me? The very thought of more ripping out! OKay, and impending october I have so much on the fire its ridiculous!Birthdays all over the place,More clothes for Walt, Blima coming, Road Trip, Quilt camp (hopefully) in Oregon, shop supplies, Photos ordered from H.... ok, Im getting shakey, change channel, head going into sand.
Today I will work the night shift, in favor of a pismo trip for shopping:) :::SMILE::: I need some birthday treasures, and dog food! Ok, and Walmart run. I love this run... I get to zoom around all my streets, hit the beach, luncheon in town....sigh... I have no plans for Rudys birthday tomorrow.. Maybe Ill make him some birdie muffins and pick up a new leather toy today. Darned expensive pet! I say that, as I just finished a perusing of mini macaw breeders in the state....RUT ROOOOOOOO
I almost bought him an Indian Ringneck pal the other day . I figured, what could be a better toy than a new friend to yak with? Then I re thunk that... $$$$$
See ya later! I need to get on the road!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake!

Sheesh...I think he is 24. Is there a point in life when we get to stop counting KID birthdays as to distract from our own? ::say yes:::

Happy Birthday youngest of mine. I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my Baby you'll be.

( excerpts from the boys favorite bedtime story, " I'll love you forever".)

Although he didnt see me, last week while trying to celebrate Jamies birthday, I watched Jake BBQ and carry on with his family, laughing and keeping a watchful eye on his Mom. ( & they dont think we see! ha!) He is turning into quite the chef too! Remind me to send him some of my Montreal steak spice, he will love it:)

I find it hard to believe that not ONLY is he grown, but a Father of 2!! (better you than me, Son..LOL)I think I told you all about the wierdness of watching my baby have a baby... still a head twister memory for me. Now to have our lil Jamie... all I can say is :::WHAT A RIDE:::Speaking of which, I need some new photos Master Jacob:)

Born 2 weeks late and larger than life, he still is that. Large, and larger than life too! Thanks for trying to take care of Mom, while I try to take care of you:) We will be ok. Happy Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Marvelous Mondays Is A Month of Birthdays! (say that 3 times fast)

Why is September such a hot ticket for births? I have no idea, but I do know its been a bank robber for many years! OMG!!!

Marvelous Mondays pondering how happy I am that these people were born!

      • 9/8 Matthew (nephew)
      • 9/9 My Munz
      • 9/10 Sis anniversary too!
      • 9/16 My Jakester, he will always be my Baby eh?
      • 9/17 sil Mary
      • 9/18 Super chicken Rudy! ( he is about to be 7, or not, if he doesn't shut up over there, I cant think!)
      • 9/23 Blima (she will always be older than me...hehehehhe)
      • 9/29 Justin , oldest grandson 10 ( & Jeff, Blimas baby!)
      • 9/30 Niece Katie doodle, miss her mucho)

      There may be more... as I think I have officially contracted Halfheimers. GRUNT I cant find ONE decent calendar since the move..(or anything else for that matter)

      Happy Monday to all. I have the tulips completely frogged, its now time to quilt again.. I think I may have forgotten how? Is this possible???

      Sunday, September 14, 2008

      The Truth Is WAY Out There....FRINGE

      Did you see it? Did you see the new show on FOX network tonight? dododododododo... I thought for a moment it was X FILES!! I enjoyed it, I especially liked the cow:) I even liked the way that the mad scientist was named a brilliant mind indeed eh? I elbowed Walt for an hour saying "can we do that?" Is that real"? He grunted alot while reminding me that it was TV. I must admit that I THOUGHT I had it all figured out, and they fooled me!!! An instant hook for me to return next week! It comes on Tuesday after House... give an eye, or two.

      Saturday, September 13, 2008

      Mister Magoo & My Grands Too

      My Dad continues to crack me up involuntarily! LOLOLOLOL Notice his eye, then his upside down tube of Lanocaine...rofl
      We took Mom grocery shopping and Dad inspected the supplies as they came in. (too much time on his hands eh?)

      Jane, the kids are fighting over the quilt!!!! I got some awesome grands you know? ( ok, throw in Avi's pal Kendall too) I'll take her.

      Strike A pose Avinator!!! I told ya..... Moons over my HAMMY!!!! She loves her new lime slippers so much that she ran to accessorize!!!!She did great eh!

      Friday, September 12, 2008

      Basking on the Bay

      Hi Honies I'm home! I had a fast, furious and frustrating trip to the valley, and Im a TAD bit revitalized having been with my family for a bit. I wanted to share these pics of an hour at the embarcadero today for my lunch break. These guys crack me up. They arent the least bit afraid of humans, and will gladly mooch foods from anyone. I think those pelicans in empty boats makes for good fisherbirds eh? Harbor Harvey is also no slouch in the mooching department. He loves sun and snacks:)
      I am busy trying to catch up down in the shop while I have some momentum. Wish me luck:)

      Tuesday, September 9, 2008

      1981-It Was A Very Good Year

      September in the valley is typically one of the hottest months of the year, 1981 being no different. Fat~N~Happy I awaited the birth of our boy. He was late. Very late. ( a sign for years to come). Jamie was long and lanky, blond and beautiful. Blue eyed and seemingly healthy. Or so we thought. I was prepared for round 3 of colicky, but not for a year of asthma. After Jamie's first few episodes ( read attacks) I decided that everyday that he was breathing, was a glorious one. After all, the pediatricians all said that in 2 years he would outgrow it? I wondered if I would survive. September 9th, 1982 we spent in the hospital with our boy again. Mom, Dad,Balloons, cake, well wishers, brother and sister, we celebrated making it through the year. With Jamie in a bubble, attached to a breathing machine, I didn't wonder what year 2 would bring, I had faith that Jamie would be healthy. Prayers and They worked and our boy blossomed into a fully fledged curtain climber:) He grew strong and happy and brought much joy to others, especially Mom.
      The prayers and pharmaceuticals wont work this time will it? I always believed that his life was spared for a greater purpose. What could the purpose have been if it didnt last but 24 more years?
      This morning I find myself wrapped in a quilt. A burst of warmth and energy needed to get through this day. I'm off to be with family, and as we gather round a place where Jamie DOES NOT reside, I fear I'll just die a bit more inside, and continue to live and thrive on the outside.
      Mind boggling.
      The good news is, I will get to be with family and friends. Tend to my parents, and find laughter in my grands. You guys be good, see you Thursday:)
      Thanks to those of you who have emailed or telephoned, remembering Jamies birthday with us. I am grateful.
      I also wish to thank Phyllis for this lovely Angel holding her son. How I only wish it were me. ( I know, I can pretend) Thank you Phyllis.

      Monday, September 8, 2008

      New Shoes & M & M's

      What can make your day be just a tad bit better?

      NEW SHOES of course!!

      Yeah, its so true! Take a poll! Better still, TRY IT! I dunno who this guy is,(Paolo Nutini) but he is singing my new favorite song! I liked these sneakers ( easy spirits) so much that I bought two pair! ( blue arent so new today) I think I'll go for a walk now... Gingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!Then off to make enough lettuce to support my shoe fetish!!
      * Son visits
      *New Shoes
      *Fall road trips a comin`
      *Dinner with Dy:) (new blog?)
      *Gingers groomer, geez I lub her
      *Batiks, more and more new ones each month!
      *My Clipboard ::ducking::

      Sunday, September 7, 2008

      Fall is coming! Blima is coming too!

      About fall..... I adore the sounds, the scent, the sites, and I feel a rebirth of wonder each and every fall. I have always felt excitement about the future, be it road trips, kids in school, Christmas, fall activities, just... excitement!
      I love the crisp air, the fires beginning, the changing color of leaves, and the pumpkins at every turn of the eye. I especially love to see new places in the fall. Eastern states are awesome to say the least. Montreal, Quebec however, is my favorite:) Blima and I have driven many a road just soaking the fall in. I'm sure that you have read about a few of our travels eh? My friend will come here this fall, and we will again hit the road to see some leaves. Lake Tahoe bound this time. I'm so looking forward to this I tell you.
      Jamie was born in fall, as was his baby brother Jake. I KNOW the heart of life, is still good. But I miss my son terribly. Most times, I can think of much else. Try as I may, be it quilting, pondering, writing, reading, singing, cooking, driving, absolutely anything! His life, all 26 years of memories, my life from his on...his siblings. Each and every memory is pure pain, and loving memories. A mental journey that I'm being forced to take. Have you read Battle of the Mind? I think Joyce Meyers is her name? ( author) I think I'm going to dig it out an re-read it. Funny how all the stuff I've already learned is out the window in this kind of a battle eh?

      Shortly after Jamie's death, a bird came in through the sliding glass door. My husband called to me and I came to find a little bird, staring me right in the eye, in the dining room. I said “hello,I love you”, hoping it was James spirit because he would know to come to me in the form a bird, which I love. The little bird just starred back for at least a minute, before hopping back out the door and taking flight off of the patio.
      I dont know where Jamie is. I dont know why, or what to think. Often times I just scream inside, and no one hears. I am still breathing nearly 7 months later, and I am afraid, and I am hopeful, and I am alive. Sometimes I dont know how or why I live on, but I do. Sometimes, I dont want to, and sometimes I do. I feel tortured, and blessed all at the same time. How can this be?? I like to think that its still all so untrue, and I know I'll wake up. Its "safe mode" for my brain.
      side note: Do you see how I choose to discuss a nice fall memory and even that turns to pain?Really creeps me out.
      At any rate, as I said before, The heart of life? Still good out there somewhere, and I find little pieces all around. I am in hopes that this fall brings a few pieces together with my friend.

      Friday, September 5, 2008

      Productive? Yes, Thanks.

      OK, I think its coming... some work, some normal. What did it ya think? Could be the parrot, cause Blima's coming! Could be Ronda call, quilt camp in the works! Coulda been Tracy down in the shop frogging right beside me telling me to move my ass or there will be no money for afor mentioned! ( well, she didnt say that, but I cant repeat what she DID say) Could be a new memory quilt job from Dana's college grad coming in... I love sentimental
      How about the absolute panic of pressure that comes with it all? Yep yep yep, all of the above.
      I MIGHT get excited ya know! ( lets not push it yet)
      What ya think of the RNC this week? I had a good time with it. I watched the DNC as well. Knowledge is power eh? No matter your affiliation, I once again urge you to do your OWN homework, gain all of the research that you can, THEN make your decision and DO vote. It is our right, our obligation, and our priveledge to do just that. I have always secretly wished to have run for an office of any kind.. cause I enjoy it, but I have a few skeletons in my own closet which has always stopped me. Either that, or much like everything else, I talk alot about my passions, I just never see them through? Hmmmmmm ( gonna ponder that). OK, that should be as far as I go into such a HOT TOPIC.
      I have about 3 feet of border left to frog this morning, then Im back to it... I cannot believe how long I have not quilted. No wonder my confidence levels are down. I plan on working all week end as I may go to the valley on Tuesday. I cannot decide. I want to go make a dinner, have birthday cake, kiss my kid, hear him laugh at me, scold him for his skinniness.. I DO NOT wish to go to his gravesite.
      <---tortured soul

      Thursday, September 4, 2008

      Somebody Say Something?

      Now we all know that God works in mysterious ways eh? For the third time in as many weeks this signage smacks me stupid. It sits on a corner, on the street! Its new! It just got there ! ( I think)

      Yesterday, for the 3rd time, I got the message.. ok ok... I'll do it. In yester-month, you may or may not know how I begin my day. MY prayer parrot on my desk. Just little stickies for me and my Father to chit chat about everything for awhile, before I start work. Well, its been sorely neglected. (not unlike many things round here)

      Today when the little tug at my shoulder as I know to be my conscience, my spirit, whatever you wish to call it, said you bad girl, even though you are in pain, you know where to go, yet you do not. ok...message received.. I get it.. Im going.

      Today, I still have issues Many of them. Maybe more than ever before, but I know real when real is here.
      I must say that it has come up, the issue of the trinity. Of foreverness. Of heaven / hell... of energy...You name it, THIS family has hashed it out. How do you really know Mom? What if Mom? But Mom God wouldnt.. God couldnt.. mom mom mom..... I can only reply with life experiance, not "just" faith as they argue with me. When you have felt the miracles of God, be they "mini miracles" or big "in your face" miracles, you cannot deny. I have been witness to, and there IS no denying this. It pains me sorely that my childrens faith is also tested...Therefore, I must stand firm, no matter the pain, and believe that he will love us all through it. God, this is hard. This is by far the hardest, highest mountain I have yet to climb. I dont need any more tests, I dont want anymore fear, I cant take anymore pain!! Have I not given all of me, all of mine, all of the devotion deserving of a God such as you? I am seriously PISSED over here, and my family suffers, and I suffer, and yet I STILL Love you? Somethings wrong with me. Wrong with the whole world as I knew it. I see your angels, I feel your love, but WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? I must go through my sons birthday that isnt his birthday ANYMORE, and you want me to pray with you?
      Oh great, I forgot who I was talking to.. sorry blog readers....Sometimes my fingers keep going as I speak. Controversial, I know. But, I Yam Who I Am eh?
      I have about 1000 of these WHY questions for him, and I am now resolved to resuming my parrot prayers, Journaling my nickels, and hopefully getting some answers. I hope. Glad I can STILL hope too.
      One day at a time. Have a good morning:)

      Tuesday, September 2, 2008

      Art In The Park

      I know that this doesnt show well but I think its a fabulous find by a local artisan. Its a copper tubing, wired nest, with marbled hearts inside of nest. Engraved on the copper is my new sign:

      Live On Purpose

      <-----love it!

      Art In The Park happens often here in Morro Bay, come go with me:) If you would like to see more pics and good reading stuff... go over to Sarahs site, (our week end visitors) We had such a good time I really wish they would come live here!!
      Today was a diligent try at making normal happen in the shop. I think I may be victorious:)
      I frogged a few hours on that damn tulip border that i so messed up awhile back. Looks like like I had a little too much wine, when i hadnt had any? ( hmm a clue, drink mo wine), started the yearly Epilepsy foundation quilt, altered a shirt, made Walts YIKES Batik back ( top isnt done So I was productive.. self brownie button... I'll be going for it again tomorrow. Trying to keep spirits lifted.......

      Monday, September 1, 2008

      Labor Day Week-End-M & M's

      A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself and especially to feel, or not to feel. It's all just OKAY with them. That's a great part of a good friendship - letting a person be what she really is, and loving her anyways:)

      Whether its a rousing game of rummy, A shopping trip to Art In The Park, coffee on a street corner, a chaotic dinner for five with a 30 minute wait, Breakfast at noon via our interactive Bed & Breakfast or just sittin on the deck psycho-analyzing each other... these friends are a blessing to have over for the long week-end. Thanks Heather, Kim & Sarah for a great time. ( in my jammies or not) Next time, I'll make certain that Aviana stays, cause I missed her:(
      I so enjoyed making camera straps and YO YO's and all that was mentioned above. I found your note in the fridge, and I miss you too .(thanks for just one more cry pal) ( can u freakin move here already????)
      Tomorrow (in my mind) seems to be a remarkable day for me. Maybe a SHOT at some normalcy coming. Walt at work, car in driveway, no visitors, or earth shattering drama ( from my mouth to Gods ears eh) and.................I am hopeful that I will have a productive good work day. I'm going to make a list. ( woohoo!!)
      I've decided... A Happy Wife, Is A Happy Life... I need a new sign. Wait until you see the new art find from this week end!! Hopefully a pic tomorow.
      Hope all of you peoples in blogland enjoyed your week end too!

      *Local Artisans work for our home
      *Grand daughters saying the darndest things
      * Healing friendships
      * My car in the driveway
      *Beautiful Batiks to play with
      *Quilts to wrap myself in
      *card games!!!!

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