Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Happy Cows

Sometimes I just wonder..... WTH is wrong with me????? I gotta tell ya, I'm so darn certain every week that I'm going to win the lottery, no one can change my mind, and I JUST NEVER DO!!! BUT SOMEONE DOES!!
So much little time.. it dawned on me this morning that its only a thousand dollar game! Its NOT 29 Million!!! NO jackpot alerts, WTH am I doing??? I dont even get to ponder a plan for a thousand dollar win!!! PPffttt... thats one trip to Costco, with (MAYBE) Home depot on the side for petes sake! ( ever ponder who the heck pete is and why he gets his name on a staple quote?) new plan... no more happy cows, all spare coinage goes for the millions. period. Last night I had 8.00 on Blimas BD and 29 Million. iTS A RED LETTER DRAW SO ItS GOT TO BE the one! I could be typing here as Californias newest millionaire, in fact, I bet I am!! I just dont know it yet! :::See::::dumbass::::

I sometimes ponder how many fat quarters of batiks I could have put in my stash with all these super lotto tickets in my bag. Speaking of bags... I really need a new fall bag. Tis time. ( that was a side note, it isnt easy being me on my first cuppa u know) I better go make my list before my poor bwain explodes. Its humpday and I plan to work til late evening as Walt has a meeting tonight. I'm in hopes to finish a loaded king, binding and all! ( Im not liking binding these days, my fingers are raw!) Have a good day, and please no one email me with jack pot results as I need to plan the whole 29 million out today okay? ( keeps me off the streets).


ps: ---->I'm still on it! Second chance or not!

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Carla said...

Love the Happy cows!! DH and I love to stop at their booth at the California State Fair because they show all the commercials- and the funny outtakes, too!! LOL

I hope you win ....

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