Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day Preschool For My Lovee!

She'getting rather good at striking a pose eh? Do you think her back pack is big enough? WOW

On the OTHER end of this teeter toter is her Mama, who threatened me about blogging her! ::grunt::

Saying bye bye to Mom, trying to be strong, but a tad bit nervous? :::::RUT ROOOO:::::

First things first, and my Mommy already taught me how to wash my hands........NEXT?

Now the bad news....I so wanted this day to be here, near. I dont want to be THERE, I want them to be HERE. Maybe for Kindergarten....sigh....I sent her a new dress, there is the web cam.... not the same you know? I wish her classroom had a webcam in it. THAT would be fun:)

Learn lots Lovee!! I'm certain that you'll give your teacher a run for her money! ( I wonder where that saying came from?)

Her Mama was a "chatty Kathy" and was in trouble for that weekly! However she was so smart, they couldnt scold her too much now could they? I just told the teachers to give her more to do, let her be teachers helper, she needs more challenge... Giving her a license to point has always worked.::WINK::

<---------YOUNG SPONGE

I'm finishing up the velvet duvet today. Thanks Dy for the tip on the piping, I think I will try to save it, its a very elegant finish. We shall see. One more sleep til Blima's here, I am ready!!! She had 14 for formal dinner last night in celebration of the Jewish NY. Im sure shes delighted to hop a plane and Breath...........We got ahold of Bettyanne and shes joining us for Gilroy outlet day on Friday. Poor Walt smacked his head and said OH NO! The 3 Amigos ride again? LOL

It will be a welcomed day for me, so I just told him to gas up the car, and make sure the trunk was empty, cause it wont be for long:) He really is a big teddy bear anyway... He has been busy making ready for Blima himself. I think he likes my friend visits, keeps him entertained:) Either that, or he just wants to see me smile. Maybe both? I think I'll keep him! (this week)


Dianah said...

I can't wait to see the duvet finished! Have fun at the outlets!


The Sarah Bear said...

YEA YEA YEA - Avi is in preschool! It will be so awesome for her, and soon Karen will have to add on a room for all the arts and crafts projects. Popsicle sticks galore and things made of dough that will make you go, "huh, really?" Handprints for everday of her life from now till 8! :)

Love you both Karen and G

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie, where did the years go.
In a few year can Avi come with us for our yearly roadtrips? Have you taken her to Gilroy yet? lolol.
I am finished packing, ran out this morning for your bagels, cleaning lady is here, Phew! and I am sooooo ready.
See you tomorrow Pal.

Carla said...

She is beautiful, Gina!! I see the resemblance to you!

Oh, I've been to that outlet there in Gilroy. I once took Joseph to a speech expert near there and needed to kill hours. It was a breeze!

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