Monday, September 22, 2008

Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets - M'& M's

There's a lot of different opinions about seasoning cast iron. Here's mine:)

Truly a PITA of a pot, but well worth your troubles. Whether you are making a pot roast or biscuit gravy, or anything in between, these babies are a staple in my kitchen. I keep my Caphalan of course, but for comfort food, soups n stews, fajitas & tortillas, gravy or roasts.... Cast iron by far is the best. You can sear, saute, bake, broil, and even make delicious tortillas on them.

Grease your pan with cooking oil (any is fine, I always use my olive oil) inside and out, Put it in a 300° oven for three hours, removing it several times, wiping it clean, and re-greasing it, so there are three coats inside and one outside. Dont forget that cast iron is even tempered including the handle, ...ask me how I know this. Your pot is now seasoned. Now to re season after each use, I generally clean as below, then heat on stove top to dry, and re oil with a paper towel.
Remember, never use soap to clean it, heres why: Cast iron has a gazillion crevices for seasonings to hide in. Therefore, soap can hide in them too huh? Wanna eat soap? Nope!
Also, metal utensils will hurt too, stick with wooden spoons/spats
Wipe it clean, using HOT water, & salt as an abrasive. A sratchy sponge or stiff brush works well too.
Walts favorites for Biscuits n Gravy, and for pot roast too!

Great Steak Griller, And pancakesMy Favorites for Fajitas, not only great to sear on, but a lovely presentation as well. The PLATA below for tortillas was given to me by Ma at least 30 years ago? Its so cool for quesadillas with cheese, any tortillas, and oh yes! Chasing husbands down the driveway!

( I heard that was a good use)I'm going to do a Beef Stroganoff in the dutch oven tonight, Ill post recipe hopefully tomorrow. ( If I *Note to Lora* I actually make your old fashioned cornbread this way now too! I knew I could improve even the best!


Marvelous Mondays gratuities mean:

The right tool for the job at hand, be it quilting or cooking!

Helpful Hubby that brings me flowers for no reason at all

Marvey Markers... what did I ever do without them? ( see # 1)

Colbie Caliet singing Midnight Bottle, & Ingrid singing Take me the way I am

The right to my own opinion, be it right or wrong, its mine dang it.

The strength to at least get pissed and TRY to be strong. ( makes sense only to me?) I dunno


SarahBear Photo contest tomorrow, get your digital in!!


The Sarah Bear said...

I should have bought that darned cast iron skillet from the estate sell. BIG and only $20 - well seasoned (without soap I hope). Grrrr... And then I need a new kitchen to house it in.

I miss you - and I am glad you are getting pissed - any emotion better than no emotion. LOVE YOU tremendously.


Anonymous said...

Umm G, why dont I have a cast iron anything?
I have picked them up, looked, petted, as you do with fabric but I think the weight issue makes me put them back.
going to rethink and retouch next time.
Flowers for no reason is the best.
Mike does that too.
LU, B.

Carol said...

That does it! My Portland son, the great cook, uses only cast iron. He didn't learn to cook from me, but maybe I could learn from him. I am going to make one my very next purchase - the flat grill one. Thank you for the inspiration!

Judy Whitehead said...

One of my prized possessions is my cast iron skillet. Of course I don't cook much anymore...and I don't know if I can use it on my glasstop stove, but I'll never willingly give it up!

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