Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let The Games Begin!

Ok, so the first thing I have to say is..... Arent you glad you arent me? Or.................... Doncha wish you were? Thats the Sybil in me:)

Blima's arrival is Wednesday. We are both so excited its down right pathetic! Emails and pics are flying!I have a clipboard and I KNOW how to use it! We cannot WAIT for our Thelma and Louise roadtrip to begin... So................. I got Blim these really cool slippers. Karebear? I got you a pair too)

Blima got me this hella cool handbag! How did she know I was whining for a new fall bag? Do you think she reads my blog? I think I should post all the chit I need and see what happens???? Blima liked it so much that she got her a red one so we will match! ( dork alert)

Wednesday, I pick her up on Wednesday. I have the entire 12 days mapped out, printed out, clip boarded up! ::::Side note:::: Its so nice to find something to look forward to eh? I love waiting for my friends:)
Ok, so... I went a little nuts today searching for a laptop table for the living room. I hate the notebook on top of the buffet. So, I took my nightstand away from myself and gave to laptop. Now.. I need a new table? I said hmmmm thrift store shopping!!! ( we have about 6 here in the town). On my second one, I spied these!!!! You may or may not know that I have been seriously looking for something for the mantle to flank my artwork. Nothing has caught my eye in months, until now. I haggled with the owner because she had an ridiculous price on each of them, just because they were new and from our very POSH store called Old Paris downtown. ( so... they are in a thrift store now eh?) I was victorious, and bought them for a song:)

Oh... I didnt find a new nightstand:( But its ok! Tomorrow is another day!


Ok, so back to the shop I go. I really need to clean this shop, clean the whole house.. But Im busy trying to remake the Duvet cover that I whined to you about months ago. Remember I couldnt keep it in place? Then I couldnt stand the noise the down comforter inside made? Well I finally said screw it.. I dont care what the damn thing cost, if Im not happy, Im not happy! ( a happy wife is a happy life, remember? I thought you would)

I took it down to the last 2 layers. Velvet and sheer sateen. The velvet piping still attached. I found this beautiful plum backing, ( it matches my comfort quilt to a tee) I loaded with q 4 ounce poly only. so i can keep it as light as possible given its already heavy with velvet. I am now simply edge stitching the design, ( in a hurry mind u) Then I will cut away the piping and bind. Unless someone comes up with a brilliant plan to save this beautiful piping and bind all at the same time. ( comments before tomorrow as I am burning the midnight oil, thanks)
When I am finished, it WILL NOT MOVE, it WILL NOT MAKE NOISE, and it will still match my wonderful quilt. Happy. ( you think the nightmares will end?)

I must be some kind of re do it queen in the making.. I have 4 restorations in house, one loaded, and one more coming in next week.
God send me a dang panto please!!!!
I better shut up and move it... times a wasting:) Stay tuned for the OMFG What happens next in this womans world................


Deb said...

Have a wonderful trip my dear I bounce about the room trying to keep up with you..LOL Never gonna I'll be content to read about it.

Dianah said...

Sounds like you are having tons of fun!

I would unsew the piping and then but it back on. I would then turn under the top and bottom and put the biniding inbetween. I am anal and would take the time. It would look wonderful!


Feather on a Wire said...

New feather duvets make noise until they are 'worn' in a little. You can try putting it in a large tumble dryer to speed up the process somewhat.
ps am seriously jealous of those slippers.....

Anonymous said...

The last two post comments talk about your quilt, I dont know from that, All I have to say is....I love my slippers, thanks so much, and...RETAIL THERAPY!
See you Wednesday Pal.


Anonymous said...

I have to smile, your life sounds like mine, I can never finish a thought or a task, a little here, then a distraction, then where was i oh I need to do this okay back to that, yikes, amazing we get anything done..... Enjoy your time with Blima, I know how you have been looking forward to this time... Love ya Gina... Ronda

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