Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake!

Sheesh...I think he is 24. Is there a point in life when we get to stop counting KID birthdays as to distract from our own? ::say yes:::

Happy Birthday youngest of mine. I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my Baby you'll be.

( excerpts from the boys favorite bedtime story, " I'll love you forever".)

Although he didnt see me, last week while trying to celebrate Jamies birthday, I watched Jake BBQ and carry on with his family, laughing and keeping a watchful eye on his Mom. ( & they dont think we see! ha!) He is turning into quite the chef too! Remind me to send him some of my Montreal steak spice, he will love it:)

I find it hard to believe that not ONLY is he grown, but a Father of 2!! (better you than me, Son..LOL)I think I told you all about the wierdness of watching my baby have a baby... still a head twister memory for me. Now to have our lil Jamie... all I can say is :::WHAT A RIDE:::Speaking of which, I need some new photos Master Jacob:)

Born 2 weeks late and larger than life, he still is that. Large, and larger than life too! Thanks for trying to take care of Mom, while I try to take care of you:) We will be ok. Happy Happy Birthday!


Desert Threads said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!

Carla said...

Oh yes, I used to read that book to my kids, too! Oh they grow so fast, don't they?

So who does Jake favor- you or Walt?

DearGina said...

Jake, (in my subjective opinion and those of the family too.. )looks just like his mother, and acts like his Dad...lol
He does have his dads height(thank goodness) But skin, hair, eyes coloring, smile, is Moms. I kinda like it too:) Last week while chatting with him on the patio, each big smile/laugh, looked just like his brother James. I couldnt help but stare, poor kid. At least my Munz lives on a little in those kids faces. God I miss him.

The Sarah Bear said...


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Jake and yes he does look like his Mom, have a wonderful day G...... LYM Ronda

Mary said...

I'm not sure how my guys got to be 23 and almost 25 but no kids yet (thank goodness!) I really can't imagine them as parents yet - I'm still waiting for them to finish growing up. Of course, I was 22 when I started having kids as they like to remind me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jake.
Wishing you Love, Health and Happiness Always.


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