Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday- M & M's

So what did YOU buy today online? I was a very good girl and stayed away from all retail sales sites ad went STRAIGHT for the travel agents for next Christmas season. Did you know that the Disney cruises are all booked until 2011 ? WTH?? So then I went to Italy, then Mexican Riviera, onward to Disney
and then I went to work on the house mess. GRUNT. Its really the first time to play "Catch & Release" online! Hey! It works!! YOU DO play catch & release right? Its the best game around, you MUST try it!
My shop is officially all sheet rocked and just a mess of a mess out there. Doncha just hate that white powdery mess it makes? I think I will go with a butternut yellow paint. Well, after I do a floor... after we texture... wow what another journey eh? Speaking of.. I need to get to it!
Have a great Monday:)

Marvelous Mondays Include

* Young sheet rock hanger men
*Shop vac!
*that great lil Sushi Bar around the corner
* Facebook videos of my baby grand girl singing with her talented Mommy
*Left over rib steak for a quick and easy Sirloin tips over noodles! ( where the crap are my cook books buried?)
* All of my errands within a 5 mile radius!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Studio Number Four

I think they just keep getting better! Today is day one. Sheet rock/insulation, warm it up day! Soon I will be back to work! Yippee!! This shop will be about 21x24. Considerably larger than the B & B shop, but a tad bit smaller than Morro Bay. Greta is covered and secured with all the damn boxes brought into the house until the work is done. Wont be long now says I! Walt is getting stronger but has hired out the heavy work. (thank God). As I always say... one winning lottery ticket is what it takes...grunt. I see Walts head spinning for super cool design walls and things and I just see dollar signs.

All of the cabinetry is spread all over the darn place, and I'm making Soup! ( believe me, its best this way) I was hoping to have the grands here.. but frankly... where would I put them now?

Thanksgiving With

Happy Thanksgiving says Ginger the TUTU POO

Monday, November 23, 2009

Craigs List Fun & M M's

OMGoodness did I ever SCORE! I was in need of guest room furniture and I happened on this beauty! Now since the quilts have yet to be unpacked... this will do for the holiday company, then I intend to shop for other french walnut antiques! I just love this! WOW. Now, of course I need more beds right? lol I have air mattress, no worries! Now back to the boxes......

Marvelous Mondays include:

clear boxes from Walmart for re Storing!

Craigs list NICE people ( cause there ARE bad apples)

checks in the mail!

Best friends:)

Gorgeous Grand Girls even when messy!

THIS Kona coffee, its fabulous for Mondays!

Did I mention that bed? woohoo!

Aviana and Jamie So very beautiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

Home now! LOL :::: U KNOW u were singing Christmas weren't you?:::::

TGIF DearBlog Readers.. I am still buried in boxes however things are shaping up! I had a great time at Karens Graduation and pictures are in the capable Heather hands soon to come:) My Grands are growing at an alarming rate of speed and I wish they would slow down...(much like my laugh lines) I also spent time with parents, and sis and I staged a mock Thanksgiving with them since I wont be there, I'll be here! Bottom line: Much needed Heart Food. I did come home with a head cold.. go figure. I NEVER come home without some bug eh? I am so on germ warfare here, and STILL I get stuff. Maybe I should change my vitamins? Ok, what else is going on? Well, I still cant find some things like WINE GLASSES.... can openers and favorite knives. But I do have other boxes being made for a dang yard sale! I am so close to calling that HOARDERS show and telling them to bring a camera over here!
What else is going on round here? Oh! We had no internet, tv, or phone for a few frustrating days and we LIVE to tell about it! Imagine that!!! It has actually spawned a good thing. playing cards, looking at each other, and dare I say??? TALKING! I used to practice family night when the kids were growing. Games only. We have always had dinner round the table together, but then everyone split to do whatever....... I think I will dissconnect stuff once a It makes me happy.. God knows I should do things to make me happy! sheesh!
I have a houseful coming next week, and I am nowhere near equipped for that YET. I am in hopes that the shop can go together with helpers. I'll bribe them with food:::wink::
I should get to work! Boxes are calling me and today..........I SHALL FIND THE WINE GLASSES! ( altho the juice glasses arent bad?)
PS: Anyone else getting a bang out of that commercial with the nekked turkey running through the store? ROFL>>> I think its a chicken broth ad.. not sure... which is funny too!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Heart Of Life Still Good

It was a drunk driving accident. My James was only 26. Just horrid. A young life, no wife or children yet. A manager of Sprint cell phone stores. He loved to fish, and all outdoor sports really. His best friends were his dog "Dakota" and his brothers. He was best friend to all, and they all couldnt wait to tell me this. He adored his family and desperatley wanted one of his own. He was kind and sensitive, and loved his Mother ( & Father) very much.
I am forever changed and heartbroken. I truly believe that I have yet to find Gina anywhere that I look yet. I do find comfort in my art, and in the constant support network of friends,family, colleagues and customers, children, grands, and hubby. God knows this sustains me through an otherwise nightmare of a life. I wait patiently for peace, while I continue to live and ask why. One of the most often questions I ask is WHEN will the feeling of the other shoe dropping will subside. I want to scream "PLEASE do not take anyone else I love, PLEASE!"
Now you may be wondering why I am saying all of this today. Well....beyond the STILL incoming email questions that I get asking WHY.....
I am attending my daughters college graduation tomorrow. Its been a long road but she has finally become the nurse she has always wanted to be. I am so very proud of her as she is the FIRST college Graduate in my family on either side. Karen has always had what it takes to succeed in whatever she sets out to do. I dunno where she gets this from:::wink:::
I will proudly shed tears through smiles while still living vicariously through her! That cap and gown picture will hang in a predominant place in this home as a constant reminder that I helped to make
Also, I will see my grands, bring them dresses, sweaters, kisses oh my... and take comfort in all of this, for the heart of life is still good. Since most of the family will be in attendance, I am hopeful that Jamie will be too. I'll save a seat for him.
Look for blogabout next week of her beautiful smile, and mine:)
As always dear blog readers, thanks for the vent:)
Take care of you:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all of them, and my Baby Boy too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Moving Monday

The rocker recliner, Advil, coffee, and a list pad are my Monday Buddies. You knew that was coming right? A woman's got to know her limitations! I think I will take it easy today and try to re-coop a bit. I really think I am stronger than I am and hefting furniture and boxes seems fine, UNTIL the pain hits?
Major progress this week end was made. It's beginning to look like a home as opposed to a warehouse or estate sale. It's just nuts how much stuff we have accumulated and haul around! One thing I have noticed is that we doubled up on many items for 2 story home.. now we are back to one. ( Thank God!) The serious sense of urgency is weird I tell you. Maybe its because I am missing out on Christmas Quilting which is always fun. Or maybe because I must travel to the valley for Karen's Graduation ceremony? I'm so very proud of my daughter. She has worked her tail off sacrificing much to achieve this goal. I will begin hunting down the perfect high paying job for her on the central coast so they can relocate before its too late. I know all too well how your heels get dug in raising your family, educating your children, and you just get stuck in a place you really don't want to be. I miss them on a daily basis. Avi called yesterday to tell me about a movie she was watching with her lil friend. I wonder if she knows how much I love that?
Okay dear blog readers, I am off to make those lists and hopefully feel strong enough to hunt down those damn dishes! Have a Marvelous Monday, and I will too!
The journey is everything, in everything give thanks.
MM's include

*The contents of my curio, may it always go where I go
*the steady return of Walt's health
*every store I need within a 5 mile radius
*80 degrees in November
* A beautiful home, just my size
*My lil sis always checking on me, times do change eh?
* Aviana's phone calls and candid photos

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving Isnt For Me. Grunt

Two smallish goose eggs, one cut/broken middle toe, one smashed big toe, one knee football sized, so sore from top to bottom. Thats the move update so far. OMGoodness. At what point does one say they are too flippin old to do this? Here's what I think.... At 40 I declared no more tent camping,dirt sweeping, campfire cooking.... RVing only allowed for me now. At 50, I shall declare no more packing, unpacking,moving boxes, hefting furniture, building sheds, erecting shelves, and the like. PERIOD. Thats all I have to say about that. OUCH.
The rae of sunshine is that it is beautiful here. The sun comes up over the back fence illuminating the rolling hills of Arroyo Grande. Our coffee tastes so wonderful sitting under the finger palm trees watching this sight unfold. While its true all around us is organized chaos, it just doesnt matter much at all. At that very moment, for a few mornings in a row now, all that does matter is the feeling of hope for the future.
I am having to take more breaks this morning due to pain all over the place. SO I thought I'd come chat with you. I should be cleaning the kitchen as I cant get in there right now. We have gone from a commercial kitchen, maybe the size of a small house, to a U shaped space of a large bathroom...LOL. Wait a minute, thats not really very funny. Grunt. No matter, I'll figure it out. As long as I can always get to the coffee pot, who cares? I DO think my studio will share with kitchen items as they just wont fit in here. As the men were bringing in box after box marked kitchen we all laughed because they would look at me and say "Senora~, Mas Cucina?" Rofl, the room was filled floor to ceiling and no more could go in there. Consequently, The shop has rows of boxes, and nope... I have yet to find my good dishes. grunt. Ginger and I did the happy dance to find the can opener for her!
Walt has been outside since about 5 I dont think I will get him in here, but I'm glad he likes it out there too. Maybe it will aid in his recovery. He and I finished up the Pickford yesterday and hung the CLOSED sign on the front doors. We will make one more trip, pass through if you will, to make sure all is well.
Eight months of I dont even have the words to label those 8 months.... what a ride.
I should get back to it. I hope all is well with all of you. Happy Sunday.
Love yer guts, G

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Begin Again

Good morning. I was thinking.:::rut ro:::When trying so hard to figure this all out. Maybe... just maybe we have been on an 18 month whirlwind tornado ride since the untimely death of my boy. Moving around, searching, hoping, trying to find answers or my way in life. Maybe its true what they say that after such a horrid experiance, one should never do anything RASH for at least 2 years? Living proof am I....hmmmmm
OK, so, we are home in AG and while the both of us are tired,sore, overwhelmed, flat ass broke, and in the biggest mess we have EVER seen, it feels right, good, and a huge sense of relief.Making breakfast consisted of 2 bagels, a lunchpail in my jammies hair flying. ( I know many of you GET that visual). No matter the mess, it is good. Now that I have my pals in the boxes ( computer & TV) What could be bad? Nuttin.
I am off to make a path between boxes... I'll be back soon, maybe I will find a camera?

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