Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

Home now! LOL :::: U KNOW u were singing Christmas weren't you?:::::

TGIF DearBlog Readers.. I am still buried in boxes however things are shaping up! I had a great time at Karens Graduation and pictures are in the capable Heather hands soon to come:) My Grands are growing at an alarming rate of speed and I wish they would slow down...(much like my laugh lines) I also spent time with parents, and sis and I staged a mock Thanksgiving with them since I wont be there, I'll be here! Bottom line: Much needed Heart Food. I did come home with a head cold.. go figure. I NEVER come home without some bug eh? I am so on germ warfare here, and STILL I get stuff. Maybe I should change my vitamins? Ok, what else is going on? Well, I still cant find some things like WINE GLASSES.... can openers and favorite knives. But I do have other boxes being made for a dang yard sale! I am so close to calling that HOARDERS show and telling them to bring a camera over here!
What else is going on round here? Oh! We had no internet, tv, or phone for a few frustrating days and we LIVE to tell about it! Imagine that!!! It has actually spawned a good thing. playing cards, looking at each other, and dare I say??? TALKING! I used to practice family night when the kids were growing. Games only. We have always had dinner round the table together, but then everyone split to do whatever....... I think I will dissconnect stuff once a It makes me happy.. God knows I should do things to make me happy! sheesh!
I have a houseful coming next week, and I am nowhere near equipped for that YET. I am in hopes that the shop can go together with helpers. I'll bribe them with food:::wink::
I should get to work! Boxes are calling me and today..........I SHALL FIND THE WINE GLASSES! ( altho the juice glasses arent bad?)
PS: Anyone else getting a bang out of that commercial with the nekked turkey running through the store? ROFL>>> I think its a chicken broth ad.. not sure... which is funny too!


Linda said...

Hey Gina - good to hear that you're getting life back together again. A move is so stressful. Going without technology is great every now and then. I've had my TV turned off for a couple of years now and can't say that I miss it at all. It leaves time for things like reading or playing with the dog! I've even cut way back on my internet usage lately. No more blogging. I can say the few things I need to on Facebook.

I hope you find the wine glasses and enjoy snuggling into your new place.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

I LOVE that commercial. It always makes me giggle Ü. Hope you find the wine glasses soon!

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