Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Moving Monday

The rocker recliner, Advil, coffee, and a list pad are my Monday Buddies. You knew that was coming right? A woman's got to know her limitations! I think I will take it easy today and try to re-coop a bit. I really think I am stronger than I am and hefting furniture and boxes seems fine, UNTIL the pain hits?
Major progress this week end was made. It's beginning to look like a home as opposed to a warehouse or estate sale. It's just nuts how much stuff we have accumulated and haul around! One thing I have noticed is that we doubled up on many items for 2 story home.. now we are back to one. ( Thank God!) The serious sense of urgency is weird I tell you. Maybe its because I am missing out on Christmas Quilting which is always fun. Or maybe because I must travel to the valley for Karen's Graduation ceremony? I'm so very proud of my daughter. She has worked her tail off sacrificing much to achieve this goal. I will begin hunting down the perfect high paying job for her on the central coast so they can relocate before its too late. I know all too well how your heels get dug in raising your family, educating your children, and you just get stuck in a place you really don't want to be. I miss them on a daily basis. Avi called yesterday to tell me about a movie she was watching with her lil friend. I wonder if she knows how much I love that?
Okay dear blog readers, I am off to make those lists and hopefully feel strong enough to hunt down those damn dishes! Have a Marvelous Monday, and I will too!
The journey is everything, in everything give thanks.
MM's include

*The contents of my curio, may it always go where I go
*the steady return of Walt's health
*every store I need within a 5 mile radius
*80 degrees in November
* A beautiful home, just my size
*My lil sis always checking on me, times do change eh?
* Aviana's phone calls and candid photos

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