Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stick Together Restoration Circa 1929

Last project before the cooking begins! (I am SO not ready either!!) This one goes home tomorrow. A 1929 hand embroidered and tied block design of a stitching club called "The Stick Together Club". Tattered and torn, thread bare and well loved it was brought in for revitalization. It was taken down to the bare blocks, those blocks repaired, cleaned, trimmed, re sized and stabilized with a light weight fusible interfacing. I then put it back together using Aunt Gracie reproduction fabrics for the sashing, backing and binding.::doncha just love that pop??:: I didnt wish to Re-Tie the quilt due to the sag factor, and also longevity, so a good compromise with Grama was a loose panto design. ( Peacock Feather) The 70x80 Stitchers quilt lives again, ready to be loved for another century! I enjoyed this project and especially love the "names" of the era. Mabel, Emma, Alice, Ella, Betty, etc... My how times have changed, or should I say as the pendulum swings eh, since Emma has become popular again. ::wink@ Kymn::In the 3 months time I have been working on this, I couldnt help but wonder about these girls... were they like my girls? What kind of things were discussed at THEIR tables while stitching? Hmmmm
The cream & Black polka dot binding is something I swear I have seen a pic of Mom in a dress made of this! I have always thought that I was born way too late.
My next one is for the same Grama in a GFG from 1960...can you say sock it to me poly????
The last photo is the original quilt. I am in hopes that they are all clickable for enlargement.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week end. Be safe especially with those "Black Friday" crowds:) I really just want to skip this, but I know I cannot, and I am Thankful too for many many reasons.. so... I go on. grunt.
Love your guts! G

Monday, November 24, 2008

Marvelous Mondays & Missing Ma!

I've been doing much thinking lately. I have many decisions to make, and I decided only one thing. I cant think with all this hair!!!! I think I'll whack it off. If nothing else, just to Think easier, what do ya think about that???

My sister came to fetch Mom this week end. We had a great time and even Rudy behaved himself. ::alert the media:: He did however pick up my Moms name and called to her incentantly. (Ruth!!!!) Which tickled Ma, but annoys everyone else. He COULD say Grama you know.... Kinda RUDE doncha think?
I must make up for lost time now, only two days to do it in! sheesh... It isnt going to be fun with no music in the shop, ( still having issues since cable company blow out) And of course, since Moms gone... I'll have only the Rudester to chat with! I'll get back to ya about the hair whacking!
lol Have a Marvelous Monday!

* A few weeks with Mom
*help with quilts!!
* Great customers!
* A convertable to soak up each ray of sunshine
*Cranberry juice
*My new coffee cup from Sis!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tagged & Awarded! I am missed? LOL

Tagged by Ms Moomp, You grab the 4th picture, on the 4th month of your blogiversary, and post it on your blog. Tag 4 others to do the same. I had to go on a hunt! Here it is, a favorite drawing in my studio now. ( I have yet to frame it it cause I cant find the correct resizing of said print...grunt) It makes me smle every darn day!

Tagging: Carla, Deb, Ronda Vicki, hunt em down girls!

Then.......My pal over at turtle trax left me a beattiful butterfly award!!! She likes my blog, she really really likes it! ( doing my best sally field inpersonation) Thank you for the honor Woman:)

Now... Onto More Mama Moments...............

Shes still binding woohoo! Here's whats happened. In an effort to keep mom actively in the shop I have had to work faster than the speed of light making quilts ready for her to bind! I have found that she likes de-construction of them more so than construction. As I said, she wont sew or cut OR quilt!:::stubborn:::The last few days have been spent on my Jamies restoration quilt. Which of course has been good and bad. She has become very emotional these days, but determined to sit & rip for Jamies quilt. I stopped her last evening to bind another. Its been a different couple weeks, I'll tell you that. I've been yelling a lot, and even Rudy thinks that the TV is too loud, because he has become LOUD!!!
Is it me or does she look like she is in pain? LOLOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

M & M's on Tuesday!

Anyone notice that M & M's are always on Tuesday lately? LOL, I'm a bit behind? You people know I'm busy right? I thought you saw Mom up there taking all my spare time! She gets a bit snarky if she see's me go for the computer. I have no idea why. Maybe its an evil-doer? sheesh Ma...
I guess the Christmas crunch is on, altho it sure doesnt feel like holidays to me. Can I just skip this year please? I'll just quilt quilts and call it a year, thanks. I really cant wait for 2009 to kick in just so that THIS year will be over.
I have 3 restoration projects going on downstairs. 1929 embroidered blocks, 1930 something GFG, and a 1960 sock it to me poly. (pics when camera is back up) All taken down to the bare bones, and 2 of them scalloped or hex edges which I have to brush up on my knife edge binding for? ( I think I'll bend Rondas ear on that one.) I had a difficult time with those teeny hexagons on the GFG, but I did it! :::SELF BUTTERCUP BLI:::: All of the rest are just pantos, so I can divide my self up a bit. I want to gt more time in for ME quilts too. It sure feels good to have one of my own completed. Mom is bucking fr a photo memory quilt, but honestly, the computer situations round here are choppy, and there isnt a lot of time left. I'll see what I can do. For now I will ponder last weeks M & M's, ( Marvelous Monday Gratitude's)

*Collected pin cushions that make me smile about thier origins.
* A bad Ass sound system in the shop! ( scuse me)
* A daughter who can help me with diabetic issues for her Grama ( seriously confusing disease)
* Mom's "loafing meat" its yummy!!
* Rudy finally saying Good.... ( on his way to morning!!) He is stubborn?
*Blood pressure meds... oh thank u thank

Happy day after Monday:)

Monday, November 17, 2008


 Its big, its beautiful, its colorful, and its DONE!!! Now I need another project for her.... Help???
She won't take on sewing anymore, Nor will she use the rotary cutter...but her binding is still top notch!
*H? Have Sarah peek here to see the cute cupcake pin cushion she gave to me:) We love it! Thank you!( well, Mom wants to eat it?)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tired and Loved

Walt came home last evening to find 2 tired women and a dog in need of a beauty parlor (Ginger, not me, although I pondered that while typing) and went right to work. I was exasperated having fought with a wonky Ebay King all day only to find several puckers up the right side. Mom stuck with me binding the velvet quilt most of the day, breaking only for lunch. What a trooper!! When I announced that the only thing going on for dinner would be a frogging party, he laid out all kinds of snacks for me & Mom, and a nice handy dandy OTT lamp too.... while we frogged and watched THE GODFATHER. Around 7 he brought wine and warm Sausage Tortellini zoupa in:) What a great guy eh? Mom couldnt stop singing his praises for spoiling her, and Thats what he ate up for dinner:) I was so relieved that I had made the soup a few days ago! Phew!

I'll reload this morning and try to have my way with that darned quilt. I dont think that Mom or Walt will go for another frogging party tonight!

::::Frogging= Stitches being ripped out making the sound of a frog; RIP IT.. RIP IT::::::

*Note to Moomp Photography:

A: I need help with a way to hang quilts to shoot, can you come over?

B: Everyone agrees that Walt, true to life size, is peeking at us coming up the stairwell! LOL

C: U asked for pics! LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Have Squatters!!


In our lemon tree, hiding out, doing I dont know what but looking mighty lovee dovee up there!!!
Next door, in the avocado tree is a white dove and a beige friend. I'll try to get a pic of them when my camera battery is replaced. For now, enjoy Walts shot of the day!
I've got Mom at work binding my own velvet project. She is having some trouble with her eyes, but she is determined. Walt told her that I pay only Minimum wage, she was ok with that, until she found out it was not a customer quilt, and she's working pro bono! LOL Happy hump day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Valley Visiting & M & M's

My Brother in law thinks he's funny. I guess maybe he is. When I stay at my Sis' home in Auburn, my room is upstairs in her hubby's den. It is a manly men's den with things hanging all over from hunting and fishing trips. I remarked last month that it is difficult to sleep with those poor Bambi eyes looking right at me as if to say "can you stop this from happening to our peoples?". This month, Pat told me that he "fixed" the problem for me, led me up the stairs, and welcomed me into the new and improved den. ( of iniquity says I!!!) Now they wont haunt you anymore G!!! I couldn't help but laugh, right after I smacked him:)
I believe that as a child I was traumatized by my Dad who thought it strength building to take his 12 year old daughter in the woods, dressed in camouflage, freezing her little bottom off, while having her sip from a shared bottle of Blackberry Brandy. Then given a gun larger than she and was told to kneel behind a tree and shoot this poor helpless brown eyed beautiful animal. Now being the greatest son my Dad ever boasted having, I was compliant. Who knew that it would be a life defining moment for me? ( among many) I took the shot, happily missed, took the scolding while secretly smiling, and never again have I been hunting. I reminded my Mother of this deer hunting trip last evening on our way home, ( Yes, I have my Mama with me) She said with a tear in her eye, "why didnt you just shoot him instead?" I laughed and told her it was ok, it was part of who I am today. The part that taught her kids not to shoot things. Ever. I know that many love this sport, and the meat... and whatever.... Patrick got his first Elk of the year last week, WOOHOO more Elk stew? PLUEEASE.....

At least it wasnt another bear, but I did hear tell that he plans to find a boar? Ack!

As I said I have a visitor this week. Mom is hanging out with me threatening to help quilt. I said coome on Mama!!!! I would so love it if she would again show interest in THIS sport!!!
For a start, maybe I could convince her to do some binding. We shall see... and I'm all over it!
Her dear Lucy, ( u may remember the toy poodle we gave her a few years ago) went over the rainbow bridge.. ok, she died... last week. Sudden illness that the vet cannnot explain. So Mom's here with me and Ginger picking up a few pieces from her shattered globe. Thats all I have to say about that.

Marvelous Mondays

* My Veteran Jake, whom I am so proud of. Thank you Jake.
* A 6 hour long drive/chat with Ma
* A "no kill" policy at "g's" house.
*Visits with friends and family as much as I can grab
*My studio, geez, sing that song with me.. "IN my own little corner in my own little room, I can be whatever I want to be......
* Walts understanding me, even when I dont.
* A new computer!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

BUZZ Phrases, Come and Go

Why do people get STUCK on these catch phrases? I think it should be just Rudy being the local parrot, but it isnt! Its everone..... Today, after hearing so much of this I actually said it to someone!

I SO heart that!! (ackkkkkk)
A few months back it was:

At the end of the day..................(the media especially ate this up)
Even before that was:
Thats so Surreal!! ( Get another word please!)
How about, let's do lunch! Or....Sheet Happens! ( still going strong)
Theres the valley girls... WHATEVER......( K, u know who u are)
I'll have my people call your people (still going strong too)
I could keep going, theres a serious bunch missing here... but I won't, You guys list some, JIS FER FUN.
It bugs me a bit..( like what doesnt eh) but then again, so does Rudy's incessant question of WANNA MARGARITA? I always say maybe later, and he answers with "k", and goes on about the business of chewing down his playhouse. Just once I'd like him to say good morning to me, just once!
Like I said, he's a parrot!! Its expected. I'll stop and go to work now. I have the longest Sun Bonnet Sue I have ever seen loaded! 66x94? Whats up with that? You peoples......

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us! ::Edited::

Thank you Moomp Photography, for capturing this time in our lives:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where there is Smoke, There IS Fire!

The cable guy came yesterday. A routine visit to correct the buzz in my cable box. No biggo deal right? I was blogging, loading a Sun Bonnet Sue, and making a bunch of postage stamps for a YIKES quilt.. A typical multi tasking Monday morning. Or so I thought.

I heard a loud POP! All life went down in the studio.Oh SNAP. I smell smoke! HEAVY smoke! I run to the Gammil and say a quick prayer over her. I ran back to computer and had a gut feeling something horrible has just happened. This surfer dude cable guy comes in and tells me that he got shocked. ::insert hu hu hu hu stupid chuckle:: I said, this isnt funny? What have you done? With the same goofy smile he said that he pulled his splitter and something happened. I said well, what are you going to do, all the lights and machinery is down? He again said I dont know, Im not an electrician. WHAT????? You blew this out, do you KNOW someone who can HELP YOU? I pointed at Greta and said" THIS is a very expensive machine you may have just killed??? He called his supervisor. Within 10 minutes 3 cable trucks and 5 manly men stomped into the shop. All of them with their HEADS UP THEIR ASSES could not get power back to the house!! Five hours later, one master bedroom TV dead, out of business for sure.... they leave and decided that its NOT THEIR FAULT???? Call your electrician????? While I'm seething about their lack of accountability, I am scared to death of the near future without my studio. Walt got home and immediately went to work saving the day. By a series of deductions he restored power to all but the Master TV, siting that CHARTER CABLE CO did indeed Screwed something up. Yes, surfer goof ball did blow up the circuits, and 6 men couldnt flip a GFI button in the bathroom!!!!!!!

My studio is safe. I hugged Greta and thanked God,Walt and every super surge protecter that we installed.. As for the TV Cable in the bedroom. Its dead for good. The original Buzz in the living room? Oh its allll gone... mission accomplished. The last time this happened, the cable guy with a little more G2 in him, just put in a new cable box and voila! no buzz...

I had a most nerve racking day, I had 2 glasses of wine which went over my 2 POINTS for WW plan, I think I frightened my BFF Heather cause she called in the middle of it all and witnessed my mini nervous breakdown, YELLING at the goofy guy.... ( sorry H, no wonder u didnt call back eh?) I'm not finished with these people. Heads are going to roll for this, and I'm really not to be messed with these days as I not only have anger issues, my coping skills are quite low, AND I personally loathe refusal of accountability. Ya just dont smoke up my home, kill all forms of electrical life, and not accept responsibility for it. THAT causes a fire in me!
In addition to that, I am currently dealing with my Moms dog Lucy, who is very ill, which makes Mom very ill, which makes me very upset-er. ( later post cause I just cant let go right now)

I'm really off to vote now, and MAKE it a good day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep Calm & Carry On + M & M's

Thank you Ronda for the new chant mantra:) Thank you Sharon for more batik strips! I have been up since 4 am.... working on me.

Marvelous Mondays

* Dear friends & family going through the fire with me.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Super Munz-& Grands

I cant help it. All kids love Halloween and Jamie was no exception. He was shy and sweet and pushed by his siblings, but happily so.
I took my shower this morning after blogging. I felt victorious for having staved off a mini meltdown. Then it hit me. THIS picture, This face. His careful coy smiles as adults coo'd him. Even at the funeral services I watched people pointing at this picture and smiling. ( that was a freaking killer) He would stick close to "Sissy" every chance he got, he wanted to be assertive like his older brother, but clearly was not. He loved the church carnival best of all. ( he didnt have to ASK for
Some say ( and I wont say who) WHY do you mourn the loss of this small child? He was an adult, he left this age/stage a very long time ago. I have pondered this as a Mother, then as someone outside of my body looking at this pitiful person. I have an answer. Because everytime I see this man, kiss this man, hug this man, chat with this man, I see THIS boy. my mind flashes to one part or another of a time in his young life. The adult self in front of me isnt as important, doesnt matter as much as all of the years it took to GET to this stage. When I looked at James, I saw Jamie. I saw the journey!! I have made myself mindful of the way I "think" when I see my other grown children. A test. YEP YEP YEP... sure enough, I flash with certain smiles, a look, an action, and I see the youngster. Is this normal??? I called Mom and asked her if she sees me or Kelly this way. I was validated when she said, "are you kidding Gina? I'm talking to that inquisitive little brat right now!" ( thanks Ma) (its actually not as bad as her calling me the "interrogator" which was often!)
Whether it was a month or several between visits, Jamie always came home. He never could bare to be away for holidays. I never worried too much because I knew that he was safe, and that he would be home soon. I kept prayer covers over him, and so did Ma. We had Yahoo, e-mail, cell phones, texting.. I was really, always certain that everything was just fine.
As I stepped into the shower and had these thoughts, I also had the OMFG could this really be true? Is it true? Did it really happen?Wait! Lets think about this. ( this happens to me often) Once again, I go down. I hear my daughters voice on the phone. I feel my insides erupt, I hear Sarah asking me if I need a bandaid, I see the horror on the face of everyone around me. I see the entire funeral speed through my mind like a freightrain, but leaving nothing out. It always ends with holding his long beautiful cold hands trying to say goodbye, trying not to die, as I realize it really is true. It really is. I must say that screaming aloud for the loss of this boy, this man, comes less often. However screaming inside, a howling gut wrenching OH NO IT IS TRUE scream, comes more frequently. I dont understand this at all. I dont understand how I can be so disturbed and yet so victorious at the same time??? I mean who gives a crap about the election, the stores closing, the stock market, the holidays!!! I want a GO BACK!!!!!!I need to fix this! It must be the Sybil in me.
Theres no GO BACKS I'm afraid, and lifes to precious and frail to be taken so lightly and just "think" everones okay. Lesson learned, but look at THAT price tag. Now if I can just teach myself to care without flipping out about every little thing. Lifes tough, I've always thought myself tougher. Maybe I was wrong, but I have hope that I am right.

Sybil Speak
If you have made it this far, you will be happy to hear that I made it through, waiting for grand baby pictures. Stuck my head so far into sewing nothing could hurt me? Finally these arrived, which thrilled me. I now await Jakes Babies!!! Come on Jake!

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