Monday, November 24, 2008

Marvelous Mondays & Missing Ma!

I've been doing much thinking lately. I have many decisions to make, and I decided only one thing. I cant think with all this hair!!!! I think I'll whack it off. If nothing else, just to Think easier, what do ya think about that???

My sister came to fetch Mom this week end. We had a great time and even Rudy behaved himself. ::alert the media:: He did however pick up my Moms name and called to her incentantly. (Ruth!!!!) Which tickled Ma, but annoys everyone else. He COULD say Grama you know.... Kinda RUDE doncha think?
I must make up for lost time now, only two days to do it in! sheesh... It isnt going to be fun with no music in the shop, ( still having issues since cable company blow out) And of course, since Moms gone... I'll have only the Rudester to chat with! I'll get back to ya about the hair whacking!
lol Have a Marvelous Monday!

* A few weeks with Mom
*help with quilts!!
* Great customers!
* A convertable to soak up each ray of sunshine
*Cranberry juice
*My new coffee cup from Sis!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gina,

Some days I know what you mean about all that hair on our heads! There are times that I just want to cut it almost all off. In fact tonight it gets cut...just not sure how much...I really like the ease of doing nothing other than combing it. Short hair requires work on my part. Work equates to time and time is not my friend these days.

Hope you have a productive day! I'm home "sick" today because my productivity last few days is in the tank! Here's to catching up.

Karen A.

Desert Threads said...

I like short hair on me but not sure about yours. I like it the way it is.
I know you are going to miss mom being around and the help with bindings.
Don't pick on Sir Rudy!!!

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