Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stick Together Restoration Circa 1929

Last project before the cooking begins! (I am SO not ready either!!) This one goes home tomorrow. A 1929 hand embroidered and tied block design of a stitching club called "The Stick Together Club". Tattered and torn, thread bare and well loved it was brought in for revitalization. It was taken down to the bare blocks, those blocks repaired, cleaned, trimmed, re sized and stabilized with a light weight fusible interfacing. I then put it back together using Aunt Gracie reproduction fabrics for the sashing, backing and binding.::doncha just love that pop??:: I didnt wish to Re-Tie the quilt due to the sag factor, and also longevity, so a good compromise with Grama was a loose panto design. ( Peacock Feather) The 70x80 Stitchers quilt lives again, ready to be loved for another century! I enjoyed this project and especially love the "names" of the era. Mabel, Emma, Alice, Ella, Betty, etc... My how times have changed, or should I say as the pendulum swings eh, since Emma has become popular again. ::wink@ Kymn::In the 3 months time I have been working on this, I couldnt help but wonder about these girls... were they like my girls? What kind of things were discussed at THEIR tables while stitching? Hmmmm
The cream & Black polka dot binding is something I swear I have seen a pic of Mom in a dress made of this! I have always thought that I was born way too late.
My next one is for the same Grama in a GFG from 1960...can you say sock it to me poly????
The last photo is the original quilt. I am in hopes that they are all clickable for enlargement.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week end. Be safe especially with those "Black Friday" crowds:) I really just want to skip this, but I know I cannot, and I am Thankful too for many many reasons.. so... I go on. grunt.
Love your guts! G


Linda said...

You have totally revitalized this quilt. It's absolutely stunning. Yes, I used to quilt with poly in "the early years" (1978), it's amazing how it deteriorates down to a sort of crumbly thin icky layer!!!
Enjoy your turkey day--I'm planning my Christmas turkey cause we already did the Thanksgiving one in Canada!
Lurking Linda

Jackie Russell said...

WOW! I'm always amazed at the magic you perform on your restoration quilts. Thanks for the eye candy!

Desert Threads said...

Makes a heck of a difference there girl!!

Deb said...

Amazing difference! You do good work kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Gina, you did a wonderful job on that quilt. Big difference between that first pic & the last one!
Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one with lots of people that you love at your table.

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day, Gina. What a difference between the old and the new. Looks great.

Karen A.

Lynn Douglass said...

You did a beautiful job, Gina! I love the way the finished quilt looks!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your restorations! It almost makes me want to try one myself. :) It's really a transformation & act of love.
Nancy H

KimP said...

I LOVE old quilts! You did a fantastic job on this one, making it even better than before. What a labor of love. Can't wait to see your next transformation.

Lindah said...

Cool! I LOVE what you did with this old quilt! Now it is newly old and smartly sweet.

Lori in South Dakota said...

The second time around is perfect! What a great blend of old and repro new! Congratulations on a job done perfectly.

Angelcat said...

Wow, what a lot of hard work has gone into this. It's well worth it though your restoration is beautiful!

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