Friday, May 30, 2008

Get A Hankie

Mid April you may remember our impromptu coffee/photo visit with our Heather. Here are more results. I want to point out the tummy hand shot where both Stephanie ( mommy) and I, (Nonni) are wearing James' bracelots, on new baby Jamie's tum....:::shaking head in bewilderment:::Just precious and painful I say.............
Thanks Moomp Photography:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seagulls In The Yard?

You peoples remember me telling you about one of my trips to Costco admiring seagulls in the parking lot? Well, guess what? They are now above my yard! I cant believe that! Its just amazing to me, really. ::::pinching myself:::: How cool is that I ask ya?I have been walking around looking for messes, but, nope... clean! Maybe they just pass by to see whats going on. Maybe checking in on me? At any rate, its just fantastic to watch. I havent been able to spend much time pondering out there, but I'll get to it... the very first underwear day you can betcha I'll be on that deck I spy-ing seagulls and wondering who or what they are. ::wink to ronda::
We are still hard at work here. All moved in, all moved out, and Lordy you should see the mess. A bit overwhelming every hour of everyday. I take time out to ice my knee at least once a day, and I really hope that it gets stronger as I go. Poor Walt is as drained as I am... and still he "deals" with me. Tracy's cast was cut off, and I got a picture of it! ( wondering who cut it off arentcha?) What? I needed help here! work with me...... Hey Mary, you didnt warn me about this moving stuff....grrrrrr
Julie came to help for 2 days, and I for one was happy as a clam... oh wait... clam is Pismo, what is Morro? hmmmmm
June, ones empty, ones full.... Im closing in slowly, but the studio is packed deep and I cant figure out how to fix that My 2 weeks down time may have just been underestimated:(.
I have appointments coming up., so I better hurry.. ( yeah right, go faster up the stairs?) I never did finish my medallion Sampler.... I got so freaked out with the movers around I couldnt FIND any of Carla's artistic harmony! So she was stabilized and unloaded... quilt another day I say....
Back to the grind... I cant find my shoes, and thats down right unacceptable!
Love yer guts

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Organized Chaos

It doesnt matter that I had best laid plans, numbered boxes with corresponding signs throughout the new house. No matter that the kitchen is filled and operable to feed and water the TEAM while working.....
I didnt matter that I had control over the entire convoy of trucks, and what went in them. It is STILL a master disaster over here! (and over there).
(Thanks Babe:)
Coffee in hand round midnight last night, I sat on the deck overlooking the bay. A magnificent site that I just cant wait to share! My queeny wicker chair made it over without her pad and I stuck in the middle of the deck, pensive and incredibly tired, I pondered the future. I wont tell you that Im not afraid, because I am. I am also determined to be return to a happy life with my family and friends. I guess I just dont know how to get there yet. I wish that Karen and Jake were here, but it turns out that they too are in a move. Karen and the fam closed escrow and set up movers at about the same time as we did. How Ironic was that? We have been texting each other for days screaming our heads off about organized chaos, and missing our Munz......
I am ever so grateful for our choice in movers... they really knocked themselves out with no breakage yet! ( more days to come, knock on wood). They "babied" everything in the shop just as I requested. Greta was of course treated to the ride in the back of the Solara with the top down. I wonder if anyone noticed us and pondered what that machine was in the back seat?
Pictures when I can, Im off to work some more. Hope you're having a NON working Memorial day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Checking In-Checking Out

Only two and a half years here. I have never lived in a home such a short time. I just found the stuff in the short closet!!! I think that before this, the shortest time in a home was 12 years in a rental before we bought in the valley. The good news is.... you get to purge more often??? Work with me.. trying to find good stuff here. I have decided that its really not a good idea to keep moving as you continue to get older. We forget too easily! I have marked boxes with names, numbers and floors, and I have yet to find the box that I put the coffee grinder in! No, Im not unpacking yet, I just packed the grinder too soon. I woke up needing a cuppa Morning Fog Lifter ( SLO COFFEE CO) and I couldnt accomodate myself. grunt.
The house is looking quite bare now, sounding hollow too. A very eery feeling indeed. Rudy is quite nervous the past couple days.. he can see somethings going on and it looks like change to him too. I put his travel cage next to his playgym last week, in order to get him thinking. It worked. He flips his head sideways to see it and asks "Whats goin On?" He is pretty adaptable, so I know he will be fine. Ginger however got to go to the new home yesterday and wouldnt leave my ankle for a second! (this makes for difficult walks upstairs with boxes in hand). Speaking of.... OMG do I ache in the backs of my legs! My knee is wrapped and holding up. (TY 800 Ibpropens).

I'll be going dark a few days. I hope its just a few days. If I dont get my daily web cam fix of my grand daughter, I feel really yucky! Can you bribe the cable guy? Hmmmmmm

I hope that you all enjoy your 3 day week end. I'll have busy hands and mind. ( helps?) I'll leave you with newest happy pic of my Avi.... cant you just melt???

Monday, May 19, 2008

Always The Teacher

A very difficult Mothers Day was anticipated, but turned out pretty "OK" when at 9:00 am . coffee in hand, jammied up and swollen eyed, I answered the front door to Kids & Grandkids! Yep yep yep... Karen and the kids, Jake, Steph and Shawn yelled surprise!!! Wheres breakfast?? (music to my ears)And we all cried some more. It sure helps to have them close in times like these. I know its a difficult trip.. especially on a Sunday. I think you should just move here K?
Pappa was on the case for Bisquits N Gravy, bacon N eggs. (He makes the bestest) While the rest of us were in the shop checking out quilts, he and Aviana slaved away in the kitchen. He set up her own station and taught her how to make the biscuits. She was captivated for an hour!
We had a great visit and even in towers of boxes in every room of the house, made it through with some great (read appreciated) company.
Thanks kids:) I love you. Jamie, I miss you. I played with your crystal "Mom" figurine from last year.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moving Day One

OK, So while the floor is going down, I decided the important stuff could make the trip with me personally. The china, crystal, and the important signage.
Tracy and I unpacked while Walt slaved away down in the shop. The floor is gorgeous! I need a new business, Hire A Hubby!!! He just does everything:) One more week of quilting before the shop and Greta gets broken down... :::Nervous::::

Friday, May 16, 2008

My New View

Hi guys, I keep forgetting to get pics but I will?Its about the same from the beach as here. One mile uphill. Enough to outrun a tsunami I say.::wink::Morro Bay Heights. Walt is in 7th heaven to be in a beloved fishing community. We spent the day there today making lists for home depot and listening to the ships horns as they were coming into the bay. (I hope I get used to that?) Walt is hard at work on a studio remodel for me. Laminate floors go in tomorrow, and I get to help (joy) The floor plan is reverse now, with living quarters and master upstairs, and guest room ,office on level floor, and studio ground floor. Lets hope my knee co operates with all those stairs eh? The color is quite beachy smurfy blue, and it doesnt thrill me AT ALL, however Im choosing my budget battles wisely. In time... I think Black ~N~ Tan will be my choice.I had it out with realtor about the door, and I lost:( ...So , I guess I could do it myself, I'll put it on the list too. I'll keep you posted:)
Night:) ( I hope)

Maybe I Should Mention

It's 12:30 AM, do you know where your quilty blogger pal is? Yep yep yep.... She's roaming again:(
I cant sleep. News flash eh? I cant turn off my BWAIN! I stepped away from Greta Gammil at 10:00. Went to bed and chatted for awhile, then look out, the night is once again alive. Nowadays I hurry down here so that I can fend off a bad dream. Only problem is, I dont want to work so I end up rotting whats left of my brain with dumb stuff like Fresh Prince of Belair on Nick at night! ::::Grrrr:::::
Maybe I should have stowed away in Debs suitcase afterall and gone to MQS......I'm so proud of the wins of my colleagues. You girls got it goin on this year! Congratulations!
Maybe I should tell you about our impending move.... Yes, big changes. We have had a deal in the works to move for awhile now, and now its official. I'll post pics of our new humble abode when I can. I'm happy that Walts daily commute will be a thing of the past, however Im not happy about leaving this area, and of course, MOVING a 2 story house again.... Man oh Man. June brings many things, schools out for summer, the move, and a few others, I think you're on a need to know basis since I learned recently that NOTHING in life is written in stone or guaranteed by any means. Stay tuned?
Maybe I should tell you that AT our new home one of the "deals" was to re-paint the house... and those bozos painted the oak front door because they couldnt get out the rough spots? So now it looks like the front door of Papa Smurf!!! The home is a really a nice beachy type 2 story. The kind that screams for Adirondack rockers on the top deck...gorgeous views.... I'm loving most things I can do to update the 1980's look, but come on people.... papa smurf blue?
Maybe I should tell you about our house guest? My friend Tracy is staying with us for a short time while she heals a broken arm. I want you to know that I still have her packing boxes with her good one.
Maybe I should tell you that I am REALLY missing coffeetime with my gal pals lately.
Maybe I should tell you how ticked off I am that the supreme court overturned my vote this morning? For the first time ever in my adult life, I heard myself saying... Well why in the hell did I vote then????? It made me feel unimportant, and I soooo hate that eh?
Maybe I should mention that it doesnt take much to set me off these days. I feel so edgy all the time? You know that saying "I'm out of estrogen and I gotta gun"? Well... good thing I dont.
Maybe I should say that I am all caught up with my quilting, and I'm THIS ::::pinching fingers on right hand:::: close to working on one of my own:)
Maybe I should go to sleep... yes, sleep.... :::sigh::: I remember that too.
Maybe I should say thanks, u guys are better than Nick at night:)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day To All

Often times, and this is one of them... it just cannot be true. It cannot be real. Dear God give him back, please give him back.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Water, Tastefully So

Ok, How many of you actually try my lil tips ~N~ tricks anyway? Now you know the older I get, the more I know I'm still learning eh? Quite a differance from the "know it all" teenage years for sure.

I'd like to tell you of yet another great FIND I found a few years ago. While spending the day at Sycamore Springs in Avila Beach with Blima, we treated ourselves to many of their wonderful rejuvination choices. Soaking in mineral springs tub, great massage, and a facial! It was during the facial I found a new anti-oxidant , cleansing AND utterly refreshing tool.

Stratigically placed on one of the waiting room tables were beautiful clear pitchers of iced water. Your choice, Water with Lemon, or water with cucumbers. Now water with lemon has always been my first love..but this green concoction was very interesting and I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and yep.... it IS very refreshing! I squeeled to Blima how much I loved this new drink...and she promptly told me to switch it out with the wine. PPPfffttt... like that will ever happen eh? At home, I continued to "brew" some cucumber water on a weekly basis and did much research on the healing properties of the vegetable too. I think it stays....said I.
Last week, Walt and I went to one of our favorite mexican joints in Morro Bay called Taco Temple. These guys boast California Fusion... that means... we do everything fresh and less fatty than other mexican joints.. and they mean it too.. its delicious. You wont find any lard laden pinto beans on the menu, rather black beans cooked naturally.... Guess what water they serve? Yep... What a tickle to find cucumber water at a restaurant!
I do still love citrus waters.. but for a welcome change of pace, do try this one.. and google it too... its amazing what this veg can do:)

Blima? I miss you, when you coming for water?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BUT THEN AGAIN..............

You see what a basket case I am? You meander over to Heather/Sarah's blog, and you can see, IN YOUR FACE, just how wonderful 2008 really is if you change your thoughts just a little..... and see my Babies, my heart.... and life moving right along.
Be sure to go have a peek at my grandson Shawns handsome mug, the newborn Emily, her Papa's loving expression, and the soon to be Jamie girl and her mommy and my hands on her easy bake oven:) THAT was a nice run on sentence now wasnt it?
Thanks Heather, for the smile even through tears, and the not so gentle reminder about the heart of life:)
I am so very grateful. Now scuse me while I go phone up half the world to go see.............

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Hate Two Thousand Eight

Yeah... new slogan...
Life as I know it, is just rough for me right now. I want to chat with you, but sometimes I just cant find the words. I find it odd how once in awhile I can write, and then again, I am as frozen as a sour popsicle.
Changes under foot dear blog readers. Please keep us in your prayers as I know you are. Its probobly the only reason I'm still walking and talking at all eh?
I think I may have gone way past the "whats it all about Alphie" crap and gone straight to OMG WHAT IS GOING ON, Stage in life. I somehow know it will all be alright, but at what price? Will I split my days between the team of shrinks and the team of cosmetic surgeons? Noooo dont laugh, you should see my poor aging face! I'll keep you posted as I can.. just hang in there with me, and I know I'll be ok:) I have a great support team. (another team lol). I think I'm grateful to have had one spoon left tonight to check in:)
Night all,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Karen!

THIS isnt an easy pill to swallow let me tell you! My daughter is 30 something today, and as far as I'm concerned, she must remain in her 30's always in order to make me look good. PERIOD.
She has blossomed into a beautiful woman wearing many hats. ( I dunno where she got that from) Karen, have a wonderful special day, I wish I were there to treat ya that way!!
I love you:) Mom

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