Friday, May 16, 2008

My New View

Hi guys, I keep forgetting to get pics but I will?Its about the same from the beach as here. One mile uphill. Enough to outrun a tsunami I say.::wink::Morro Bay Heights. Walt is in 7th heaven to be in a beloved fishing community. We spent the day there today making lists for home depot and listening to the ships horns as they were coming into the bay. (I hope I get used to that?) Walt is hard at work on a studio remodel for me. Laminate floors go in tomorrow, and I get to help (joy) The floor plan is reverse now, with living quarters and master upstairs, and guest room ,office on level floor, and studio ground floor. Lets hope my knee co operates with all those stairs eh? The color is quite beachy smurfy blue, and it doesnt thrill me AT ALL, however Im choosing my budget battles wisely. In time... I think Black ~N~ Tan will be my choice.I had it out with realtor about the door, and I lost:( ...So , I guess I could do it myself, I'll put it on the list too. I'll keep you posted:)
Night:) ( I hope)


Anonymous said...

Hi G,

I'd love love love to have a view like this! I have a view of, hold on it's really exciting, the community center! Now it isn't all bad...when there is a boy scout meeting and all I have to do is walk a few steps to the door...I like it....other than lacks in many many ways!



Karen A.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Ditto to Karen A.'s comment!
Heather's sister Laura in Colorado

Feather on a Wire said...

I'll be thinking of you specially today.
Much love,

jhwolf said...

What a gorgeous view. I can see inspiration all around. You are very lucky!

I love the new picture. You are beautiful and I also loved the picture of you and Walt with the baby!

Hang in there Gina. You have all of our support and prayers for comfort in your future.

Judy in MO

Deb said...

Beautiful view! And I just love the new look gorgeous!! Missd you this week...maybe next year??

Carla said...

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your view!! Good luck on your move!

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