Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moving Day One

OK, So while the floor is going down, I decided the important stuff could make the trip with me personally. The china, crystal, and the important signage.
Tracy and I unpacked while Walt slaved away down in the shop. The floor is gorgeous! I need a new business, Hire A Hubby!!! He just does everything:) One more week of quilting before the shop and Greta gets broken down... :::Nervous::::


Mary said...

We're back to a lot of stairs too in the townhouse after living on one level for a year but I love it here (I do wish I had a little more space!). I have about 5-6 more boxes to unpack and I've promised myself I'll do one per day and get all the unpacking finished up.

Good luck settling in - the studio floor looks great.

thegoldenneedle said...

Hey Gina, steps are good exercise. After about 15 trips a day for two weeks, it will get easier. Anyway with a view like that anyone would have a hard time resisting. "Hire A Hubby"....nnnooo...keep him all to yourself and the "honey-do" list long!!!! Good luck on the move.

Karen L

Anonymous said...

Get some rest and when Walt is done send him my way...... Sending hugs, enjoy your new space.... Hugs Ronda

Anonymous said...

WOW..moving? It seems like not that long ago you moved into this place! I hate moving but then again a new place to decorate would entice me...on top of that view!!! Take care not to over do it! BeckyP

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